Flyers WIN (including The Easy Chair Sessions)!!!

As of this moment, the Flyers are going to the Stanley Cup Finals!!! After almost getting shut out in the semifinals, it has been a pretty intense few weeks. Leslie is a die-hard fan, and I am one by default… as you may have guessed, I am firmly planted in my easy chair once again watching the Broad Street Bullies do it to the Canadiens (apologies go out to my friends who may be from Montreal)…

As I await my new processor to arrive in the mail (I kinda destroyed my other one), I am sadly forced to relinquish both of my desktops for a while… but it’s okay because at least I can still get it done from the easy chair– at least half done anyway.

Here’s another batch of 45’s to celebrate the big victory… almost all instrumentals this time.

01 Rockin’ In The Same Old Boat-E.J.’s LTD (Back Beat)
02 Funky Jive-Soul Crusaders Orchestra (More Soul)
03 Slip The Drummer One-Lunar Funk (Bell)
04 Hunk Of Funk-Brother Jack McDuff (Blue Note)
05 Bo Did It-The Hidden Cost (Marmaduke)
06 Tails Out-Willie Mitchell (Hi)
07 The Champ-The Mohawks (Cotillion)
08 12345678-Kool And The Gang (De-Lite)
09 Lowdown Popcorn-James Brown (King)
10 Booty Butt-Ray Charles Orchestra (Tangerine)
11 Filet De Soul-The Flaming Ember (Hot Wax)
12 The Worm-Jimmy McGriff (Solid State)
13 Hung Up-The Martinis (Bar)
14 King Of The Horse-The Delights Orchestra (Atco)
15 O Wow-Panic Buttons (Gamble)
16 Latin Strut-Joe Bataan (Mericana)
17 Cubano Chant-El Chicano (Kapp)
18 Memphis At Sunrise-The Bar Kays (Volt)
19 Memory Band-Rotary Connection (Cadet Concept)
20 Drums A Go Go-THe Hollywood Persuaders (Original Sound)
21 Ain’t No Justice-Shorty Long (Soul)
22 Hot Pants Road-The JB’s (People)
23 Amen Brother-The Winstons (Metromedia)
24 Jamo’s Soul-Jamo Thomas (Thomas)
25-Soul Kiss Pt. 2-Dizzy Gillespie (Perception)

Please download and enjoy The Easy Chair Sessions, 116 MB, with lotsa label scans included… or listen to the stream on-demand here.

Well, it’s off to Chicago for at least seven games against an apparently good team. GO FLYERS!

I assure you this week will be nothing short of fast paced for me. The pace will be well worth it though, as I am all set to enjoy four days off this weekend. Food, 45’s and plenty of botanical refreshment. Yeah, it’s well deserved.

I’ll be back in about three weeks, hopefully with some more new scores. For those doing the memorial day thing, just be sure to do it good. Me personally, I’m going to get away. I cannot wait to get back to the shore. Until the next time, have fun(k), and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

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