Tony C. and his divas to the rescue once again (including Woman Got Soul)

Hello, kiddies.

Today’s post is being brought to you by REAL LIFE ISSUES… yes that’s right, REAL LIFE ISSUES… a blogger’s number one excuse for failing to post regularly. And so easy to use too, all you have to do is just wake up some mornings… really, I am exaggerating. It is going to be another busy (and from the looks of things, extremely tough) term with another essay due in a week and intense computer programming lessons, but I have to press on and get it done. I do have some incentive though; I got a letter in the mail from the president of my university that says I once again made the “list” for outstanding academic achievement. Last term’s final scores were a 94 and a 98! With only five more terms to go before I obtain my associate’s degree (about fifteen more months of study), I am confident that it will all be worth it.

Just like I promised, the mighty Tony C. has returned to the kitchen to bless us once again. This time, the pots are spilling over with more of the delectable flavour of those sweet soul sisters. Let’s get right to it… without further ado, here’s Tony.

Hello Soul Stewers, Vincent has very kindly allowed me back into the kitchen with my new mix ‘Woman Got Soul’.
Inspired by the Chef’s excellent AntiDivas mixes I decided to put one together myself, but with a Dame Shirley Bassey track in the mix, (I) decided the use of AntiDiva hugely inappropriate!!!!
While on the subject of Dame Shirley I must confess that Vehicle is from a compilation as it was not officially released on vinyl… It was down to the very helpful members over at the brilliant ‘Very Good Plus’ forum that I managed to track it down.
I have tried to incorporate several genres to include R n B, Soul, Funk, Jazz and a bit of Psych for your listening pleasure! Kicking off I thought it only right that a true pioneer, the legendary Billie Holiday would be the way to go with the superb ‘M
e Myself and I’, released in 1937.
I hope you enjoy the mix and agree with me that whatever style these tunes are performed, all these Woman got Soul!!!!

Cheers, Tony C.


Billie Holiday-Me Myself and I (Fontana)
Alma Bailer-Tell The truth (SGM)
Sarah Vaughn-One Mint Julep (Roulette)
Jeanette Baby Washington-Move On (Neptune)
Brenda Lee-Sweet Nuthin’s (Brunswick)
Connie Francis-Fallin’ (MGM)
Gerri Grainger-You Must Be Doing Something Right (Double L)
Carol Fran-I’m Gonna Try (Port)
Jo Ann Garrett-You Can’t Come In (Chess)
Francis Faye-Comin’ Home Baby (Regina)
Joe and the Fantastics Feat Judy Carr-Chicken, Chicken (Highland)
Gloria Lynne-Watermelon Man (Fontana)
Nancy Wilson-The Power Of Love (Capitol)
Ella Fitzgerald-Get Ready (Reprise)
Etta James-Seven Day Fool (Argo)
Della Reese-I Got The Blues (ABC)
Patti Drew-Stop And Listen (Capitol)
Carmen McRae-Got To Get You Into My Life (Atlantic)
Shirley Bassey-Vehicle (only released on a comp)
Salena Jones-Am I The Same Girl (MFP)
Aretha Franklin-It Only Happens When I Look At You (Atlantic)
Carla Thomas-Stop thief (Stax)
Madeline Bell-What Am I Supposed To Do (Philips)
Sandie Shaw-Sympathy For The Devil (Pye)
Bobbie Gentry-Mississippi Delta (Capitol)
Brenda Devlin-Were You Ever Lonely (Road)
Marie Franklin-You Ain’t Changed (Maverick)
Joyce Williams-I Don’t Want Your Love (private press)
Loyce Cotton-Try It You’ll Like It (Aquarius)
Esther Marrow-He Don’t Appreciate It (Flying Dutchman)
Julie Driscoll-Let The Sunshine I
n (Marmalade)
Nancy-Trying To Keep From Crying (Mercede)
Dee Edwards-Why Can’t There Be Love (Bumpshop)
Silky Spearman-I’m A good Woman (Alvorada)
Gladys Knight-Stop And Get A Hold Of Yourself (Motown)

Please download and enjoy Woman Got Soul, 89 MB.

Here is the link for the mp3 file

Here is the link for the zip file

Due to the length of the mix, clocking in at over an hour and a half, the zip file had to be broken up into two parts so simply take appropriate action if you want to put it on a blue plate… Tony, thank you so much for this outstanding collection. Again, anytime you want to fall by and share your bounty, you know you are always welcome! 🙂

Wanna hear more? Be sure to check out my friend Mr. Double Down over at The Hook And Sling where Tony urges us to Stop Look and Listen.

If all goes well, this weekend will find yours truly out in the field once again, braving the heat of summer to get some more much needed digging in. The economy isn’t helping the situation any, but I owe it to myself. In any event, I’ll try to be back sooner than later with another batch for your aural consumption so until then stay cool, have fun(k), and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.


Walter Cronkite


“…and that’s the way it was”

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