Looking out for number 1-1-11 (including Seven Inch Jones)…

Hello, kiddies.

Here it is, the first day of the new year… What an eventful year 2010 was, huh? Some really good events, and more bad ones than any of us should care to count, but all in all it was another year that fell by the wayside… but not without some significant changes. Just wait and see. In the meantime, how’s about some more 45’s.

I’m in the midst of finally trying to once again make sense of the clusterfudge of vinyl that has accumulated over the past several years. During the holiday respite, needless to say, I have been on a vinyl bender. As is usually the case, I sift through the piles, then I put some choons together in this way, but never get any closer to getting the disorganised piles in order, or start adding more substantial amounts of new scores to it at any rate. I’m so jonesing for some more 45’s… go figure, right? Oh well, at least the mix sounded good on my iPod this morning. I hope you think so too. Pure fun from start to finish. Enjoy.

as always, you can listen on-demand.

01 I Thank You-Sam And Dave (Stax)
02 Soul Dance Number Three-Wilson Pickett (Atlantic)
03 Stereo Freeze-The Stereos (Cadet)
04 Do Your Thing-The Delights Orchestra (Atco)
05 Cool Broadway-The Fantastic Johnny C (Phil LA Of Soul)
06 Ham Hocks Espanol-Jimmy Castor (Smash)
07 Bear Mash-Ramsey Lewis (Cadet)
08 I’ve Got Just The Thing-Lou Courtney (Riverside)
09 The Charge-Alvin Cash (Mar V Lus)
10 Chain Gang-Jackie Wilson & Count Basie (Brunswick)
11 I Like What You Give-Nolan Parker (Lizard)
12 Super Duper Love Pt. 1-Sugar Billy (Fast Track)
13 Money (That’s What I Want)-Don Covay (Mercury)
14 Funky Feet-Johnny Robinson (Epic)
15 Let Me Do My Thing-The People’s Choice (Phil LA Of Soul)
16 The Oogum Boogum Song-Freddie Robinson (World Pacific)
17 Here Comes The Meter Man-The Meters (Josie)
18 Heads Or Tails-Booker T & The MG’s (Stax)
19 Don’t Do That-The Bar Kays (Volt)
20 One For Bess-Gene Dozier & The Brotherhood (Minit)
21 Cool Jerk ’68-The Capitols (Karen)
22 Dig Yourself-Les Cooper (Everlast)
23 Stop Talking To Your Child (Mother In Law)-James Duncan (King)
24 Shakey Jakes-The Strange Bros. Show (Sire)
25 The Duck-Jackie Lee (Mirwood)
26 Spooky-The Fame Gang (Atlantic)
27 Abraham Martin and John-Smokey Robinson & The Miracles (Tamla)

Okay, here’s my New Year’s resolution… to make 2011 better than 2010… and yes, that means trying hard to find more records. I must. It will only serve to benefit us all. I want to also raise the bar a bit more around here in a number of different ways… I really enjoyed the time I’ve spent with the Mixcloud fam over the past few months, and have taken home some timely inspiration in the process. I definitely plan to incorporate that inspiration into future posts, and yes, I plan to bring back the freeform aesthetic as well. Just a few of the things to look out for as the fifth year of this little ol’ blog gets under way. I’ll have to see how that all shakes out too, hopefully in my favour. To everyone the world over, I send good new year vibes, and wishes for a 2011 that brings you peace, health, happiness and most of all, FUNK! Til the next time,

Peace and blessings.

One thought on “Looking out for number 1-1-11 (including Seven Inch Jones)…

  1. Happy New Year!!! 😀

    Thanks for all the great music you have shared over the years. I made some great discoveries just listening to your mixes. Keep up the good work in 2011! 🙂

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