…and now, these messages

Hello, kiddies.

Please indulge me for a few paragraphs or so, because I want to send out a few shouts, praises and plugs. I can assure you, if you read this far, then you will want to continue on and pick up on the following links. I managed to forge a few more alliances, catch up with a few friends and discover some really exciting new spots while in the midst of procrastinating. Therefore, it is my duty as a card carrying member of this ever increasing universe to share what I learned with you.

Before I go another further, I’m pleased to announce that 4BB Weekly has begun another contest… 4BB-DAMN_Remix

That’s right kiddies, the 4BB remix competition 2009 is under way! If you’re a beat junkie, and have the moxie to get your skills heard on a fairly large scale, then head on over and get the full skinny. While there, be sure to pick up the exclusive Headstone EP, graciously provided by our good friends Damn!Pope Records and Universal Music.  Big thanks to all the sponsors, and importantly, thanks to the fearless leader for bringing it all together. Nothin’ but love!

Now for the plugs…

First, let’s travel to Scotland, home of the mighty Starla Records, and also home to a new dwelling called The North East Beast. It seems as though this spot just appeared out of nowhere one day (well at least to me), but I am thrilled that I found this place. There are lots of great 45’s from the funkiest to the freakiest, served up by the host, Joe Whimster. Diggers the world over will agree that this cat has some exquisite taste, and in some cases, good luck. I am more thrilled to say that Joe has graciously agreed to “come on in my kitchen” real soon and bless us with a helping of 45 rpm goodness. There’s more to come on that note later, but I must forge ahead…

Next up is a fantastic spot to check out oodles of Garage 45’s. Dan’s Garage of Obscure Sixties Gems contains hours upon hours of curios. I must tell you, this man has lots of boxes, and his benevolence is beyond compare. He just blessed us with a fresh crop over the weekend, so please, don’t sleep…

Into The Ether (3)Last night, I was digging this amazing gem of a mix. There’s four more just like it right here at Peter Beaver’s Revolution in the Headphones. I urge you not to sleep on this one either, kids.

Next, a big shoutout to Sir Psych, and an even bigger thanks for creating the incredible Sir Psych Presents. Remember, “Psychedelic Shack, that’s where it’s at”…

Let’s see, ah yes… a special public thank you to the fine folks at Phrock Blog for “helping a brother out”…

The Soul Garage… fantastic! When times are hard (and believe me, around here they really are), it’s nice to find a little comfort in nodding the head to some silly-rare 45 rpm heat. Thank you so much, gents.

Back to jolly ol’ England, where my good friend Mr. Double Down continues to celebrate The Hook And Sling’s second anniversary with even more special guest mixes from my hero, and a white hot offering of funk from Russia’s Anatoly Ice! This is the kind of stuff that ol’ Palin SHOULD be looking across the water for (I ain’t even going to go into politics here, except to say congratulations to President Obama for winning the Nobel peace Prize)… FUNKIFY YOUR LIFE!!!

My God, there’s so many more… thank you all for helping to make the world a better place. We are well on our way.

I hope that this will tide you over until I can get my shit together. Yes, how many times am I going to say that??? Real life will one day stop kicking me in the ass but until then, all I can do is forge ahead. Thank you for your time, and don’t forget to visit and support all those wonderful sites, ‘k? Another term starts today, but the efforts to make time for all my endeavours are ongoing, so I hope to bring you something new and completely different in the not too distant future. Have fun(k), and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

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