Can’t Keep A Good Man Down or Records Are Like Chocolate part nine (including The Soul Chef’s Finest Catch Up)

Hello, kiddies.

Another weekend is fast approaching but before I go any further, I must apologise for my premature commentary last week. I really don’t like to let my personal issues get in the way of the blog but as it stood, I wasn’t in the best of spirits for a number of reasons. Would you believe in the course of a few short days, my mood went from sour to sweet with the acquisition of about 100 or so new 45s that came from several different places. Suffice it to say, the Guru gets big ups for coming through once again with the heat, but I must also give a big shoutout to the proprietor of Then And Now Records located in downtown Arbutus for directing me to the somewhat secret stash as well as giving me first dibs on the new arrivals. Big shouts must also go to Bill’s uncle who I had the pleasure of meeting last week. After a few hours of conversation (and a bottle of Chardonnay) he managed to make my jaw hit the floor by offering to contribute his extensive record collection to the Fufu Stew experience. So far I’ve only scratched the surface of what he has to offer so as far as I’m concerned, the sky’s the limit… Anyway, enough of my rambling on. I’m going on record now to say that I will continue to serve up new batches of Fufu Stew. Thanks to some of the issues that I alluded to earlier, I won’t be posting as often as I’d like, but as long as my iPod and the in-dash CD player in lil’ truck still work, I will continue to make mixes and bring them to you as often as I am able. I want to thank my friends and colleagues who offered words of encouragement and concern last week. It really means a lot to know that  I am still bringing joy to all of you and I will continue to do my best not to disappoint. With that said, it’s time to get back to business and play a bit of catch up with this, my latest all 45 rpm exercise which ironically enough is called

01 Oh Yeah-Joe Cuba Sextet (Tico)
02 Live It Up-Dusty Springfield (Philips)
03 Percolatin’-Willie Mitchell (Hi)
04 Ain’t It Good Enough-Nu Sound Express LTD (Silver Dollar)
05 The Charge-Bronc Glows (Bull City)
06 Get It-Sam And Dave (Atlantic)
07 Explosion In You Soul-Soul Survivors (Crimson)
08 Oh Po Pa Do-Skip Easterling (Instant)
09 Go Go Train-Jackie Paine (Jet Stream)
10 Handwriting On The Wall-Frankie & The Spindles (Roc-Ker)
11 I Can’t Convince My Heart-The Free Movement (Decca)
12 Broken Hearted Fool-Inez Foxx (Symbol)
13 Give the Drummer Some More-Little Hooks with Ray Nato and the Kings (Enjay)
14 Go Head On-Chris Montez (A&M)
15 Let’s Do It Together-The Fantastic Johnny C (Kama Sutra)
16 Cat’s Got Her Tongue-Joe Tex (Dial)
17 Satisfaction Guaranteed-Duncan Brothers (Capitol)
18 Don’t Be Sore At Me-The Parliaments (Revilot)
19 New Love-The Fantastic Johnny C (Phil LA Of SOul)
20 Boss Love-Lee Rogers (Tuff)
21 In The Midnight Hour-The Mirettes (Revue)
22 He’s Not That Kind Of Guy-The Tangeers (Scepter)
23 Good Guys Only Win In The Movies-Mel & Tim (Bamboo)
24 He Who Picks A Rose-Edwin Starr (Gordy)
25 Sweet Things You Do-Eddie Floyd (Stax)
26 Shing A Ling Baby-Willie Bobo (Verve)
27 Black And Blues-Chollo Rivera & The Latin Soul Drives (Cotique)
28 Doin’ The Ali Shuffle-Alvin Cash (Mar V Lus)
29 Back Lash-George Kerr Orchestra (All Platinum)
30 One More Time You All-Nu Sound Express Ltd (Silver Dollar)

Please download and enjoy The Soul Chef’s Finest Catch Up, 72 MB

Here’s the link to the mp3 file
Here’s the link to the zip file

I will bring the label scans back soon…

The next time we meet I will have a VERY BIG bombshell for you but now I am going to spend the bulk of the weekend troubleshooting with this new high definition monitor. Yeah, the folks at Verizon came through at long last. Now the fiber optic experience is complete! Ol’ Bessie and the cable box are on board, but the DVD player is waiting patiently to join in on the fun. Before I toddle off to bed, I do want to give a shoutout to the team at My Favourite Sound for continuing to fight the good fight. Nothing but love for all of you! Let me also welcome and introduce you to the newest members of the Fufu army…

Rarin’ To Go
Retro Remixes
45 & 12

Be sure to drop by and show your love… and to the readers of those fine blogs, glad to have you aboard!

There’s still more 45s to play and mix so stay tuned… and to those who I promised guest mixes to, I still have you covered. Thanks for being patient and trust me, I’ll be sure to bring the heat.. Have a great weekend and as always, be safe.

Peace and blessings.

16 thoughts on “Can’t Keep A Good Man Down or Records Are Like Chocolate part nine (including The Soul Chef’s Finest Catch Up)

  1. Blimey O Riley – back with a bang then Vince!

    That’s this weekend’s shimmying and shaking sorted out right there – I didn’t know hat Dusty track at all but what a peach.

  2. Chef,

    Another CLASSIC Fufu BLAST! Really love that Parliaments tune. An all-time fav. And never heard ‘Good Guys Only Win In The Movies’ before. What a great tune. Nice One, My Brutha!!!!

    Peace and SOUL,

  3. Dear friend, dear Vincent, thanks for the effort as ever!
    We keep it up and do the work, don’t worry about it!
    Peace & Love, Vincent

  4. The whole spectrum of soul music is in here Vincent! Magnificent!!! North to south, east to west. The Fantastic Johnny C is keeping an eye on some serious syncopation that leave you breathless and then is courting some Philly grooviness! Skip Easterling, one of the unsung heroes emerged from Toussaint’s magic skills is in here… And a standing ovation for the legendary producer/songwriter George Kerr! Thanks a load Vincent!

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