Happy Fall (including Head Food)…

Phase three begins now. Expect most of the major changes to take effect real soon… I hope. 🙂

Hello, kiddies.

I’d like to start the week off by wishing The Hook And Sling a happy second anniversary! I dropped yet another batch of 45s on ’em, so if you need a good soul fix, don’t hesitate… If it’s a good dose of Psych you’re craving, read on… hehehe 🙂

Well, after another eleven weeks of painstaking studying, I can rest easy. The term paper did end up being a labour of love as I got an A PLUS!!! So for the next couple of weeks, there will be lots of rest, relaxation and RECORDS… oh yeah, and another golden opportunity to spend a little quality time with all of you.

The missus and I enjoyed another four days in Delaware during the Labour Day weekend, visiting with the in-laws. Before you say anything, it really was a nice time… relaxing and productive in the same breath. This next batch of stuff will prove just that.

As you now know, we have a couple of rituals that we go through when visiting Delaware, most notably, taking in a few hours traipsing around in Rehoboth. Thrasher’s french fries, happy hour at Catcher’s, and a stop to the hippie spots. Since I made a couple more mixes for the good folks at Sunshine Octopus and Superkind, I figured it’s only right to pass ’em along to y’all. I haven’t gotten the psych bug out of my system yet, so here’s another Psychedelic Psupper. Once again, the learned “travel agents” have provided me with lots of “tickets”. You’ll see what I mean almost immediately. Remember, Grace Slick once told us to never forget those famous words that the doormouse uttered. With that said, here’s another plate full of


The premise, as always, is simple.

01 My Friend Jack (Jack knows)-The Smoke1

02 Mr. Pharmacist-The Other Half

03 Vacuum Cleaner-Tintern Abbey

04 A Question Of Temperature-The Balloon Farm

05 Optical Sound-The Human Expression

06 Psyche Suki-Electronic Sounds

07 Woodstock-Turquoise

08 Hot Smoke And Sassafrass-The Bubble Puppy

09 Travel Agent Man-Sound Apparatus

10 Are You Experienced (Another Experience)-The Jimi Hendrix Experience2

11 Funky Trip-Johnny Walker

12 G.E.A.B.-Pussy

13 Slightly Delic-The House of Nimrod

14 Trip #76-The Deep

15 Moon Beams-The Magical Mixture

16 Marmalade Hair-Wimple Winch

17 Looking Glass Alice-The Bunch

18 Jefferson Airplane-Ford Theatre

19 You Can All Join In-The Orange Machine

20 Tripping Into Sunshine-T.I.M.E

21 Yes, I’m Experienced-Eric Burdon & The Animals

22 Your Head Is Reeling-Ultimate Spinach

23 Sunshine Day-Jethro Toe

24 The Room Revolves Around Me-The Oscar Bicycle

25 Trip With Me-Tides In

26 My Friend Jack (Now everybody does)-The Smoke3

Please download and enjoy Head Food, 97 MB.

Before I rush off, I guess I better get a little shameless self promotion in. Don’t forget to visit my other blog. There I have put a very special Fufu Funk Fix, and restored all the old links. Head on over and take a chance… let me know what you think.

Also, don’t forget to check out The Hook And Sling!

Have a good week, have fun(k), and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

1. This is the alternate mix, which I consider to be the beginning of the trip…

2. Listen to the guitar breakdown very carefully…

3. This is the official mix… did you all pass? I hope you’ll want more.

5 thoughts on “Happy Fall (including Head Food)…

  1. Vincent!
    Long time no chat…I’ve been sinking back in to Blog phase myself and hope to revive Shindiggit over the next couple of week.
    Like you I’ve been up to the gills in things that keep me away and now seems to be the time to get back to where we once belonged…(to borrow a lyric)
    Glad to see you’re still with it. I’ll stop in more often!

    Jason X

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