Come on in my kitchen part fifteen

Hello, kiddies.

Just when you thought the kitchen was closed, along comes a once in a lifetime event that changes the landscape… For the next installment of Come On In My Kitchen, I am proud to present yet another one of the true veterans of the land of blog. You all have to know the mighty Todd Lucas! He, along with his partner Brian Marshall are the proprietors of the long running blog It’s Great Shakes which is in their fourth year of existence. There you’ll find some of the finest 45 rpm grooves around from R&B to Garage and everything in between, all presented in glorious monaural sound (with the exception of those odd stereo issues). Their education has been most inspiring to me in my quest to obtain 45s, and from the looks of this outstanding playlist, I’ve got some serious work to do. Now according to Todd, this is the first time that he’s done a live mix with two turntables so it is my extreme pleasure to be able to present it to you in its original state. There’s a bunch of must have stuff here so get those dancing shoes on!

1. The Five Du-Tones – Shake A Tail Feather (One-derful!) The original and greatest version of the classic tune.  Easily the the most common of their records, you can’t go wrong with any Five Du-Tones single (and I agree wholeheartedly… I especially like the flip side on this one).

2. Mitch Ryder – I’d Rather Go To Jail (New Voice) Somehow this was relegated to the b-side of a single in the summer of ’67.  I guess the times were a-changin’.  I think this ranks right up there with Mitch’s best.

3. The Chylds – I Want More (Lovin) (Giant) Great 1967 r&b tinged, garage rocker out of Ohio.  You’ll also hear bits and pieces of Paul Revere & the Raiders, Mitch Ryder and maybe even ? and the Mysterians. The flip is another strong garage rocker, “Hay Girl”.

4. The Bad Boys – Love (Paula) Still more great, r&b influenced garage rock.  This record is a pretty easy find.  A nice copy shouldn’t cost more than $10.

5. The Dartells – Where Do We Stand? (HBR) The “Hot Pastrami” guys a few years hence, with the b-side of their outing on the always interesting HBR imprint.

6. The Ideals – Mojo Hanna (Cortland) I don’t really know anything about these guys.  I love their version of this oft’ recorded r&b tune.

7. Jekyl & the Hydes – High Heeled Sneakers (G.A.R.) Another outfit that I really know nothing about, with a nice, garaged-up version of the Tommy Tucker classic.

8. The British Walkers – Shake (Cameo) There are lots of garage versions of this Sam Cooke tune.  The Surfaris even had a go at it.  This is my favorite of the bunch.

9. Donoman with the Skylarks – Do You Know (Everything ‘Bout Love) (Thunderbird) Don’t really know a thing about Donoman.  I was introduced to this via a Brian Marshall post at our blog.  He even spotted a copy for me at a record show.  And now, here it is.

10. Bunker Hill – Hide & Go Seek, Part 1 (Mala) Vincent mentioned how much he liked the Sheep’s version of this.  Here’s the original, which was a charting hit.

11. The Ohio Express – Roll It Up (Buddah) Great bubblegum soul instro on the flipside of the 1969 hit, “Mercy”.

12. Ray Sharp and the Soul Set – Earthquake (Sock & Soul) I have no idea who they were.  I’d lay money on blue-eyed soulsters though.  Love the explosive sound and guitar on this. *UPDATE* thanks to Mr. Sharp for chiming in with his approval… Feel free to visit his myspace page and show your love.

13. Opus IV – Mess Around (MGM) I’m at a loss on these guys.  It’s a great r&b flavored garage rocker though.

14. Rhoda Scott – I-Yi-Yi-Yi, Part 1 (Tru-Sound) Rhoda Scott was and is a jazz bandleader and organist.  If this tune is any indication, her band also had a wild r&b streak.  Some great sax and an unidentified male vocalist lead the way here.

15. Rocker Roberts – The T-Bird (Roulette) A.K.A. Rocky Roberts & the Airedales or so it seems.  Another record introduced to me by one of Brian’s blog entries.  I have an earlier version of this song, titled “Thunderbird Twist” by the Thunderbirds.

16. Lowell Fulsom – The Thing (Kent) Really cool guitar instro by the blues great.

17. Sebastian and the House Rockers – Nobody Can Do The Dog Like I Do (Key) Incredible, lo-fi coupling of Rufus Thomas’ “The Dog” and The Isley’s “Nobody But Me” by this Richmond, VA bunch.

