Come on in my kitchen part sixteen – Vinyl Record Day Edition

Hello, kiddies.

Happy Vinyl Record day everyone! Whoever came up with the idea to set aside a day every year to pay homage to this most wonderful medium deserves the Nobel prize… and of course, big props to the man who made it all possible, Thomas Alva Edison

I’ve got something for you all today that in so many ways is kind of a personal statement, not only for me, but more importantly for the guest selector who took me up on the invitation to come on into the kitchen to serve it up for you. For over seven years now, I’ve shared my life with this woman who has been so patient with me, especially when it comes to my much publicized obsession with vinyl collecting. I know that most of my blogging colleagues and a lot of you visitors can agree with me. Without further ado, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the woman who I now call my wife. My beloved Leslie…

“As a newcomer to this, I must thank my husband for recognising these songs… the titles… the artistes. In my (younger days), that honour went to my brother, my first musical memory.”

She knows her music, but like so many of us, she does not always know her titles… isn’t that a shame? But once we start singing our favourite lyrics from said songs, isn’t it amazing how we can rush right to the right spot in the crate, pull out the record and have it playing in seconds… I still remember back when we first started dating. We would get together and just start digging in our respective crates and pull out random tunes to play for each other. She sure opened my eyes to a bunch of timeless classics that to some are considered commonplace. At the time, I was still on my Electronica tangent, so hearing these tunes was certainly a refreshing change of pace.

Now as far as what it all means to her (because you all know where my head is at), she credits the vinyl record for being instrumental in saving her life. That should sound familiar to most of us as we were going throught those difficult teenage years. The day her father brought home those first two albums… that was the catalyst, the start of a long lasting relationship that would help to sustain her through good times as well as not so good. Now that some thirty five years have passed, the feeling, as well as the song remains the same…

With that said, I would like to share another freeform exercise with you. The two of us put our collective minds together for this one, her memories of the music and my knowledge of where to find the records in her crates and the skills to craft the mix. With the exception of a few titles, this mix was made from her original first issue records. I filled in a few of the missing pieces with my vinyl as some of her originals were lost through various situations such as theft and other assorted mishaps. No software tricks were used during the making of this mix so expect a bit more pops and clicks than usual. Here’s Leslie to tell you a bit about the selections.

01 Soul Kitchen-The Doors. When I was young, about 12, my Dad bought me two albums. One was this, and I fell in love with the music.  It meant so much to me, the passion and the energy. It took me away from my life. It soothed me it soared me and it gave me hope. (unfortunately, her copy was stolen so we had to settle for one of the many reissues that we have floating around…)

02 Glad-Traffic. This song came a bit later in my life, but it also filled me with joy. (from the first issue United Artists pressing)
03 Crossroads-The Cream. This song gave me blues… and joy (notice the “joy” aesthetic here… this one was taken from my UK issue of The Best Of Cream with the vegetables on the cover)

04 Thank You-Led Zeppelin. When I first heard this song, I was dating someone whose aunt worked for the record company that produced this album.. I got a free copy, and boy did it change my life. (taken from the original first issue of Led Zeppelin II, catalog no. SD 8236)
05 Well All Right-Blind Faith. From LZ to this – music bliss and EC too. (taken from Atco SD 304-A. She still contends to this day that Eric Clapton is Rock and Roll diety…)


06 Ohio-Crosby Stills Nash & Young (the live version from Four Way Street). This (situation) occured when I was just thirteen, and for years, that Life picture was on my wall.  Along with JFK, RFK and MLK’s assassinations and the naked girl (running down the street) on fire from napalm.  My country had let me and a thousand others down. And still does (go Obama!) (I mentioned once that she is indeed full of soapbox moments…)

07 There Is A Mountain-Donovan. Pure joy and pop at it’s best
08 Brand New Key-Melanie.  Just a really fun song about life and love
09 The Motorcycle Song-Arlo Guthrie. When I was about 13, my Dad took me and my boyfriend to see Arlo at the Temple University music festival, it was held in a tent. and it was great. (Leslie has more to say about the music on this album here)

10 Ruby On The Morning-Brewer & Shipley.  A perfect love song (thank you to my Husband).
11 Uncle John’s Band-The Grateful Dead. Wish our lives could be like this… (from the original first issue green label pressing)

