Come On In My Kitchen Part Seventeen

Hello, kiddies.

I have a very important annoncement to lay on you all at the end of this post so please read on.

Struggling with another bout of real life again… I started taking some college courses a couple of weeks ago. So far, I am maintaining about a 3.0 GPA, but unfortunately I am letting my blogging duties slip in the process. I didn’t even get a new mix done this week but… Trunk Of F.U.N.K comes to the rescue!!! I am pleased (and relieved) to introduce the next selector who came through last night with a nice selection of 45 rpm goodness, and more heat to add to my growing want list. Without further ado, please put your hands together for the mighty DJ GA!!!

Hello Fufu Stew Fans.

A few weeks back, Vincent the Soul Chef was kind enough to provide a solid hour of 45 RPM madness over at my home, Trunk of F.U.N.K, so it seemed only natural to repay Fufu Stew in kind. With Vincent’s selection of records still fresh in my mind, I whipped together a 45 minute batch of 45’s, The Short Stack, that I feel fits nicely as a proper follow up to his mix. Hopefully you dig my selections, as I think there’s something here for everyone.  If you do, don’t hesitate to stop by Trunk of F.U.N.K. in the future.  And Vincent, I’m thinking that more T of F – Fufu Stew mix swaps should happen again sometime soon.


The Short Stack Tracklist

Title – Artist – Label

Funky In Here – Willard Burton & The Funky Four – Capitol
Funky Walk pt. 1 (East) – Dyke And The Blazers – Original Sound
Sophisticated Cissy – Rufus Thomas – Stax
Gator Bait – The Gaturs – Gatur
Hey, Mr. D.J. – Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces – Checker
There Was A Time – Dee Felice Trio – Bethlehem
Do It One More Time (The Twine) – Alvin Cash & The Crawlers – Mar-V-Lus
Spreadin’ Honey – Soul Runners – MoSoul
Let It Crawl – Society’s Bag – Warner Bros.
Pearl Time – Andre Williams – Sport
Boogaloo No. 3 – Roy Lee Johnson – Action
Hole In The Wall – The Packers – Pure Soul Music
My Baby Likes To Boogaloo – Don Gardner – Tru-Glo-Town
Break Through – Mike Sharpe – Liberty
The Pearl – Jerry-O – Shout
The Goose – T.S.U. Tornadoes – Atlantic
Philly Dog – The Mar-Keys – Stax
Doin’ The Banana Split – The Banana Splits – Hanna-Barbera

Please download and enjoy The Short Stack, an mp3 file, 61 MB. Be sure to check out my Hour of 45 rpm power and lots of other quality mixes at Trunk Of F.U.N.K and as always, please show your love.

and now for the closing commentary…

first of all, not to be too hasty or anything, but I may be forced to pull up the stakes and move to a new location. To make the transition as smooth as possible, I will walk you through the entire process and we can watch it unfold together. This decision was reached due to a desperate need to streamline, as well as other underlying factors that most of you seasoned bloggers are painfully aware of. I almost hate to do it because nothing beats the power of WordPress IMHO, but I think that it’s for the best in the long run. I sure hope that you will all agree. I’m shopping around now so I’ll keep you abreast of any developments.

Now, it’s time for a few shoutouts (and shameless plugs) for some good folks who have been helping to make real life a little more pleasant for me in recent weeks…

I haven’t been by to see my friends at The Blush Organisation in a while, but I must hip you to the last couple of podcasts that they blessed the blogisphere with… Some truly amazing work here with lots of great Northern style 45s that are sure to keep you happy and well fed.

For the HeavySoulBrutha who told me about his latest present-day Jazz selection, I just listened to it today… again, stellar work!!!

…and last but certainly not least, check out my man DJ Blueprint who has once again brought together some great beatmakers for a wonderful mix called Skillz.

Please take my word for it; pay a visit to these guys, check out their wares and show your love… you won’t be disappointed.

Coming soon to this page… another Blues Fix, a special edition of Lily Kane’s Birdseed Mix 2.1, the return of Tony C, plus two brand new and very special installments of the fabled AntiDivas series.

I hope to be back here in a couple of weeks but again, real life’s a calling… with more studies and a brief respite from the salt mines, I should be good as new. Until the next time we meet, have a good week and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

5 thoughts on “Come On In My Kitchen Part Seventeen

  1. Hey Vincent,

    This Trunk of Funk mix sounds dope, man! I can’t wait to hear it.

    I wanted to let you know that I have just completed a slamming psychedelic soul podcast on Eclectic Grooves. It features all kinds of out there stuff like Grodeck Whipperjeny, Del Jones, Leon’s Creation, Black Meda, etc. Just imagine bands that emulated the style of Sly and the Family Stone, but who also indulged themselves on a heaping helping of Hendrix and Cream. I’m interested in hearing your opinion of the podcast.

    Best, Kevin

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