18. Jack Harris and the Arabians – Dog Wild (Witch) Wild, manic r&b shouter that’s over all too soon.  I have no info on the band, at all.

19. The Del-Mars – Snacky Poo, Part 1 (Mercury) Same deal here.  I know nothing about the Del-Mars.  “Snacky Poo” is a reworking of “Bertha Lou”.

20. Bob Kuban and the In-Men – Pretzel Party (Musicland U.S.A.) This is from a bit after their big hit, “The Cheater”.  The flip is the like-minded “The Pretzel” for double the fun.

21. The Rotten Kids – Let’s Stomp (Mercury) Garage version of the Bobby Comstock hit.  “Let’s Stomp” was written by the three guys who’d go on to become the Strangeloves.  I thought this might be them under another guise but was assured the Rotten Kids were a real band unto themselves.

22. The Sparkles – Hipsville 29 B.C. (Hickory) One of my all-time favorite garage rockers, just completely wild.  The Sparkles had several singles for the Hickory label.  “No Friend of Mine” is on the Nuggets box set.

23. The Wailers – Mashi (Imperial) This Pacific Northwest band started as mainly instrumental rockers and stuck around long enough to make some good 60’s garage rock.  “Out of Our Tree” is on the Nuggets box. I love the way that “Mashi” swings.

24. Larry Knight & the Upsetters – Hurt Me (Golden World) I don’t know a thing about these guys.  Perhaps the only garage release on Detroit’s Golden World label.

25. The Swamp Rats – It’s Not Easy (CO & CE) Notorious garage band, probably best known for ripping remakes of “Psycho” and “Louie Louie”.  Here, they tackle a Jagger-Richards composition and sound a bit like the Velvet Underground in the process.

26. The Blendells – Huggie’s Bunnies (Reprise) The flip of this, “La La La La La” was a minor hit in 1964.  I like Huggie’s Bunnies even better, with its wailing sax and driving guitar.  Great tune by this east Los Angeles combo.

Please download and enjoy this special installment of Come On In My Kitchen, 55 MB.

Here’s the link to the mp3 file…
and as a bonus, I created a zip file because if you’re like me, there’s gotta be a track or two here that you’ll wanna put on repeat so
Here’s the link to the zip file…

Many many thanks Todd for this tremendous set! Be sure to visit and support It’s Great Shakes for more of the same… I’ll be back with another mix real soon but in the meantime, be sure to check out my first official post as a member of the Four Brothers Beats team.  Whatever you have planned for the week ahead, as always, be safe.

Peace and blessings.

13 thoughts on “Come on in my kitchen part fifteen

  1. Vincent,

    I was very flattered when you asked me to do a mix for Fufu Stew. Thank you for the opportunity and for all of the kind words.

    One point of clarification. This is the first time that I’ve attempted a mix with the cross-fading of tracks but I didn’t do it live. Wish I could but I don’t have the equipment for it. I did it with the aid of Audacity, that allowed me to overlap sound files manually. I’m not a deejay by trade, so I hope that it sounds okay to everyone.

    Once again, thanks.


  2. I’d like to add a couple of things if I may:

    The British Walkers are said to have included Roy Buchanan on guitar.

    The Ideals have two other 45s that I know of: “The Gorilla” (which is killer) and “Mo Gorilla” (ditto). The 45 featured here comes from 1964, according to the Goldmine Price Guide to 45 RPM Records.

    The Wailers also released “Mashi” on an Ettiquette 45 with a different song on the flip. It was originally issued in 1962, somewhere around that time.

    Just thought I’d chime in, that’s all.

  3. Larry Knight was Detroit rocker Terry Knight’s brother. BTW Larry’s 45 got played a lot on St.Louis AM giant KXOK in 1966. Tony C “see you at the St Louis record con.”

  4. Vincent, my man

    I really do not know how to express my feelings.
    Thank you so much!!!
    I Had no time to listen to Letta Mbulu yet

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  6. Great site. If you’re tracking down more Gorilla records by the Ideals from Chicago, look for Go Go Gorilla on Satellite from 1965/66. I think Major Lance was gone from the group by then, but it had a terrific sound. And listen to Don Juan, the flip of Gorilla.

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