Come and get it… Fufu Stew No. 11… For The Holidaze


Hello, kiddies.

Well, here we are. Another bout of the holidaze is upon us all, but I don’t feel all “grinchy” this time around. Normally I don’t get into the season too much but for some reason, this year is just a little more special. What do you all think of our tree… Leslie wanted me to let you know that because our cats love tinsel (although their bodies hate it), the tree is a little bare at the bottom. Suffice it to say, time for me is limited once again. Final exams happen this week and then I’ll be free for a major break to return to the blogisphere. I haven’t played many records lately as you may have guessed, but I did have to find a chance to come back at least once more to lay some of my all time fave holidaze choons on y’all. It’s just a few pieces that play in my house whilst trimming trees, baking bread and such. It may seem a little surprising to some but I really don’t have a lot of Christmas music in the pantry, but what I do have in my opinion is absolutely essential. This here is a remade and slightly abridged version of a mix that I made for the College Square Team about four years ago… I hope you kids dig it. Nothing fancy here; I just kinda threw a few numbers in the ol’ fish bowl and picked whatever came up. It was lovingly prepared with the freeform aesthetic in mind so you get lots of flavour, and of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a moment to reflect on the mighty Godfather (I wipe a tear from my eye cos it’s another year that he isn’t here)… Now I’m sure I missed quite a few, but my man TGrundy can fill the void nicely with these Triple Play Thursday goodies, A Funky Christmas and A Lonely Christmas. Once again I dedicate this one to the College Square team, and to our beloved friend KT who makes the trek back east, Leslie and I can’t wait to see you 🙂 And of course, to all of you who have helped to make my stay here in the land of blog a wonderful experience, I say thank you… I’ve learned a lot, I’ve been blessed with a lot, and I have bought even more…


01 Sleigh Ride-Rick Holmstrom
02 Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer-The Temptations
03 Jingle Bells-Booker T. & The MGs
04 Santa Claus-Sonny Boy Williamson
05 My Favourite Things-The Supremes
06 The Little Drummer Boy-Salsoul Orchestra
07 Soulful Christmas-James Brown
08 Silent Night-Rotary Connection
09 Back Door Santa-Clarence Carter
(note: the tag reads Rufus Thomas. I forgot to change it when I made the zip file… sorry 😦 )
10 Christmas Present Blues-Jimmy Reed
11 Go Power At Christmas Time-James Brown
12 White Christmas-Otis Redding
13 Sam’s Christmas Blues-Anson Funderburgh & The Rocket
14 Peace At Least-Rotary Connection
15 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen-Sweetwater
16 Who Took The Merry Out Of Christmas-Staple Singers
17 Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto-James Brown
18 Lonesome Christmas (Part 1)-Lowell Fulson
19 Stone Soul Christmas-Binky Griptite & the Dee-Kay’s (bonus track)
20 Santa’s Got Bag Of Soul-Soul Saints Orchestra (bonus track)
21 Merry Christmas Baby-James Brown (bonus track)
22This Christmas-Donny Hathaway

Please download and enjoy Fufu Stew For The Holidaze, 68 MB

Here’s the link to the mp3 file
Here’s the link to the zip file

and now for the closing commentary…

Looks like another year of this little adventure is rapidly coming to a close. Thank you all for being so kind the past couple of years. I am looking forward to Twentyodd Nine with baited breath on so many levels, especially continuing to cook up more Fufu Stew for a third year… I will try to fall in next week for a special anniversary type thing. Once again nothing fancy, but definitely funky!!!  I want to wish each and every one of you and all of yours a wonderful holiday season. Whatever you do, do it good, know that you are loved, and as always, please be safe…

Peace and blessings.

14 thoughts on “Come and get it… Fufu Stew No. 11… For The Holidaze

  1. Hey Chef! Thanks for the shout out on the two RIBS Xmas mixes. Just to let you and the Fufu faithful know, I have 2 brand new holiday mixes I should be releasing this week:

    “Merry Christmas, Baby: A Baker’s Dozen” – 13 (count ’em *smile*) different versions of one of my all-time favorite Xmas tunes


    “A Jazzy Christmas 2” – my second all jazz Xmas mix (“A Jazzy Christmas 1” was released last year)

    Hope you and yours are doing well; looking forward to the end of exams and some more Fufu goodness during your break!

  2. Hi Chef & Company,

    Thanks for the warm season’s greetings and for the fabulously funky holiday mix.

    Wishing you all the best from Jolly Auld Germany. . .

    “Frohe Weihnachten und ein glückliches Neues Jahr!”

    In groove we trust,


  3. hey there vince! thanks for this — probably going to be the last xmas mix I can handle this year (you know how it goes…)

    if people are feeling more festive than me – here are another couple good holiday mixes I came across this year:


    thanks again! (and not just for the holiday mix, but for the year-round goodness on this blog!)


  4. Hi Chef – Merry Christmas to you, thanks for a great mix and thanks for all the good stuff this year, keep up the good work! Mike (in London)

  5. Thanks for these AMAZING mixes, Chef — you really, really know your sh…grooves.

    Great commentary, stunning mixes — one of the best blogs around, hands down.

  6. Hey Vincent! Long time my friend. I’m back in the blogisphere and just wanted to wish you and yours Happy Holidays. Here’s to great things in 2009!
    I just know you’ll SHINDIGGIT! 😉

  7. Hi Chef – Merry Christmas to you, thanks for all
    the funky stuff and your great mixes , all the best for 2009.
    greetings from Austria

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