Happy Fall (including a 10-10-10 triple threat introduction)!

Hello, kiddies.

I haven’t done a rant and rave post in quite some time, so I guess I should say just a few things. the last eight weeks has been a little rough. I do have a clean bill of health, courtesy of some fine doctors who I paid a visit not too long ago, and my records. I wish I could say the same for my poor truck; I’ve been forced to walk and catch buses to get back and forth. It’s good for maintaining my good health, sure, and it has given me a golden opportunity to use my iPod extensively, but I now understand the importance and value of having a working vehicle. So since I had not too much else to think about, I started to play a lot of stuff which somehow miraculously turned into the triple threat that I will present to you shortly.

Before I begin this triple threat, I wanted to first of all inform you that I am still making a few necessary changes. I continue to procrastinate and make slow progress, if none at all, but I have a means with which to practise my html skills (the third year of college started Monday). Maybe I’ll get that fire lit under my ass and get it done once and for all. I’ll see how well that shakes out, but for now, it’s business as usual. I also want to let you know that I have been experiencing some issues with MediaFire that, if not for the mighty Norton Internet Security program, would have totally put me out of business. I hope to have those issues resolved soon as well. Anyway, without further ado, let’s get this show on the road, why don’t we…

One thought on “Happy Fall (including a 10-10-10 triple threat introduction)!

  1. Hi Vincent, I hope you’re as well as you say. Much appreciation for the fine work you put into the research of the artists and music you post here. It makes for a fuller experience as a listener, I especially enjoy the twists and turns from the ‘well worn path’. Cheers from the Land of Oz

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