Let the beatings begin… (including Smack Down! Old School Ballads and Jazz – TGrundy vs. Soulbrotha vs. The Soul Chef)

Hello, kiddies.

I trust all of my US brothers and sisters enjoyed a swell Thanksgiving, and are still rejoicing from the big victory… And for all of my brothers and sisters world wide, a hearty greeting to you all.

Boy, I don’t even know where to begin today. Such a many things have transpired in the last month, but all I can say is thanks to all of you for hanging in there with me. To top things off, yesterday was my birthday. I say that simply because I get a day off by default. We headed up to see the College Square team Sunday for a rousing installment of Fufu Sunday which was in answer to the Fufu Sunday we threw just two weeks earlier. In any event, it culminates in me finally getting the chance to come to you today. All four burners are on in the kitchen as well as the oven because it’s been too long. I am almost done with the first quarter as far as the studies go and still managing to squeak out a decent GPA thus far, but after finals and term papers are submitted, then we get to enjoy Christmas (did I say that???).

I promise that I will give you a real swell Christmas present before I start cramming but in the meantime, I strongly encourage you all to please visit TGrundy’s Rhythms In Black Satin as I made a very special appearance joined, by the mighty SoulBrotha in what we like to call the “Slow Jam Smackdown”. I spoke on it a while ago, but to keep you all up to speed, here’s the premise. The three of us got together and spent the better part of a month trading emails, taking turns picking some of the best beat ballads and slow jams we could find. All the trash talkin’ we did… Well, here’s the playlists for this extra special edition of the patented Triple Play Thusrday, affectionately called…

Smack Down! Old School Ballads and Jazz – TGrundy vs. Soulbrotha vs. The Soul Chef

Playlist #1: (song – artist [time] – (DJ))

1. Smokin’ Room – Rufus & Chaka Khan [4:22] – TGrundy (TG)
2. Vibrations – Roy Ayers [3:03] – Vincent the Soul Chef (VtSC)
3. Adventures In The Land Of Music – Dynasty [4:14] – Vincent the Soul Chef (VtSC)
4. Star Of A Story – Heatwave [5:48] – Soulbrotha (SB)
5. Come Away With Me – Moments [4:41] – (TG)
6. So So Satisfied – Ashford & Simpson [6:59] – (VtSC)
7. La Costa – Natalie Cole [3:51] – (SB)
8. Sail On – Commodores [4:02] – (TG)
9. Return To Forever – Minnie Riperton [4:08] – (VtSC)
10. Footsteps In The Dark – Isley Brothers [5:06] – (SB)
11. At The Concert – Michael Henderson [6:49] – (TG)
12. Don’t Let It Go To Your Head – Jean Carne [4:52] – (VtSC)
13. Freeway Song – Vicki Sue Robinson [5:00] – (SB)
14. A Toast To The People – Gil Scott-Heron [5:47] – (TG)
15. Bewildered (1970 Version) – James Brown [3:01] – (VtSC)
16. Taking Away Your Space – Two Tons O’ Fun [5:30] – (SB)
17. Sufferin’ With The Blues – Nancy Wilson [2:11] – (TG)
18. Pretty Pretty – Joneses [4:22] – (VtSC)

Playlist #2: (song – artist [time] – (DJ))

1. Castles Of Sand -Jermaine Jackson [3:39] – (SB)
2. Be My Lady – Meters [3:29] – (TG)
3. Let’s Get It On Together – Persuaders [3:55] – (VtSC)
4. A House Is Not A Home – Mavis Staples [4:26] – (SB)
5. The Loneliest Man In Town – Side Effect [4:03] – (TG)
6. Love Put Me On The Corner – Isley Brothers [6:31] – (VtSC)
7. The Island – Patti Austin [3:45] – (SB)
8. More Than Words Can Say – Lee Oskar [4:48] – (TG)
9. The Creator Has A Master Plan – Norman Connors [7:09] – (VtSC)
10. Slow Screw Against The Wall – Rufus ft. Chaka Khan [2:17] – (SB)
11. Baby’s Gonna Make It – Rocco [5:46] – (TG)
12. Maybe – Three Degrees [3:41] – (VtSC)
13. For Your Precious Love – Linda Jones [4:03] – (SB)
14. Bring It On Home To Me – Sam Cooke [2:41] – (TG)
15. I Ain’t Got Nobody Else – Masqueraders [2:41] – (VtSC)
16. Can’t Hide Love – Carmen McRae [3:55] – (SB)
17. Sparkling In The Sand – Tower Of Power [8:58] – (TG)
18. My Dream – Softones [3:15] – (VtSC)
19. Welcome Into My Dream – Whispers [4:43] – (TG)

Playlist #3: (song – artist [time] – (DJ))

1. Dreams – Smoke City [5:51] – (SB)
2. Hold On – Gladys Knight & The Pips [5:18] – (VtSC)
3. I’m His Lady – Melba Moore [3:16] – (SB)
4. We Belong Together – Spinners [4:17] – (TG)
5. Let Me Be Your Angel – Stacy Lattisaw [4:00] – (VtSC)
6. Tender Kisses – Tracie Spencer [5:30] – (SB)
7. Darlin’ Darlin’ Baby – Steve Khan [6:31] – (TG)
8. Valdez In The Country – George Benson [4:20] – (VtSC)
9. Tell Me A Bedtime Story – Quincy Jones [6:46] – (SB)
10. Meet Me On The Moon – Phyllis Hyman [6:46] – (TG)
11. Nya – Prophecy [3:05] – (VtSC)
12. The Saddest Story Ever Told – Mattie Moultrie [3:25] – (SB)
13. Cry, Cry Baby – Garnett Mimms And The Enchanters [3:22] – (TG)
14. My Girl, She’s A Fox – Icemen [2:36] – (VtSC)
15. Trust Me – Aged In Harmony [3:25] – (SB)
16. Going Out Of My Head – Little Anthony & The Imperials [2:32] – (TG)
17. I’ve Been Trying – Nu Sound Express, LTD [3:39] – (VtSC)
18. Tryin’ To Find A Way – L.T.D. [3:06] – (SB)
19. Hanging Up My Heart For You – Solomon Burke [3:02] – (VtSC)
20. I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got – Bettye LaVette [2:12] – (SB)

Please download and enjoy Triple Play Thursday. Here are the links…

Mix 1, an mp3 file, 112 MB

Mix 2, an mp3 file, 112 MB

Mix 3, an mp3 file,111 MB

Big, big ups to TGrundy for the links, and SoulBrotha for inviting me to join the fun. I hope you kids enjoy it.

and now for the closing comments…

I want to send a shoutout if I can to the Psychedelic Lion fam for helping me to figure out some of the choons I had on that Psych tape I posted back in the summer. Have a listen if you like by clicking here. Maybe some of you could help me find out more.

I also have to say hey to DJ Blueprint. He hipped me to this beat tape which I hope you all had a chance to check out. Please visit and support Sounds Of Tomorrow.

…and to Lily, Michelle and Tony, I haven’t forgotten. Wait till you see what I’ve done with the fine choons you’ve blessed me with.

I hope to be back real soon. Until then have a good week and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

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