Hero Worship…

Hello, kiddies.

I know, I know… it’s been too long once again, but as always, I have been struggling with the usual issues. Finally there is a break in the action (although it’s quite short), so I will get to work on another funk-filled dish of vinyl goodness which should be ready for your consumption in a few days…

Can’t wait that long? well never fear! To say the very least, I am privileged to say that I’ve been allowed to have some of my work housed in the world’s greatest online soul museum that all of you have come to know and love for the past five years… yep, that’s right, Funky 16 Corners!!! There’s no need for me to extol the virtues of this wonderful place; its reputation speaks volumes without me gushing on and on about it. Of all the guest posts I’ve done over the years, this one is by far the most special. Joining the ranks of the Funky 16 Corners Soul Club is my greatest achievement thus far. After all, I’ve said time and again that when it comes to cratediggers, Larry is without a doubt my hero. I’ve learned an awful lot about the art of cratedigging from walking those hallowed halls, so it only makes sense to name this all 45 rpm exercise

Intro-Partnership for a drug-free America PSA circa 1987
01 Stanga-Little Sister (Stone Flower)
02 Disco Kid-Funkhouse Express (Disko)
03 Get Down-Kay Gees (Gang)
04 Supersound-Jimmy Castor Bunch (Atlantic)
05 Funky Granny-Kool & The Gang (De-Lite)
06 Funk To The Folks-Creative Source (Sussex)
07 Everybody Needs Somebody-King Floyd (Chimneyville)
08 The Funky Robot Pt. 1-Dave Cortez (All Platinum)
09 Take Me Back-Syl Johnson (Twinight)
10 Tell Me What You Want-Jimmy Ruffin (Chess)
11 Right On Right On Right On-Milt Grayson (Peak)

12 30 60 90-Willie Mitchell (Hi)
13 Whatever Happened To Superman-Captain Freak & The Lunacycle Band (Phil LA Of Soul)
14 Lily-Manu Dibango (Atlantic)
15 The Girl From Kenya-Fabulous Counts (Moira)
16 Everybody Wants To Be Free-Amnesty (Lamp/Now-Again)
17 I Got So Much Trouble On My Mind Pt. 2-Joe Quarterman (GSF)
18 Wind Your Clock-Naomi Davis (Daptone)
19 I’m The Man-Chris Jones (Goodie Train)
20 Sophisticated Sissy-Rufus Thomas (Stax)
21 The Chop-Privates Hammond Orchestra (starla)
22 The Funky Judge (Instrumental)-Bull & The Matadors (Toddlin’ Town)
Endtro-Partnership for a drug-free America PSA circa 1987

Please head on over to Funky 16 Corners and check out I Learned It By Watching You. Many, many thanks to the curator for letting me be a member of the club.

Before my free time comes to an end, I will get back to work on the next joint. If all goes well, I’ll see you all real soon. Until then, have fun(k), and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

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