Another visit from the AntiDivas (including AntiDivas No. 9: The Sophisticated Ladies)

Hello, kiddies.

We’re back together again… I’m trying to keep the regimen going for you but as luck would have it, I lost my day off… Oh well, more money means more records, I always say…

Anyway, before I begin with this next joint, let me offer my congratulations to Denmark’s number one son, and the winner of the Four Brothers Beats audio logo competition, the one simply known as LP2. His entry received a decisive thumbs up from the over 200 folks who cast their votes so it is his entry that will grace each 4BB post from this day forth. You can get a full recap of the finals and brother Lafayette’s endorsement here.

Now, on to the festivities because as I promised, here we go with the ninth installment of AntiDivas! Somehow I manage not to be amazed at the fact that this is still one of the better series that I’ve come up with. I have several people to thank for that and I do so now by sending this one out to them:

To the mighty Lily Kane for always digging the funky Soul Sistas since the beginning…
To Cosmo The Purist for being inspired. I am still truly flattered…
To Ms. Merising for being just that, and for sharing that incredible gift of Minnie with me…
To the one simply called W… I hope you dig this one too.

and for all of you out there who dig the Soul Sistas as much as I do, this one’s also for you…

introspeak by Natalie Cole
01 Sunshine Of Your Love-Spanky Wilson
02 Reborn-Marily Barbarin
03 Fever-Marie “Queenie” Lyons
04 I Just Want To Make Love To You-Cold Blood
05 You’re Doing It With Her-Rhetta Hughes
06 Only A Fool-Etta James
07 I Cry-Millie Jackson
08 I Kicked The Habit (Of Loving You)-Sarah Simpson
09 Mr. Lucky-Betty Wright
10 It’s About Time I Made A Change-Deloris Ealy
11 Like An Open Door-The Fuzz
12 Now The Bitter, Now The Sweet-The Supremes
13 I Don’t Know Why I Love You-Thelma Houston
14 Real Good People-Gloria Gaynor
14 Flowers-The Emotions
16 Pack’d My Bags-Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan
17 Daddy Love Part 1-Gigi
18 Too Hot To Hold-Big Ella
19 You Better Think Twice-Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings
20 What You See You Can’t Get-Pam Kellum
21 Stand Up And Be A Man Part 2-Sundia
22 A Song For You-Aretha Franklin
exitus by Natalie Cole

Please download and enjoy AntiDivas No. 9, 72 MB
Here’s the link to the mp3 file
Here’s the link to the zip file

and now for the closing commentary…

First, I’d like to welcome Greg’s Trunk Of F.U.N.K. to the army… be sure to stop by, check out the wares (including a guest post from the mighty Funky 16 Corners) and as always, show your love… Let’s also welcome Steve’s Things And Stuff And Music too for more of that rare funky heat… the army gets stronger and stronger!

And as the summer draws nearer to a close, I am indeed getting geared up for the month of September as it will indeed be an all 45 rpm affair. I’ve got some nice things on tap, including another visit from Mr. Double Down, the one with the Hook And Sling! I’m also stoked about inviting none other than Lily Kane to come on in the kitchen. She has agreed to bring some of her patented Soul Psychadelicyde to share with us so be on the lookout for that one as well. I’m also going to be doing my thing over at Four Brothers Beats as part of what promises to be an explosion of soul just like the one that Al Bell did back in 1969 at Stax…It’s going to be a pretty busy month, but I will do my best to keep focused and make sure that we all get well fed. As always, thanks for dropping by. Have a good week and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

9 thoughts on “Another visit from the AntiDivas (including AntiDivas No. 9: The Sophisticated Ladies)

  1. And of course, thanks to the Soul Chef for being a beacon of funk, ergh, light in dark musical times…

    You’ll be getting some new music treats once I get back from my vacation ese.


  2. It’s time like this that I actually wish I had a broadband connection of surf with….
    It reads like a great playlist. Flowers from the Emotions is one track I haven’t heard for a good many years now though I use to have it…. (hmmm, where is that album?) and a playlist with any tune by Chaka is gonna get plenty of spins in the media player of your choice.

  3. Right On!! The best series in town continues on with this killin’ mix. The first four cuts alone are some of my absolute favs! Nice to see The Emotions and “Flowers,” a supremely underrated classic. My Pops was obsessed with that song and that entire LP back in the day. I really dig “Me For You” on that record as well.

    Peace and SOUL,

  4. Wow, I actually found your link when I subscribe to “google alerts” for Chaka Khan. Imagine my surprise when I saw that you had “Daddy Love -Pt 1” by GiGi on your list.

    My dad produced this joint back in 1971, Miss GiGi was (and still is) one of my mom’s best friends to this day. I was a young girl (10) at the time and It reminds me of a VERY GOOD period of my life…

    My dad is terminally ill now, and this link brought back great memories and a smile to my face….my eyes are watering as I write this…

    Thank you.

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