Here’s your Damn! update (and other news)…

Hello, kiddies…

For those of you keeping score, the 4BB/Damn! remix contest is in full effect. We received over 20 quality entries from some Damn! fine remixers which are up and available to stream over at 4BB Weekly. I’m keeping my vote a secret for now, but you can certainly drop by, check ’em out and cast a vote for your favourite 🙂


Big thanks once again to Pope Records/Universal Music, Music Super Circus, and of course, to Damn! for allowing us the privilege to bring this contest to the masses. These cats deserve to be heard, in fact, you can now pick up their latest offering. “Let’s Zoom In” at the mighty Dusty Groove America! In addition, the exclusive Headstone EP is still available too… grab yours before it’s too late 🙂

In other news, I am feverishly working on several things right now whilst still trying to maintain a perfect average this term… Look for at least three new joints to drop here real soon, including a new one from my friend Tony C, and a tribute to my esteemed colleague and hero, none other that the mighty Larry Grogan who as most of you should know by now recently celebrated FIVE YEARS of consistent blogging perfection! A true feat indeed, which only a few can say they’ve reached. Big congratulations to you, keep up the tremendous work!

Oh yeah, I also bought some more new 45’s… 😀

Until the next time we meet, have fun(k), and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

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