The Soul Chef Meets The Soul Psycho… Come On In My Kitchen part eighteen

Time for a new look for the place.. Once again, the header is temporary…

Hello, kiddies.

The wait is finally over as I am pleased to welcome none other than Soul Psychadelicyde’s Lily Kane to the kitchen… This episode of Come On In My Kitchen is a joint creation that I’ve been working on for quite some time in between various real life situations, school and otherwise. Lil provided the base (as that is what makes any stew good and comfy) with a mixed bag of sweet and soulful sounds both old and new. Fans of her blog which can now be found here have already gotten a sneak preview, but I added just a little bit of extra spice from the pantry.

Lil had this to say… “All these tracks came from somewhere: some are from re-releases, compilations, some are from other blogs… and some others are from a generous 45 collector named Theo.  Besides thanking all the sources, I mostly want to thank Vincent for helping me find my inner anti-diva.”

When she took the first  spoonful of what I put together, she smiled with approval… with that said, grab a bowl and dig in.


The Soul Chef Meets The Soul Psycho (originally titled “Birdseed”)

01 How-The Masqueraders
02 Remember Me-The Trinikas
03 Tumbling-Albert Williams
04 Yo Yo Affair Pts. 1&2-Madlib Featuring Frenza
05 I’m Wishing-Lorenz Alexandria
06 Listen Black Brother-Marion Black
07 The Boogie Man-The Crystal Mansion
08 No More Trouble On The Mountain-Richard Groove Holmes
09 If I Do My Thing On You-Ann Sexton
10 I Wouldn’t Treat A Dog (The Way You Treated Me)-Bobby “Blue” Bland
11 I Learned It All The Hard Way-Howard Tate
12 Run Run Run-Ann Peebles
13 I Don’t Know Why-O.V. Wright
14 Change-Daz’rene
15 Just My Luck-Syl Johnson
16 What You Don’t Want Me To Be-Lee Moses
17 Ain’t No Sunshine-Betty Wright
18 True Love Don’t Grow On Trees-Helene Smith
19 He Makes Me Mad-The Hollywood Jills
20 Gimme Some Of Yours-Rhetta Hughes
21 One Sweet Song-Gloria Lucas
22 If I Can’t Fly-The Honey Cone
23 You Need Me-Tiombe Lockhart
24 California Dreaming-Eddie Hazel

Please download and enjoy The Soul Chef Meets The Soul Psycho, 69 MB

Here’s the link to the mp3 file
Here’s the link to the zip file

Thank you to Soul Sides, The Captain’s Crate, Neopolitan Funk, Funk My Soul, and most important, thank you Lily for putting up with my tardiness… 🙂

The studies are going well. A cumulative GPA of 4.0!!! If only I had put this much effort into my studies when I was in High School. To celebrate my accomplishments, a much deserved digging session will definitely be in order this week, so expect a new 45 rpm exercise to grace this space sooner than later. Just a few more weeks and I can get back to business as usual for a while… at least until the next term begins. With that said, it’s time to get back to the books so have fun(k) and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

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