Moving day (including Fufu Funk Fix No. 10)…

Hello, kiddies.

I know y’all didn’t miss me… 😛 Just kidding. I’ve been away far too long.

I hope that 2010 has gotten off to a good start for all of you. I wish I could say the same for myself, but I remain optimistic… I don’t have a choice.

What about that snowstorm the other day… and that is only the half. As I type this, we’re getting blanketed again with another potential two feet. This is definite record breaking stuff. Not since 1883 has Baltimore seen snow like this. Lots of digging, but certainly not the kind I like. At least there’s plenty of other rations available, so I can rest easy and put up a much needed post. I ain’t even gonna lie, I haven’t seen the inside of a mom and pop shop in ages. No need to explain why. In the interim, I can say that this post is being brought to you from the comfort of my easy chair… literally! The missus shocked me for xmas with one of those little nifty netbooks. As luck would have it, the poor thing has more wires hanging out of it, and I’ve gotten awful lazy.

With all that said, here is the tenth funk fix. It just worked out that way.

01 In The Summertime (because I am fiending)-The Peddlers
02 Got To Do It Right (because I just have to)-Mike James Kirkland
03 Deal With It (ditto)-Jimmy Lane & The Incredibles
04 Get Out Of My Life, Woman-Grasella Oliphant
05 Just Plain Funk (self explanatory)-James Polk
06 Droppin’ (instrumental)-Funkshone
07 Ruthie’s Theme (for JB, a co worker)-Dickie Goodman
08 Tiki Tofu-Calypso King & The Soul Investigators
09 It’s Down To It-The Ice Man’s Band
10 Broasted Or Fried-King Hector & The Soul Dynamites
11 Hippy Skippy Moon Strut-The Mighty Show Stoppers
12 Can Mind-James Brown Featuring The Grodeck Whipperjenny
13 Season Of The Witch-Lou Rawls
14 Mama Get Yourself Together-Baby Huey
15 Black Belt Jones-Dennis Coffey
16 Slow Motion-Afrique
17 Down Home Girl-The Coasters
18 Give Me Mercy (from all this snow)-Ruff Francis
19 Soul Food (aka Black Jack)-Frankie Seay
20 Waiting For The Juice-The Unstoppable S. Robinson & His Marvelaires
21 Mighty Mighty-Jesse Anderson
22 Funky So And So Pt. 2-Sugarman Three

Please download and enjoy Fufu Funk Fix No. 10, 96 MB.

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and now for the closing commentary.

I purposely let the third anniversary of this insignificant little corner of the blogisphere slip by, mostly because of a lack of time, but also as a result of those dreaded real life issues which drain my motivation. I had to come to the realisation that after a somewhat successful run, I finally got the nerve to pack up and relocate to a new home. It’s been a long time coming to say the least, but I have broken ground on the all new Fufu Stew in an attempt to make the place look much neater. The next time we meet, which I hope will be soon, I will cut the ribbon and be open for business. If you want a sneak peek, go to and have a look round. The process is going well; I’ve got a little extra time on my hands, y’know? Now if this is your first time here, then please take advantage while you can for it may not be here long, and I can’t guarantee that all the old posts will make the trek from here to the new spot. I’ll leave everything intact for as long as I can though.

Back to shoveling snow… and another round of midterms. Until the next time we meet (and I hope it’s soon), have fun(k) and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

7 thoughts on “Moving day (including Fufu Funk Fix No. 10)…

  1. Hey Vincent,

    Thanks for this. Just looking at some of the artist’s names is enough to make you want to dance!

    There is absolutely no snow, or ever likely to be where I am…in Bangkok, Thailand.

    I hope that the weather gets kinder for you, and everyone else too. Spring will be here soon…

  2. Thanks Vince,

    And thanks for putting together another great mix.

    As always a top notch selection!

    Thanks for taking all our snow for us this winter. It’s mightily neighbourly of you.


    Guelph, Ontario, Canada

  3. Hurrah!!! Welcome back Chef.The heat you’ve served up here must surely melt some of that snow.
    Hope all is well,
    P.S New email address.

  4. I can’t wait to dig in and listen! Thanks for sharing all of your hard work collecting and ripping these gems. Peace & Blessings

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