Really waiting for Fall (including Hearty…)

Hello, kiddies.

At long last, I come to you with the start of my special all 45 rpm festival. Suffice it to say, it took a lot longer than normal to get the real life issues squared away, some of them at any rate.

Instead of making a long winded story, let’s just get to the first mix. I bring to you a couple dozen singles fresh from the pantry. I will freely admit that I did nick a couple of tunes from the usual suspects strictly and only to retain the integrity of the mix. I could have easily gone to my CD comps, but if I did that then I couldn’t call it an all 45 rpm festival now could I… As always, I must thank those who inspired me as well as blessed us again and again, most notably, the Three Wise Men… I hope I do you proud.

As I await the coming of the Autumn Equinox in a few days, I yearn for those stick-to-your-ribs meals that just make you feel warm and cozy inside, especially my favourite dish of South Afrrican stew with sweet potatoes and chick peas served with yep, you guessed it, FUFU! One day I must share that hearty recipe with you all but for now, it’s still a little too hot outside so I’ll give you this funky ass recipe which I simply call…

Click on a thumbnail for a nice high resolution image… Wouldn’t you know it when I go to do label scans, my all in one printer takes a dump on me. To my mother I say thank you for letting me come over and use yours at the last minute. Incidentally, today is her birthday so I must publically wish her a happy birthday… I love you mommy!

01 Black Is-Brother Jack McDuff (Cadet)

02 Sock Boo Ga Loo-Bobby Rush (Checker)
03 How You Gonna Get Respect-Hank Ballard (King)
04 Licking Stick Licking Stick Pt. 1-James Brown (King)
05 Yeah You Right-The Sister And  Brothers (UNI)
06 The Funky Waltz-The Eleventh Hour Feat. Larry Coryell (Vanguard)
07 Jade East-Ramsey Lewis (Cadet)

08 I Get A Groove-Thomas East & The Famous Playboys (Toddlin’ Town)
09 I’ll Be Good To You-Al Greene (Hot Line Journal)
10 Slaughter-Billy Preston (A&M)
11 (Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop-The Fatback Band (Event)

12 Do Me Right-Detroit Emeralds (Westbound)
13 Stone Thing Pts. 1&2-Alvin Cash & The Registers (Westbound)
14 Life Is Like A Puzzle-The Village Soul Choir (Abbott)
15 Dry Spell-The Meters (Josie)
16 ‘Scuze Us Y’all-Brenda and The Tabulations (Top And Bottom)

17 A Chance For Peace-Lonnie Liston Smith (Flying Dutchman)
18 Luv N Haight-Sly & The Family Stone (Epic)
19 Me And Baby Brother-War (United Artists)
20 Which Way-The Presidents (Deluxe)
21 We Know We Got To Live Together-Eugene Blacknell (Seaside)*

22 I’m Not Gonna Cry-Sharon Jones (Daptone)
23 Memphis At Sunrise-The Bar Kays (Volt)
24 North South East West-Kool & The Gang (De-Lite)

Please download and enjoy Hearty…, 65 MB

Here’s the link to the mp3 file
Here’s the link to the zip file

*I must apologise. Track 21 is mislabeled in the zip file so if you desire, you can change the properties when you grab the zip file. Thank you Paul for the alert…

I want to also send an extra special thank you to my friend Mr. Double Down for the Alvin Cash track. That’s a perfect segue to the next installment which will see the return of the “Soul Exchange”, as DD and I will be once again trading blogs for a couple of special guest posts. Now if you need more 45s in your ears, speaking of guest posts, I strongly encourage you to head over to Todd and Brian’s It’s Great Shakes… The image below is only a teaser, but I assure you it’s a mix that you will enjoy…

With that said, real life is a’calling once again so I will take my leave of you for now. I’ll see you all real soon because I love you! As always, have a good week and please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

8 thoughts on “Really waiting for Fall (including Hearty…)

  1. You know, it wasn’t until quite recently that I found that Fufu is an actual food! Now, being the type that eats anything at least once for curiosity sake, I’m really looking forward to a posting that has the recipe!

    Very cool mix to go along with it, thank you.

  2. Delicious mix, Thank You! Is track 21 mislabeled? It doesn’t match the version of SOASOAS I’ve heard on the Charly Minit-Instant comp.

  3. @ Guy Magic and W, thanks as always for your support.

    @ Kevin, look for the recipe to be posted in a couple of weeks. 🙂

    @PM, Thank you… I’ll email you later 🙂

    @ Paul, track 21 could very well be mislabeled. I pulled it from an old mixtape, giving full and much deserved credit to the original creator as always (y’all know how much I dig the “pusherman”)… I’ll double check the playlist on that one and try to get back with an update ASAP.

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