…meanwhile, back in the jungle…

Hello, kiddies.

Here’s hoping you all had a good weekend-slash-holiday, but now it’s time to get back to business…

Leslie and I returned from a rather relaxing vacation as most of you know. Dogwood Acres hasn’t changed a bit since last Fall, except the new spot that opened up a few weeks ago. Amazing that one has to travel all the way to Delaware for a decent dozen of Maryland crabs. I’ll give the spot a shoutout when I retrieve the business card that they gave us.

As far as the wedding is concerned, I must respect Leslie’s wishes and not post any of the pictures that were taken. She’s not all that keen on having her picture taken even though both families insisted on it. Maybe I can persuade her to overcome her fear one day… I will say that the ceremony was very sweet and simple. Big shouts to Ms. Booker, the lovely lady who performed it. We both dug the softness of her voice which added more of an intimate touch. Married life won’t change this armchair DJ though, I can assure you. I’ll be back in the saddle next week with another action packed installment so hold tight. I am also pleased to announce the return of Come On In My kitchen! Two more of my favourite blogging colleagues have agreed to bless us with their yummy treats. The first one will be served up piping hot later on today so keep the RSS feeds warm…

Still way too many things going on otherwise so I must get out of here and get ’em done, but before I hit the dusty trail, I’m pleased to announce that my first official post as a member of Four Brothers Beats is up and running so drop by and have a looksee… I was really blessed to come into a huge lot of vinyl yesterday; over SIX HUNDRED new albums have found their way into the ever growing pantry so you know what that means…

Thanks to each and every one of you who sent us good wishes; Leslie was astonished by all the nice comments and emails that came from all over the world! For all of you new patrons (and some of you older ones too), don’t forget about the massive Back Catalogue… There’s a mix on just about every post so feel free to go back in time and enjoy. I’ll be back lickety split. Have a good week and as always, be safe.

Peace and blessings.

David Michael Angelo Newman

13 June 1951-2 July 2008

Rest In Peace…

One thought on “…meanwhile, back in the jungle…

  1. Two quotes for Mr. Newman:

    “There’ll be peace in the valley …”

    “If there’s a rock and roll heaven …”

    I also with you peace and blessings in return.

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