Thee Bucket List… another Fufu Funk Fix

Hello, kiddies.

I was supposed to enjoy three weeks of respite from another term, but other things commanded my attention, so much so that I didn’t even get to play serious records… in my mind, that is an absolute travesty. I did however make huge progress in organising the hundreds of LP’s that currently live on my bedroom floor; now I just need to get them filed away… good luck with that endeavour, especially since the next term has already begun. Since I didn’t get to post during my respite, I am just going to share what I’ve been grooving to on my iPod. Since my truck is a little ill right now, I’ve been loading many different things. It makes walking and catching the bus just a little easier to bear, y’know?

Let’s talk about bucket lists for a second. Why? well, although I am healthy as a horse, I did have a small dizzy spell about five weeks ago whilst in the kitchen making dinner. It turned out to be kinda scary, but after all the hoopla, I am fine. I went through a battery of tests and such over the past two weeks which prove that fact beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Anywho, this mix contains just a few tunes that I wish I had in my crates on 45… for now they remain on a bucket list which I hope to check off before I depart this life. Seeing as though I am economically challenged, otherwise known as more broke than the ten commandments, that is going to be a bit difficult. I can only hope to find them in the field someday at a reasonable price, but in the meantime, I’m gonna have to settle for them in this format. I gotta give thanks to those who were gracious enough to share them with me (and the world for that matter) so that I could put this mix together. The list is too long to mention here, so I should just direct you to the blogroll. I swear I’ll update it soon.

Listen on demand here

01 Shelley’s Rubber Band-Curley Moore & The Kool Ones (House Of The Fox)

02 New New Type Thing Pt. 1-Osaka Monourail (RD)

03 Do Your Stuff-Count Sidney & His Jukes (Goldband)

04 Sleep Walk Pt. 1-Joe And Everyday People (Brooks)

05 Can I Feel It-Al Trahan (Spindletop)

06 Super Party Pts. 1&2-Soul Hustlers (Linco)

07 Stanky (Get Funky)-Billy Davis (Cobblestone)

08 Soul Know How To Make Music-Freddie Terrell (Shout)

09 Ooh Ooh The Dragon-Marvin Homes & The Uptights (UNI)

10 In Born Soul-Freddie Wilson (BGP reissue)

11 Done Got Good To Me Pt. 1-Bobby Rush (Sedgerick)

12 Who Got The Number-Pigmeat Markham (Chess)

13 Funk I Tus-Warm Excursion (USA)

14 Creative Musicians-The Lyman Woodward Organisation (Wax Poetics reissue)

15 Ashley’s Roachclip-The Soul Searchers (Sussex)

16 Tanga Boo Gonk-The Nite-Liters (RCA)

17 Soul Traveling-Gary Byrd (RCA)

18 Soul City-Jazzie Cazzie & The Eight Souls (Knap Town)

19 Funky Black Man-Earnest Jackson (Stone)

19 Hippy Skippy Moon Strut-The Moon People (Roulette)

20 Sunshine Of Your Love-Spanky Wilson (Mother’s)

21 The Hen Pt. 2-Louis Chachere (Paula)

22 Downtown Soulville-Chuck Edwards (Punch)

23 Horse With a Freeze Pt. 2 Roy Ward (Seven B)

24 Half-Way Loving-Buddy Conner (Early Bird)

25 Silly Savage The Golden Toadstools (Minaret)

26 Just a Groove In G-Wilbur Bascomb And The Zodiact (Carnival)

There are two more entries immediately following this last little comment: I want to thank all of the fine folks that follow my exploits over at Mixcloud. DJ Bluewater just hopped on board recently, so cool! Please check out the list here, and visit their respective sites. Some fine, fine work going on. Having been a part of the Mixcloud fam for a few months now, I have to say they helped me to raise my game as best as I can. I no longer limit myself to the blue plate specials of old. Now I can almost fulfill my life-long dream of hosting a “radio” show. It may not be the caliber of a good listener-supported FM station, but I really do appreciate the support of all of you who listen to what I’ve been putting out there. With that said, please read on to the next entry. See you there.

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