So long, Teena…

Hello, kiddies.

I have another batch of 45’s ready to go, but my wife just hit me with the news a few hours ago. I guess this means I will be foregoing the JB tribute, because It’s hard to believe that the world lost Lady T yesterday. Hers was a voice like no other, definitely worthy of all the accolades she has received since 1979. Please raise a glass, say a prayer, shed a tear, and hold onto the memories with this on-the-fly mix. Now it’s common knowledge that she was quite the funky chile and could play a pretty mean axe, but we all know that it was really about them pipes… damn, she could sing a mean ballad. Here are just a few of them that I cannot do without. We all know them and should have them close at hand.

You can listen to the on-demand stream at my Mixcloud page…

Rest in peace…

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