The Soul Chef Goes To The Fleamarket

Hello, kiddies.

I hope you are all enjoying the Shindiggit grooves. I wanted to let you all know that I’ve also got a special mix happening over at Fleamarket Funk. Suffice it to say, it’s a privilege for me to be a part of the guest mix series being hosted by the mighty DJ Prestige as he continues to celebrate a whole year of blessing us with the 45 rpm heat. Here’s what I brought to the table for your consumption:

Introspeak-Happy Anniversary Quintet from The Flintstones Modern Stone Age Melodies
01 Kool And The Gang-Kool & The Gang (De-Lite)
02 Do The Boomerang-Jr. Walker & The All Stars (Soul)
03 Get Out Of My Life Woman-Lee Dorsey (Amy)
04 Watusi Jump Pt. 2-Lou Donaldson (Blue Note)
05 How Come?-Monk Higgins (Checker)
06 Sophisticated Funk-John Roberts (Duke)
07 Super Cool-Black Heat (Atlantic)
08 Win Lose Or Draw-Brother Jack McDuff (Cadet)
09 Ain’t No Sunshine-The Sweet Happenings (Tee)
10 Double Barrel-Dave And Ansil Collins (Big Tree)
11 Funky Rubber Band-Popcorn Wylie (Soul)
12 Hum Along And Dance-The Temptations (Gordy)
13 I Can’t Dance To That Music You’re Playing-Martha & The Vandellas (Gordy)
14 I Get Lifted-George McRae (TK)
15 Missing You-O V Wright (Back Beat)
16 What Can You Bring Me-Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band (Warner)
17 It’s Instrumental To Be Free-The 8th Day (Invictus)
18 Get Up Get Into It Get Involved Pt. 2-James Brown (King)
19 Love And Happiness-Earnest Jackson (Stone)
20 I Can Dig It-The Daley Diggers (Marmaduke)
Exitus-Happy Anniversary Quintet from The Flintstones Modern Stone Age Melodies

Please drop by and grab yourself a plate of my latest 45 rpm exercise and as always, be sure to show your love.

I’ll be back on Thursday with another holiday double shot, including a visit to The Right Side Of Funky so don’t go far, ‘k? I’ll see you all then.

Peace and blessings.

2 thoughts on “The Soul Chef Goes To The Fleamarket

  1. hi Vincent,

    i am downloading now, looks so promissing.
    i am sure it will be great as usual. i am at the office and the boss is away so i will pump up the volume…

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