Records are like chocolate part ten (including Hair And Flares)…

Hello, kiddies.

January is but a memory… Boy, what a month. After the recent spectacle that was the 2009 Presidential inauguration, it’s such a relief to be able to have hope for a brighter tomorrow… I was so very fortunate to be among the estimated 3 million people who converged on the National Mall to bear witness to history. From the looks of these images taken from damn near seven city blocks away. it’s easy to see how many people share my sentiment…



Now for the reason for my unexpected sabbatical, if you want to call it that: don’t let ’em tell you different, I am a living sign that the hallowed halls of higher online learning are a lot tougher than I ever suspected. Algebra… that’s all I’ll say. In any event, studies are going fairly well for this term, at the expense of letting a month go by without dropping in and saying hi. That combined with another unexpected visit from the “health department”. It’s situations like these that are currently consuming my time, and for that I apologise. But never fear kids because my friend Tony C. comes to the rescue with another nice collection of 45 rpm goodness. He’s certainly no stranger to the kitchen, and it’s always great to have him fall in and serve up a heaping helping of soul to keep our bellies full and our hearts warm. Well I know I made y’all wait too long for this one so enough of my rambling. Here’s Tony.

First things first, a happy new year to one and all and many thanks to Vincent for airing this mix for me. This one’s a straight seventies mix, nothing rare or obscure, just a collection of some damn fine tunes from the era of afros and wide bottomed trousers. I’d like to say that I cut the rug to this lot but unfortunately the places I frequented were a bit more commercial and it is only now through the wonder of the internet that I have been able to obtain alot of these tunes. The legendary D.J Rosko kicks off, leading us into some Jazz/Funk, Disco, and Soul. I hope you dig these tunes, right on brother, right on!!!!

Cheers, Tony C.


Rosko- Peacemaker (AZ)
Daniel Salinas-Straussmania (What Music)
Ron Butler and the Ramblers-Peace and Love (Playboy)
Jerry Washington-Baby Don’t Leave Me (Excello)
Tower of Power-What Is Hip? (Warner Bros)
Doris-Beatmaker (EMI)
Rudy Robinson and the Hungry Five-Mutley Doing The Crawlpen (Mier)
Ripple-Git Owf-GRC
Lalo Schiffrin-Apes Shuffle (20th Century)
Mandingo-The Cheetah (EMI)
Dennis Landry-Miss Hard To Get (Soul Unlimited)
Joe Tex-Under Your Powerful Love (Dial)
Undisputed Truth-You Got The Love I Need (Gordy)
Aretha Franklin-Save Me (Atlantic)
Little Sonny-Wade In THe Water (Enterprise)
Richard Fudoli-Gwee (CBS)
Gun Morgan-Hot Jungle (Distribution)
Bohannon-The Fatman (Dakar)
Soul Searchers-If It Ain’t Funky (Sussex)
Esther Phillips-Fever (Kudu)
March Wind-Do the Sweetback (Stax)
Betty Wright-Let Me Be Your Lovemaker (Alston)
Johnnie Taylor-Highjackin Love (Stax)
Ruth Mc Fadden-Ghetto Woman (Gamble)
Rotary Connection-Respect (Cadet Concept)

Please download and enjoy Hair And Flares, an mp3 file, 70 MB. Thanks once again for the hookup, Tony. Feel free to drop in anytime 🙂

I am really gonna try to get back here soon and tidy things up. Once my midterm exams are finished, I can really concentrate on that task but for now the books are calling. Have fun(k) and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

4 thoughts on “Records are like chocolate part ten (including Hair And Flares)…

  1. thanks so much for that timely treat.. I’m in dire need of some cheering up.
    Some of my all-time favourites in there (Esther Phillips’ version is one of the bestest Fevers ever..and Little Sonny’s version of Wade in the Water was new to me.. I just recently found a live by Michelle Shocked..)
    almost made my week (it take a lot at the moment) – thanks a million!

  2. Wow you’re back with a wallop Vince – a fab slice of hair flair funk – love that Esther Phillips Fever, Patti Drew does a great version too

    Been giving Ruth Copeland’s Gimme Shelter a spinning lately – belter

  3. Chef,

    Nice to see you made it to DC. I went on the Sunday before. It was such a cool experience seeing a truly multicultural group of folks blanketing the city. There was so much buzz everywhere.

    Hope the studies are going well.

    Big Ups to Tony C. for the mix. Will hop on it now!!!

    Peace and SOUL,

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