Let the holidaze begin (including Fufu Funk Fix No. 7)

Hello, kiddies.

It’s been a mighty long time, so allow me to recap what we’ve learned so far:

-I got a visit from the “health department” back in October. Well, I complied suffice it to say. I guess it comes with the territory. Fret not though, the show must go on…

-History was made on the 4th November as we all know. Looks as though all of our persistence paid off. Thank God because my bags, and my wife’s bags too, were pack’d…

-The server was acting a little wacky there for a minute but things are somewhat back to normal now, knock on wood (knocking on my forehead)…

-I survived midterms, but now comes the term paper and final exams in about 2-3 weeks. Once it’s all behind me, I can move forward with the changes. I’m so stoked about it, and believe me, you’ll all be pleasantly surprised.

I could go on and on, but I won’t bore you too much. I have to also state my surprise over the fact that the Thanksgiving special from last year is still and has been consistently getting views. Time got the better of me so I didn’t get to organise one this year, but I promise I will make up for it in a future episode.

FInally, another birthday is behind me. Leslie and I head a really sinful dinner at our favourite eatery up the street. The seafood trilogy was to die for, and even at the tender age of 40 (I don’t believe I made it this far, I still open up presents with the giddy smile that I used to have as a kid when my mom would give me the latest LPs! I spent a week souping up ol’ Bessie’s replacement. With lots of food stored away in the pantry, it’s about time I whipped up another Funk Fix! This one was supposed to be finished to play at the two installments of Fufu Sunday with Mike and Meggan (we love you), but again, time got the better of me. Well, I am keeping it warm on the stove so line up and grab a heaping helping of this heavy duty selection of heat that I cooked on the fly. To you my faithful friends and esteemed colleagues, thanks as always for showing your love. Here’s some love right back at’cha…

Fufu Funk Fix No. 7

Sorry, I am so pressed for time. I have yet to add my print shop program to the new computer, so I don’t have any art for this one, but I’m sure that the groove will make up for the lack of colour.

01 Do It Funky-Len Woods
02 Funky Whistler-Bill Doggett
03 Funky Superfly Pt.2-Bobby Williams And Band
04 Hot Pants Pt. 1-20th Century
05 Funky Gran Paw-The Incomparable Seven
06 The Thang Pt. 2-Eddie Bo
07 Gold Smoke-Everyday People
08 Na Na-Coke
09 Skin It Back Pt. 1-Tommy Bush
10 Hot Pants Breakdown-Soul Toronadoes
11 Machine Shop Pt.1-Untouchable Machine Shop
12 Barkin’ Up The Wrong Tree-James Big Sambo Young & the House Wreckers
13 Look What You Can Get-Funky Nassau
14 I Got Some, Pt. 2-Billy Garner
15 Daybreak-Singing Sam & The Sparks
16 Get It-Wilmer & The Dukes
17 Silly Savage-The Golden Toadstools
18 Pow Wow-Manny Corchado
19 Willie Whopper-Johnny Colon
20 Mini Skirt-Henry Brooks
21 Sleep Walk Pt. 2-Joe And The Everyday People
22 (Oh No! Not) The Beast Day-Marsha Hunt
23 Can I Be Your Squeeze Pt. 1-Chuck Carbo
24 I’m A Carpenter-David Robinson
25 Who’s Making Love-Tony Joe White
26 This Funky Thing-Don Pierce

Please download and enjoy Fufu Funk Fix No. 7, 72 MB.

Here is the link to the mp3 file
Here is the link to the zip file

and now for the closing commentary…

Let’s hope that things continue to go well on so many fronts. I need to take my leave for a little while longer so I can get my shit together. I plan to return just before Christmas, knock on wood… in the meantime, for those of you who are new to the experience, please feel free to check out the back catalogue. Due to storage issues, the old posts won’t last long. My day off was productive so now I’m gonna prepare for a long two weeks of cramming. Wish me luck. I’ll see you all as soon as I can but in the meantime, have a good week and please be safe during the “holidaze”. Notice I didn’t talk about it yet. Soon kids, soon. I’ll see ya.

Peace and blessings.

I must give a big thank you to all the usual suspects, and pease be sure to read on to the next entry…

6 thoughts on “Let the holidaze begin (including Fufu Funk Fix No. 7)

  1. hi Vince, all of this year I’m being 40, and believe me, it’s great gettin to 41 🙂 The busy, busy, busy part I can relate to (too!), sometimes there isn’t enough time to do it all… The mix looks good, can’t wait to hear it! Succes on the studying and I’ll see you soon again!
    peace, E-mile
    Oh, btw, you have any idea what ‘appened over at 4BB??? Been away for a while and found it closed?

  2. Hi Chef,

    Thanks soooo much for another installment of the Fufu, it’s much appreciated!

    I’m really glad that things are going well for you academically. Hey, if it means less Stew for us, so be it – we’ll just have to tighten our belts between funks.

    And most importantly: Happy Birthday!!! (you old dawg)

    (Already in da’funky-forty club! 🙂

  3. Friggin deeeeeluscious!
    So hard to find these tunes, first time on your site and I’ll be back for sure! finally an end to the frustration of knowing that there’s a whole world of funky soul out there that til now had remained elusively out of reach! Thank you so much!

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