Stand Up! (including another soapbox moment)


The views expressed in this post do not represent those of anyone but me. I am safe in the knowledge that most of you will probably agree with what I have to say to varying degrees, so I am not particularly worried. However, I must make sure that everyone knows that I am speaking on my own behalf… and my wife too. She shares the same sentiment and was instrumental in raising my awareness level of the fact that America has not been altogether right since its inception, I mean invasion.

Hello, kiddies.

This post is a direct result of the events that have been taking place during the knock-down drag-out fight known as the midterm elections. There’s also a bit of irony that another round of midterm exams. Here in the states, we have been bombarded with an excessive amount of attack ads from both sides of the political fence. If you have been following the news lately, you are probably well aware of the ridiculous commentary provided by the new axis of evil… y’all should know of who I speak. Let’s see. Delaware… Arizona… Nevada… New York… Alaska… Kentucky… Ohio… shall I go on? All I know is that the future of this country is in doubt. I believe that if the states that I mention see a worst case scenario, then we are in huge trouble. I don’t know about you, but I really don’t want to live in the current American climate, and I sure as hell won’t pledge allegiance to its ideology. Last time I checked, we as a people were endowed certain unalienable rights, and from what I can see, those rights are slowly being taken away from us.

Remember: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

pure and simple…

All we can do to make our voice heard is to vote. My wife and I have already done so, thanks to the early voting option. In Maryland there is a growing consensus that says early voting is the way to go, so I urge each and every one of you who feels as though their rights are in jeopardy to vote too. With only one week left before the midterm elections come to a close, it is absolutely vital that we all do our part. Of course, I offered a bit of motivation in the form of a full collection of soapbox moments taken from the usual resources. While some of the commentary contained within these tunes may seem dated, it certainly has enough relevance to today’s situation. The idea is to not let these evil people take a hold of our government so that we can restore the peaceful and serene atmosphere that was here when the original citizens of this place were here back in the day. Regardless of where you may live in the world, the sentiment should still speak volumes. The mighty Barack Obama proclaimed that it was time for a change, and I am in full agreement. And it has absolutely nothing to do with my party affiliation either, it’s just plain common sense. Now more than ever, that is the key. Failure is not an option. I am not going to say “yes we can”. I have to say YES WE MUST!

as always, you can listen on-demand at mixcloud.

01 Who’s Gonna Take The Weight Part 1-Kool & The Gang (De-Lite)
02 Underground-Curtis Mayfield (Curtom)
03 Who You Gonna Blame-Fontella Bass (Paula)
04 Time For A Change-The Eight Minutes (Jay Pee)
05 New Vibrations-Voices Of East Harlem (Just Sunshine)
06 What The World Needs Now Is Love-Vicky Anderson (King)
07 Love Attack-The Persuaders (Atco)
08 Freedom-Isley Brothers (T Neck)
09 Stoned Love-The Supremes (Motown)
10 We’re Rolling On Pt. 1-The Impressions (ABC)
11 World War Three-Barbara Mason (Buddah)
12 Stop The War Now-Edwin Starr (Gordy)
13 You Can Have Watergate, But Give Me Some Bucks And I’ll Be Straight-The JB’s (People)
14 It’s A Groovy World-The Unifics (Kapp)
15 Give A Damn Pt. 1-Benny Gordon (Estill)
16 The Seed-Rare Earth (Rare Earth)
17 Save The Country-Fifth Dimension (Bell)
18 Turn On Tune In Drop Out-The Brothers Three (T Neck)
19 People Are Changing-Timmy Thomas (Glades)
20 I Am Somebody Pt. 2-Johnnie Taylor (Stax)
21 Freedom Blues-Little Richard (Reprise)
22 We The People Pt. 1-Soul Searchers (Sussex)
23 Everybody Walking Together-Prophecy (All Platinum)
24 Pass It On Pts. 1&2-Pieces Of Peace (Twinight/Numero)
25 An Open Letter To The President-Roy C (Alaga)
26 Mighty Mighty Children Pt. 1-Baby Huey & The Babysitters (Curtom)
27 Our Future?-Black Ivory (Today)
28 We’ve Got To Make A Change-Mickey & The Soul Generation (Funk 45 reissue)
29 What If We All Stopped Paying Taxes-Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings (Daptone)
30 Give Me Liberty Or  Give Me Death-The Salem Travelers (Checker)
31 Vote-Madhouse (Today)
32 Right On Right On-E. Rodney Jones (Westbound)

A big round of thanks to Heavy Weight Crates and the fearless leader Lafayette…

To all of you, thanks for your time. Have fun(k), please be safe, and to all my American brothers and sisters, please go out and vote.

Peace and blessings.

6 thoughts on “Stand Up! (including another soapbox moment)

  1. Hey hey Vince – great point, well made. If more people had voted in the last UK elections we wouldn’t be saddled with the bunch of nitwits and ninnies we’ve got in now. It’s a hung parliment run by two leaders and something like having Bert and Ernie in charge of the country..

    Hope all’s well my funky friend

  2. I sure wish the majority of folks were on this page. Sadly there are not enough that are and not enough who give a damn. It’s too bad because we all are suffering and it will only get worse.
    Tks for these tunes with a message and keep the faith.

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