Those were the days (including Misspent Childhood)

Hello, kiddies.
As I remain under the grip of severe procrastination, I eventually spent the three weeks of respite not doing much of anything. I had a bit of a mishap during a dig for some more of my dusty 8ties records the other day which further put a kink in my plan (can you say “Murphy’s Law” boys and girls???). I sat and watched four shelves full of vinyl alomst come crashing to the ground. Luckily, I was there to prevent certain catastrophe. If I wanted to dig through stacks now, I wouldn’t know where to begin anyway. At least I was able to whip together something nice. You’re welcome to take a chance…

This is something that may or may not happen only once here in the kitchen. It’s been a while, but I will quickly bring you up to speed… when we last left off, I was a tween-ager, I had discovered the fine art crate digging, and had gotten punished by my mom for a pretty serious act. In any event, my soul records were taken away from me, leaving me forced to get my music fix from television, usually in the form of American Bandstand or of course, Soul Train. Then, a miracle happened. It was on the 1st August 1981… everybody remembers by now, I’m sure. Well, I remember when MTV was doing test airings a few days before the rocket launched for the first time. I can remember being discouraged by the lack of Soul videos, but I was equally astonished to discover what I considered to be the alternative… New Wave. This is just a small sample of a few of my all time favourite hits and misses, cherished memories and sad regrets of that period in time known as the 8ties. If you were a fan of this stuff at all back in the day, then chances are you have most of these joints somewhere deep in your crates. Enjoy or not, here are more visions of my misspent childhood.


01 I Could Be Happy-Altered Images
02 Theme For Great Cities-Simple Minds
03 Love Is A Stranger-Eurythmics
04 Our Lips Are Sealed-Fun Boy Three
05 Instinction-Spandau Ballet
06 Change-Tears For Fears
07 Late Bar-Duran Duran
08 (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction-Devo
09 Life Begins At The Hop-XTC
10 Do You Wanna Hold Me-Bow Wow Wow
11 The Army Now-Art Of Noise
12 Military Rap-Deborah Harry
13 The Metro-Berlin
14 Halfway Through The Week-Martha & The Muffins
15 Mental Hopscotch-Missing Persons
16 Get Up And Go-The Go Gos
17 Town Called Malice-The Jam
18 What Difference Does It Make-The Smiths
19 Black And White (Dekadance Mix)-INXS
20 Lucky Number-Lene Lovich
21 Just Got Lucky-JoBoxers
22 Guilty (Long Version)-Classix Nouveaux

Please download and enjoy Dateline Part Four, 97 MB.

If you really like this one, then head over to Fufu Stew Too for a bonus mix.

Please read on to the next post, as I have some exciting news to lay on your ears My esteemed colleague Lafayette turned me on to a Damn! fine band from his neck of the woods. If you like the Neo-Funk sound, then Damn! you’ve gotta head over to Four Brothers Beats! You won’t be disappointed…

See ya on the next entry 🙂

One thought on “Those were the days (including Misspent Childhood)

  1. The Jam, The Smiths *and* XTC in one place. I can’t think of three better examples of the songwriting craft from that period (with the possible exception of The Clash and Joy Division). Thank you so much for reminding me of this.

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