Records are like chocolate part ten… the retreat continues

Hello, kiddies (and happy Summer).

I’ve got a lot of ground to cover here so I won’t waste any time…

I know it’s been a staggering two weeks since we last got together. Not to worry, I used the time wisely. Even with the blistering heat and having to move ol’ Bessie to a cooler part of the domicile, the record digging retreat is going very well, in fact a little too well because I will be VERY busy sorting through even more 45s and another crate full of LPs. Yes, big, BIG ups to my fam back at the house for FINALLY letting me sift through their crates. I’ve only been pestering them about it for about twenty years, but now we come to the payoff. It was just like I envisioned it as a child, only this time I didn’t get scolded for browsing. Instead, I took on the task of ripping all these records for them and putting them on CDs. See, their education and my persistence paid huge dividends once and for all. It’s a classic example of the student showing the teacher a thing or two… Here is where I send a BIG shoutout to the Four Brothers Beats team, not only for being one of the premier places to check out super-rare stuff, but for allowing me to contribute to the cause with a few of my new scores. I will be making contributions to their ever-increasing archive from time to time so be sure to check ’em out and as always, show your love.

Now for the surprise that I’ve been saving…

After seven years, my beloved Leslie and I will be getting married!!! No, that ain’t us in the image above. In fact we don’t even plan to get all gussied up like the couple in the image above. We chose to have a small ceremony with a few friends and family which will take place at the local courthouse here in town this coming Friday. Afterward, we are off to our summer place for a honeymoon/much needed vacation which for me will last ten whole days! I trust you know what that means… To my esteemed colleagues who I have not sent a personal email announcing this event, I humbly apologise, but as one would expect, there’s been so much going on the past few weeks. I’m managing my time fairly well though, and still with a seven day work week… damn!

Now I will be back in the saddle next week with another tasty recipe to take you through the upcoming holiday. I’ve got two thoughts that have been running through my head so it looks as though I’ll have to flip a coin and see which one gets posted. Now if you can’t wait that long, then I urge you to head over and visit my friend Jason at Shindiggit. I promised to contribute a mix for his long running blog some time ago and now it has come to pass. Click on the image below for the whole skinny.

I must also get another shameless plug in there for the mighty DJ Bluewater who dropped a lovely surprise in my inbox yesterday. For those of you who are in the know, you know where to go

Well, I need to rush off to the store and pick up some Old Bay so’s I can make dinner and I also need to put another record on the fire… I will be back once more before the big day so until then, have a good one and as always, be safe.

Peace and blessings.

10 thoughts on “Records are like chocolate part ten… the retreat continues

  1. Wow, great news! I wish for you and the missus all the many joys that you deserve.

    There’s a great quote about marriage from a book a read a few months ago. The book is “Love In The Time Of Cholera” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez:

    “Love is not about happiness, marriage is about stability”

    Ponder the hidden meanings and yours will be a love for the ages! Congratulations!

  2. Vincent

    Congratulations to you both!!
    Although You should have been sneakier and organized your honeymoon for London so you could play at our night!!
    I have a small surprise for you , will email it over later in the week – speak soon.

    Mr DD

  3. Congratulations, Vincent!!! and…good luck (ahahahah) Welcome in the club, boyeeee…
    I’m married at 15 years, but i’m happy and always loving my wife (Susy).
    Felicità- Felicidades-Blessings to you and your Wife!

  4. Though i’m a little too late, my best wishes for you Vincent and Leslie! Enjoy it now, enjoy it forever!!! The best is yet to come!!! Ouch…
    From a 20 years married devotee, grand total 30 years love affair… and still the best is yet to come!

  5. hey!
    omg you got married and didn’t tell me, your dear and wonderful godsister?!!!!!!???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    congrats tho! i am so happy for you guys. did you have your reception at cec? ha ha joking 🙂

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