Come And Get It… Fufu Stew No. 10

Hello, kiddies.

I trust you all are having a good time… staying well fed and such. Even now, for me the record retreat continues. This was before…

This is after…

Thank you Michael…

I’m also thoroughly enjoying myself over at Four Brothers Beats. The response has been tremendous to say the least. Let me thank you all and extend a warm welcome to those of you dropping by for the first time from my “home away from home”. Glad to have you aboard…

It’s high time I get back into doing the freeform exercise thing. This time around, I’m going to try some serious cover version mayhem. I call it “mayhem” because when I first took on the challenge, I thought it would be pretty easy just to put a bunch of tunes on the timeline and run with it. As I started looking through the pantry, I discovered that if I did that, I’d be here still putting tunes on the same timeline. There are just so many great cover tunes out there just waiting to fill our hungry ears so I think the time is right to launch a new series. Problem is, what to call it… any suggestions? For now I’ll leave it open for debate and just let you sample a plateful for yourselves.

Now before I begin, I must say thanks to the mighty E-Mile for his assistance in making this one a reality. He sent me quite a few good suggestions for a collab post a while back which I’ve been really enjoying, some stuff I’ve never heard of before. Just goes to prove once again that there’s an awful lot of education going on here in the land of blog… With his help and blessings, allow me to pass some of what I learned along to you now as we get into the tenth installment of the freeform exercise known as Fufu Stew!

introspeak by Paul Stookey
01 Magic Carpet Ride-Creative Source.
Let’s give it up for yet another blessing from the uncles. Suffice it to say, I lost the OG vinyl to severe abuse, but the CD is readily available for one and all…
02 Sunshine Superman-Senor Soul. I chose this one simply because of the joy that it brings.
03 I Can’t Get Next To You-Jess Roden. I first heard about this cat over at Darcy’s Feel It blog a few months back. A nice flourish on the arrangement that Al Green did back in ’71… this one almost feels like Robin Trower’s “Too Rolling Stoned” on so many levels, but we’re focusing on the Norman Whitfield standard.
04 Cold Bologna-The Isley Brothers. Otherwise known as “Harlem”, originally composed by Bill Withers of course…
05 Feelin’ Alright?-The Jackson 5ive. I’ve played many versions of this Dave Mason standard on many Fufu Stew installments. This one is the heaviest yet, but you all should know this. Suffice it to say, I like this version the best. Well, it’s a tie between this one and Rare Earth’s version from the fourth installment.
06 Dreams-Paul Humphrey & His Cool Aid Chemists. Me likes some David T. Walker, so when I heard his fuzz on this Allman Brothers classic, I fell in love with it instantly…
07 Come Together-The Ice Man’s Band. This is the back up band for Jerry Butler during the early 70s. Like it? head over to My Favourite Sound and check out the rest of this phenomenal album!
You all know how I feel about this tune by now as I have featured many different readings of it here.
09 Spinning Wheel-James Brown. From the legendary “Sex Machine” set, here’s a nice Hammond workout as only JB can do it…
10 Radar Love-Pax. Here’s one of the ones that E-Mile hipped me to. I’ve never heard the band before but they sure do a faithful rendition of the old Golden Earring tune. Incidentally, I only heard the original for the first time about two or three years ago… surprising?
11 Sleep To Dream-Betty Lavette. This is somewhat the title track to Ms. Lavette’s most recent recording, “I’ve Got My Own Hell To Raise”. Yes, I even dug the stuff that Fiona Apple dropped back in the day…
12 Hercules-Beatless. Here’s another E-Mile choice, a tune that is self explanatory as well as faithfully done.
13 Half Moon-Rufus featuring Chaka Khan. Here’s one of my favourite AntiDivas putting a soulful spin on the classic Janis Joplin tune. I always dug the way the band finished this one with the joyful guitar chops. They could have definitely taken this one places given the chance…
14 Red Hot Mama-Gotcha! Another E-Mile choice next , and another band I’m hearing for the very first time. This is a band that I could easily see myself jamming out to after having had a few too many at the local watering hole (I’m yearning for the good old days when Mike and I used to go see Gov’t Mule about once a month)… It’s sure apparent that these guys have good taste in music because this is quite the powerful reading of the old Funkadelic joint.
15 You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’-Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway. I’ll slow the pace down a bit with this one… This one comes from the duo’s first offering dating back to 1972. While the Righteous Brothers did a tremendous job with the original, this version is pure soul and nothing but. It’s the choice of chord progressions that sold me.
16 Compared To What-Sweetwater. I was quite happy to see this one packed in the zip file that E-Mile sent… Anytime I hear this tune, I’m in heaven, especially this funky take from their sophomore effort, “Just For You”
17 Gimme Shelter-Merry Clayton. Aw, y’all already know about this rarity.
18 A Change Is Gonna Come-Aretha Franklin. A fitting finish, and my all time favourite reading of Sam Cooke’s timeless classic.

What’s funny is that it takes so long to get these mixes just right, but when they’re done and I listen to them through for the first time, I just get all goose pimply with excitement. With that said,

Please download and enjoy Fufu Stew No. 10, 72 MB

Here’s the link to the mp3 file (sorry, I got busted…)
Here’s the link to the zip file (sorry, I got busted again…)

They are going to try once again to give me a full day off each week at the salt mines (I’m not holding my breath though)… This should give me the golden opportunity to really check out the wealth of vinyl that I recently acquired. As all the boxes remain pretty much untouched (but not unseen), I’m wrestling with where to put the contents. You know how difficult it is to pour wine into a glass that’s already full.

I’ve got a bunch of new thoughts running through my head lately so as always, you never know what’s going to pop up here… hell, I don’t even know myself so let’s all be surprised together, shall we?

Time to get back to work now, but what a labour of love. Before I go, let me remind all of you out there to visit and support E-Mile Says Songs Do The Matter and the newest member of the army, the Soul Power Music Group

I’ll see you all again in all the old familiar places real soon but until then, enjoy your week and as always, be safe.

Peace and blessings.

9 thoughts on “Come And Get It… Fufu Stew No. 10

  1. hey Golden Earring, traces back to the 60s and the Nederbeat era, they changed their name from The Golden Earrings, though.

    I have some of their stuff around here somewhere.
    Stay cool,

  2. You continue to amaze me with your excellent work. Brother i love what you do!
    i am ready for vacations Vince! 3 days left. i need it so much….

    Catch you soon

  3. Hi Vincent! We just came back from our well spent holiday in the Czech Republic (wonderful country, beautiful Prague, cheap & tasty beers etc etc ) and was catching up – a bit- in the blogosphere, when I saw your new mix! Gotcha! is a Dutch band (funk, pop, p-funk, mostly good stuff, I’ll hook you up with some albums soon – promise) and Pax is (was) a band from Peru I thought, I picked it up somewhere on the http://www...
    Neatly covers the great song indeed! I’m guessing you & the wife had a GOOD time, and I think the mix is excellent!
    Stay tuned ( I know you will) and be good out there…
    Peace, E-mile

  4. Vincent,

    Thanks for commenting on Eclectic Grooves today! I would love to hear those Sharon Jones singles, but I couldn’t find your e-mail address on here or 4BB. Please let me know what it is, so I can drop you a line.

    P.S. I saw Sharon outdoors at the Oregon Zoo and she was definitely appreciated by a sold-out crowd of over 3,500 people.

    Cheers, Kevin

  5. Hi Vincent!

    Nice to see Gotcha pop up in one of your excellent mixes. Brings back some memories for this old Dutch funkateer…

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