12 We Could Be Together-Jefferson Airplane. I bought this album at 13 to piss off my mother (with the M-F in it) and succeeded… ’nuff said! (This one is taken from her second original pressed copy of Volunteers. The first one was well played as you may have guessed)
13 Witchi Tai To-Brewer & Shipley (both B&S tracks taken from first issue Kama Sutra pressings).  When I was in my teens, our church group got enough balls to get to go see Elton John on his first American tour (tickets were 4.95, a far cry from what we are forced to pay to see Rock legends these days). We went and sat in the nosebleed seats, and inhaled deeply 😉 On the way home in the back of the station wagon, this song came on and made the night complete. (read the lyrics to this song by clicking here…)
14 Respect-Aretha Franklin. This was the second album my dad brought home. I felt uplifted and right and (felt) that I could face anything. I was still twelve years old. I needed this. (while this one is not her original, it is taken from a first issue monaural pressing, and well played once again. I found a link containing a book that tells the story behind the making of this landmark album. You can check it out here)
15 Hot Jelly Roll Blues-Hot Tuna. Just a fucking good song!
16 There’s A Hole In The Bucket-Harry Belafonte Featuring Odetta. My dad and mom used to host church meetings on wednesday nights, I was supposed to be in bed, but I would creep to the top of the stairs and listen… this is part of what they would play.
17 Join Together-The Who. What can I say…this song is perfect (this one was taken from my original Decca 45. Leslie was surprised to find that the Who had issued 45s. She was more fixed on buying albums at the time…).
18 Carpet Of The Sun-Renaissance. What a complete group… they just uplift a soul. (When Leslie first turned me on to this band and album, I fell in love with it instantly. If you’re not familiar with them, I strongly recommend picking up a copy of this album here.)

19 The Circle Game-Joni Mitchell. and Joni, no words needed….

“Music – it has saved me, changed me, and given me hope and a will to live. Many thanks to my musical memory and my love, my husband, Vincent. I hope that you enjoy this musical memory, and look forward to our next volume.”

please download and enjoy Come On In My Kitchen Part Sixteen, 71 MB.

Here’s the link to the mp3 file.
Here’s the link to the zip file.

now this is only the beginning… Today I plan to spend the day continuing to sift through the boxes that have almost intimidated me for the past month. After all, it is my day off today 🙂 It is my hope to have a couple more mixes to share in the coming weeks as another long hot summer draws to a close. In the meantime, be sure to check out the other great contributors who have stories (and of course records) to share… You can get the full rundown on all the participants by heading over to JB’s The Hits Just Keep On Comin’

Whatever you do today, make sure to play a record if you are able. Have a good week and as always, be safe.

Peace and blessings.

8 thoughts on “Come on in my kitchen part sixteen – Vinyl Record Day Edition

  1. I want to thank you for including Melanie, Donovan, The Who and Brewer & Shipley – more specifically, the precise titles you chose. Simply outstanding! Great job and thank you.

  2. Dear Leslie and Vincent

    You have no idea how much we have in common. I grew up with these artists and songs and i’ve never thought i would see them here. Led Zeppelin is my fav 70’s rock group, that Traffic album is the first one i bought of them( i have them all). no need to say anything about the doors, blind faith, who and cream. All time Classics. i love “Ohio” and i adore the vocal harmonies of Crosby Stills Nash and Young. Yes, no words needed for Jonie, Aretha and Melanie. i’m impressed you like Renaissance cause i have most of their albums(originals), after all i am a psych and prog fan. Volunteers, Surrealistic Pillow and Crown of Creation are my fav Jefferson Airplanes albums and that song is a killer. Wow!!!!
    You made me so happy today and i was deeply moved.

    i send you all my love. Peace!

  3. Hey Hey I’ve just got back from a week away – and what a treat to return to – I’m off again next week so will be pulling this mix down for some sounds for days out – It’s these free form funk outs that create the Fufu magic – congrats to you both.

  4. Hi Vince, Been a long time since I found the Russell Morris song on your site. This posting is right on the mark. You have a devilish way of creating excellent mixes. If ya can, send me a link where I can upload some stuff for your consideration & use. Keep up the great work!

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