Where it really all began…

For all the years I have been involved with making mixtapes for global consumption, I never ever forgot the one and only impetus that really got me started. Yeah, I say it was all those 45s I got as a kindergartener. I also say it was the years I spent opening up my best friend’s mind with the fabled Fufu Stew collection. The fact is that even with all that, there is still one thing that really set the wheels in motion. Here goes, as I put my heart on my sleeve yet again. 24 January 1983. I was given a tape from an old friend who I finally reconnected with after over 30 years. More on that later. The tape contained what may be considered to be standard 70s and 80’s pop for the most part, but it was something about the tape. It stuck with me. The songs were especially good, and they fit very well together. I played, and subsequently wore the original tape out, but after reconnecting with my friend a few months ago, I gave it a listen by re-recording the tape from start to finish, and adding a couple of extras to it that were very relevant to the time. Allow me the indulgence to share with you the primary reason this blog exists… whether or not I truly realised it until just now. This is a once in a lifetime glimpse into my teenage years which you can listen at your leisure with the skinny player thingie or here, or listen right now with the regular player thingie, unless you live in the States I guess…The artwork was clearly made on the fly, but this is the original tape order…

Side One:
01 The Seventh Stranger
02 Lonely In Your Nightmare
03 Thru These Walls
04 Don’t Let Him Steal Your Heart Away
05 Wuthering Heights
06 Landslide
Side Two:
07 The Carpet Crawlers
08 Taking It All Too Hard
09 I Hope I Never
10 Betty
11 True To Life
12 Avalon
13 India

Morgan, I want to publicly thank you for giving me that tape all those years ago. You’ll never realise just how much significance it has when it comes to my music choices. One look at my record collection, and you’ll see. Of course it will never mean the same as it did back in 1983, but just the same, it was another life changing moment. I am eternally grateful for that inspiration. I hope you all enjoyed that little trip back in time, but it’s time for the closing commentary… I’ve been wanting to share that snapshot with you for many years… now it’s all the more special that I have my friend back, albeit through the miracle of social media, but just the same, it’s great to see that she is doing well with a lovely family. I couldn’t be happier. Newness is coming down the pipe as I have revisited the Come On In My Kitchen series. I’ve already got two extra special guests lined up and looking to secure more in the coming weeks… some old friends and some real heavy hitters. Keep a good eye on this space. Until the next time, have fun(k) and as always, please be safe. Peace and blessings.

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