Smokin’ and Compin’ again…

Hello again, kiddies.

Although it’s been a miserable eight weeks away, I was so glad to finally get back into the little room (ahhhh-choo!). God is it dusty in here… and with thousands of records in a disarray, it’s easy to lose motivation. I persevered though, and after a week, I was able to get all the 33’s organised. And since they were all in alphabetical order, it was real easy to dig up this little playlist. I sprinkeld a few 45’s in among the 33’s to create yet another mammoth mix, once again inspired by my pal HeavySoulBrutha, and my hero in the way of the intense Hammond B3 workouts that you’ll soon hear. Some people say they like funk in their jazz, then again some say they like jazz in their funk. Well, I am here to put that debate to rest. No stone left unturned here, I don’t think. Enjoy.

Listen on demand here

01 Countdown-Dave “Baby” Cortez (Roulette)

02 Do What You Like-James Brown (Smash)

03 Sweet Lover-Lou Rawls & Les McCann Ltd. (Capitol)

04 Butter For Yo Popcorn-Brother Jack McDuff (Blue Note)

05 Cold Duck Time (45 rpm mix)-Les McCann & Eddie Harris (Atlantic)

06 Blues In F-Spencer Davis Group (United Artists)

07 Soul Man-Herbie Mann (Embryo)

08 Cafe Regios-Isaac Hayes (Enterprise)

09 Q-Brothers Johnson (A&M)

10 Oblighetto (45 rpm mix)-Brother Jack McDuff (Blue Note)

11 Cheeba-Lyman Woodward Organisation (Wax Poetics reissue)

12 Listen Here-Soulful Strings (Cadet)

13 Sucker-The JB’s (People)

14 Cat In A Tree Pt. 1-Jimmy Smith (Verve)

15 Knucklehead-Grover Washington (Kudu)

16 Spaced Out-Blackbyrds (Fantasy)

17 Baby I Love You-Reuben Wilson (Blue Note)

18 Patty Cake (or Valdez In The Country)-King Curtis & The Kingpins (Atco)

19 Walking In Space-Quincy Jones (A&M)

20 Cebu-Commodores (Motown)

21 Spinning Wheel Pt. 1-James Brown (King)

22 The Healing Song-Hugh Masakela (UNI)

23 Dimension 5ive-Fifth Dimension (Bell)

24 Cry Baby Cry-Ramsey Lewis (Cadet)

25 Good Night-Ramsey Lewis (Cadet)

Hopefully this will keep you all well fed for a while. I’m going to try and get back in here real soon as I have something really heavy to lay on you. Until the next time, have fun(k) and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blesings.

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