Records are like chocolate part eleven

Hello, kiddies.

I told you I’d be back… At this point, I have completed the first phase of the deconstruction process. I can only suspect that the links I spoke of last time will be gone by month’s end. Never fret though, because if you click here, you’ll see that I am laying the groundwork for phase two.

I have to give a shoutout to DJ Fleg and DJ Exclaime who have restored my faith in the Baltimore club scene at long last… I’ve been away for far too long. Coming up on Thursday the 27th, these two gentlemen will be hosting the third installment of Four Hours Of Funk at the Windup Space, located just seconds from Penn Station so if you wanna come out, chill and hear some great funky vinyl goodness, please stop on by… besides, it’s FREE! And along as no chaos takes place in my life between now and then, yours truly will indeed be in attendance! To hear a sample of what you might hear at the night, please download and enjoy this mix, graciously supplied by Fleg. Simply click on the handbill below, and you’re all set. Thanks for the choons, my friend…4HOF_HANDBILL
Now because the last couple weeks have been rather hectic (and the next two or three will be more of the same… even more midterms), I decided to take a much needed breather. With all elements in place, I proceeded to dig for new 45s. I’m so sorry I missed the Guru though, but I did walk away with a few absolute winners… With the little bit of time that I have to spare, I came correct with a brand new all 45 rpm grab bag, presented on the fly. I’m trying at any rate, I really am. All the choons this time around were acquired over the last couple of months from the usual dusty bins… Since I am heading over to my mom’s today to grab a quick plate of dinner and run, I will appropriately call this one “Care Package”. I hope you dig it, kids.

01 Ride Sally Ride-Al Green (Hi)

02 Sneakin’ In the Back Door-Tom Scott And The L.A. Express (Ode)
03 Cartoon People-Freddie And Henchie (DJM)
04 Jump Back-Rufus Thomas (Stax)

05 The Cracker Jack-Mickey And His Mice (Marti)
06 The Cat Walk-The Village Choir (Abbott)

07 Soul Sister-Allen Toussaint (Reprise)
08 I’ll Bet You-Funkadelic (Westbound)

09 I Take Care Of Homework-Syl Johnson (Twinight)
10 My Babe-Willie Mitchell (Hi)

11 Take Me-Betty Everett (UNI)
12 The Over Time Man-Don Covay (Mercury)
13 We The People Pt. 2-The Soul Searchers (Sussex)
14 I Wash My Hands Of the Whole Damn Deal Pt. 2-The New Birth (RCA)

15 Go Ahead And Burn-Bobby Moore’e Rhythm Aces Featuring Chico (Checker)
16 The Title Escapes Me-Toussaint McCall (Ronn)
17 Tightrope-Inex & Charlie Foxx (Dynamo)

18 Judge Baby, I’m Back-Cliff Nobles & Co. (Phil LA Of Soul)
19 Sophisticated Sissy-Rufus Thomas (Stax)


20 Your Love Is Indescribably Delicious-Willis Wooten (Virtue)

21 Theme From The Baden Persuader-The DT-6 (Starla)*
22 Little Suzie-Ray Bryant (Cadet)

23 Mickey Mouse Club Theme-Jimmy Smith (Verve)

Please download and enjoy Care Package, a zip file, 59 MB

From now on, the mixes will only be available as zip files… it has to be this way.

I hope the next time we meet here will be sooner than the last, and remember to come out to the Windup Space on the 27th… a splendid time is guaranteed for all, to quote a familiar phrase. Until then, have fun(k), and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

*This track was originally shared by DJ Prestige (thanks for the tip). I am so glad to own a copy of the 45 for myself because sadly it went out of print just as fast as it was released, and they say they ain’t pressing anymore. Hopefully, it will be available as a digital download in the near future. You can pick up the first DT-6 single right now at the usual spots such as iTunes and the like, so please support the good folks at Starla Records… and also check out their blog for more info on new releases and some quality mixes from resident DJs Mark Robb and Craig Loosejoints.

11 thoughts on “Records are like chocolate part eleven

  1. Dig the new look and glad to see you’re back to posting again. Looking forward to listening to this mix during my travels today.

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