To have and have not part three (including a new Funk Fix)…

I screwed up the order in which all these posts were supposed to read… There are three new ones to see so please read on.

Hello, kiddies.

The respite quickly came to a close because I did not get anything done. The respite quickly came to a close because most of it was spent at work, to earn money that I’ll never see. The respite quickly came to a close… and now I am back to the ol’ grind of burying my nose in books.

In spite of my procrastination, I did get to do some type of sorting out the pantry if you want to call it that. With botanical refreshment at my beckoned call, I sampled a variety of things that have been on ice for months, or just recently picked up at the farmers’ market. When I sat down to feast, Needless to say, my head was nodding throughout. I believe that an enjoyable experience such as this should be served up and dished out for your aural consumption. Thank you to everyone who helped to fuel this experience, through your various means and methods. I will only take the credit for the order in which I present these amazing tidbits to you, and for the feeling I received from it. Without further ado, the time has come for a little bit of Smokin’ and Compin’. Light up!


01 Now is the Time-Darrow Fletcher
02 Get-to Funk-Duralcha
03 Solid Funk-Sugarman Three
04 Soul Strokes-Sidney Pinchback
05 Love In Them There Hills-The Vibrations
06 Clockwise Revolution-Sunrise Movement
07 Closed Mind- Different Bags
08 The Push And Pull- Sons Of Slum
09 Music Man Pt. 2-Pleasure Web
10 Tuane-Hammer
11 Flim Flam (Instrumental)-Lee Fields
12 Jam For Jack-Maxayn
13 Gimme Shelter-Maxayn
14 Valdez In The Country-The Soulful Strings
15 Acid-Ray Barretto
16 Chilli Fried-Deep Street Soul
17 Cheeba Cheeba-The Mighty Tomcats
18 J.R-New World
19 Moonshine Heather Takin’ Care Of Business-Parliament
20 Big Black Funky Slave-Eddie Simpson
21 Chitlin’ Strut-Backyard Heavies
22 The Whole Thang-Big Barney
23 Compin’ & Smokin’-Calypso King and The Soul Investigators

Please download and enjoy Smokin’ and Compin’, 92 MB.

I dug out enough to make more, so If you’re game keep reading. Until the next time we meet, have fun(k), and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

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5 thoughts on “To have and have not part three (including a new Funk Fix)…

  1. Thanks Vincent, this looks awesome! I love The Whole Thing, funky and hilarious. And Sidney Pinchback! That’s actually the instrumental of the Syl Johnson track “Different Strokes” on Twinight right? Very happy that the Fufu Stew is back!


  2. Hi Vincent,

    The ‘Smokin’ & Compin’ Funk Fix is FREAKIN’ FANTASTIC!! This is one of the best (if not the best, honestly) funk mixes I’ve ever heard. I’m in awe. I only knew 1 song previously- just ONE!! Thank you so much for all your hard work & sharing it with everyone. I’ll be listening to this for a long time to come.


    PS: The segues are flawless- I’m really jealous.

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