More AntiDivas… and a blessing for the Psychedelic Lion

Hello, kiddies.

There was a bit of a struggle with what to cook up next… I haven’t really gotten the live music bug out of my system yet as the following hyperlink suggests. Feel free to click on it and check out this mighty comp that I shared with my man Ronnie over at the Psychedelic Lion but before you do, remember that I did promise y’all more AntiDivas. Now this one has been lodged in my brain for quite some time, so please allow me to express myself for a bit here. It’s been an awful long time since I had a blues fix, so for your enjoyment…


Now as most of you know, the Blues as we know it is the culmination of a lot of different feelings, so it’s here that  I plan to present all of them. The introspeak is presented by Minnie Riperton. Therein was the “conflict” which I rectified, because as much as I enjoyed doing the guest post for Ronnie, I still had a couple more joints that I wanted to add to those mixes, so listen for them in this mix…

01 Why I Sing The Blues-Betty Barney
02 Stormy Monday-Marlena Shaw
03 Homewrecker-Fontella Bass
04 The Thrill Is Gone-Aretha Franklin
05 Your Good Thing-Cold Blood
06 House Of The Rising Sun-Nina Simone
07 Me And My Chauffeur-Memphis Minnie
08 Saturday Night Fish Fry-Pearl Bailey and Moms Mabley
09 Killer Diller-Betty Everett
10 Pounds Of Soul-Betty Bibbs
11 Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right-Mary Wells
12 I Worship The Ground You Walk On-Etta James
13 I’m Gettin’ Along Alright-The Raelettes
14 Me And My Gin (Gin House Blues)-Bessie Smith
15 Sweet Feeling-Candi Staton
16 Why (Am I Treated So Bad)-Julie Driscoll
17 I’d Rather See Him Dead-Tina Turner
18 Use What You Got-Sugarpie DeSanto
19 Baby Don’t You Know-Vicky Anderson
20 No Smoke Blues-Sarah Vaughan
21 Don’t Catch The Dog’s Bone-Erma Franklin
22 Mary Don’t You Weep-Aretha Franklin

Please download and enjoy AntiDivas Sing The Blues, a zip file, 70 MB.

Thanks once again to the Psychedelic Lion family for the love. Be sure to drop by and check out my guest post. And since I haven’t done too many shoutouts lately, let me say hello to my friends at and La Colmena de Humo. Feel free to fall by their spots too… Well, that’s almost it. For something totally related yet completely different, I left yet another AntiDivas special mix at my other spot for you…click on the image below.


Time now for another round of midterms, which means three weeks of cramming. I’ll be back soon so until then, have fun(k) and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

5 thoughts on “More AntiDivas… and a blessing for the Psychedelic Lion

  1. I’m loving this mix Vincent. The Marlena Shaw track is great! A lot of amazing stuff here. Thanks a bunch for the Shout Out, greatly appreciated. Stop by when you get a chance for some Soul Toronadoes (or however is spelled!)

  2. We must be on the same wavelength lol. I just got done posting Muddy Waters Electric Mud album! You gotta check that out! We both are getting our blues fixes now lol. Peace!


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