Hooray, back in business!!!

Hello, kiddies.
I am pleased to announce that bandwith will now pretty much be a non-issue. I just re-upped the supply yesterday. Here’s hoping that all you faithful customers will continue to choose Fufu Stew. Be sure to tell your friends and neighbours too, because this post here is going to be the one that raises the bar. Today, I will focus my attention on the legend that is Howard Tate. I just learned about him through eMusic and of course, Larry (Notice the Janis Joplin reference again). Well to make a long story even longer, I want to share this new mix with you. We’ve all heard it said once or twice in our lives that patience is a virtue. Well I want to thank you all for your patience as I continue to learn the ins and outs of this blogging game. I thought I was going to have to change servers there for a minute, but thankfully such is not the case. Anyway, enough of my rambling, I’m going to jump right on in and get started.

Here’s a batch of some of the new records that I picked up on Sunday. Once again the record show was a big success, and I am so glad because as it stands now, this is about the only place other than the Guru’s where I can actually buy 45s. Now that’s cretainly not saying a lot, but I digress. Every time I hear these records I am reminded of Chris Tucker’s famous catch phrase from “Friday”… Kids, get ready to get

Knock’d Da Fukkout…

01 Night Owl-Howard Tate (Verve). Bless you, Howard…
02 The Game Of Love-Ike & Tina Turner (Liberty)
03 Aw Shucks-Willie Mitchell (Hi)
04 Everybody Needs Somebody To Love-King Floyd (Chimneyville)
05 Now That You Got It-Millie Jackson (Spring).
This is from my mother’s old stash. KRS One likes it too. Buy a copy. You’ll thank yourself for it…
06 Broken Hearted Fool- Inez & Charlie Foxx (Symbol)
07 Half A Man-Howard Tate (Verve).
This song is what prompted the mix in the first place. I can’t wait to find a better copy. More on that later.
08 Needle In A Haystack-The Whispers (Soul Clock)
09 Double O Soul Part 2-The “Double O Soul” of Sonny Stitt (Wingate)

10 Pata Pata-Senor Soul (Double Shot)
11 Close Your Mouth Pts. 1&2-Rudy Robinson & The Hungry Five (Lau-Reen)

12 Let My People Go-Brother Jack McDuff (Cadet). This is the baddest piece of Hammond soul jazz I have EVER heard. Thank you Mr. Fine Wine. I donated to get your Motown mix. God bless WFMU…
13 Green Power-Little Richard (Reprise)

14 Scramble-Billy Stewart (Chess)
15 Hey Gyp-Soul Survivors (Crimson)

16 Hung Over-The Martinis (Bar)
17 How Blue Can You Get-Howard Tate (Verve)

18 Crazy Legs-Donald Austin (Eastbound)
19 Hot Wire-Al Green (Bell)
20 Soul March-Fatback Band (Perception)
21 Born Funky-Dave “Baby” Cortez-(All Platinum)
22 Them Changes Pt. 2-King Curtis & The Kingpins (Atco)
23 I Can’t Dance To That Music You’re Playing-Martha And The Vandellas (Gordy)
24 Heavy Hips-The Flamingos (Ronze).
Thanks to Rob for this really funky side of doo wop.
25 Got To Have Your Loving-King Floyd (Chimneyville)
26 Magic Mountain-Eric Burdon And War (MGM)
27 Late Late Party-The Martinis (Bar)

Now as you may have noticed, I added the March singles in there in case you missed ’em. You may also notice the huge amount of B sides and funky ass Hammond riffs. Rest assured, I am in no way trying to steal your thunder. I am just once again glad you both exist to share some of your favourites. I in turn wanted to share some of mine. Remember, I learned it watching you!
I am in anticipation of the new and exciting things I have in store for this spring. The yard sales, the barbecues (I am an intermediate grillmaster. With two baby weber kettles I can really knock out some yellowfin tuna and make it taste just like a good steak)… and hopefully a few trips to Rehobeth Beach this summer. Enjoy the jams, kids. And speaking of jams, please check out and support Counterclock if you are in the mood for a Jam Band or two. The Mule haven’t been around in a while. I’ll have to tag along with Mike for his next road trip. And if I’m not mistaken, the renowned Beacon Run for the Brothers is in full swing too… I’m sure you New Yorkers are having a blast. Wish I could be there with you.
I’d also be remiss if I didn’t give a shoutout to the fine couple who I was able to converse with while sifting through the bean piles for those last minute flakes of gold. How glad I am that I rediscovered the sheer power of a good soul record.
Thanks for sticking it out with me. I was literally going berzerk waiting for that bandwith to refresh.There shouldn’t be anymore problems from here on out so it’s time to get back to work… I have alot of things I’d like to share. It’s only right that I do so. I just wish I had started sooner. Oh well, woulda coulda shoulda… Live for today becuse as I once read on the grafitti filled walls of that old liquor store:
“Life is a road to death, so live it up.” – Unknown

Until next time,
Peace and blessings.

Come and get it… Fufu Stew No. 3: The Gourmet Menu

Hello, kiddies.
Boy, it sure smells good in here. Guess that means another batch of “Fufu Stew” is hot and fresh out of the oven. This particular recipe was first unleashed on an unsuspecting insert name liquor store whose name deserves no mention these days. However, I cracked open a bottle of Wolf Blass Yellow Label 2004 Shiraz from South Australia, that was lovingly recommended by the fine folks at College Square. I wish they did online ordering so that all of you could enjoy this nifty little red. Hopefully you can find it at your local wine dispensary, spirit shop, liquor store, etc.
The playing order is untouched from the original minidisc. 100% vinyl. That’s the gourmet aspect. Kind of like a fine bottle of wine, or cheese that has been well aged. You get the picture.

01 Long Distance Call-Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley & Little Walter. Once again, Phil Chess summons his heaviest hitters for another all star session of old Chess standards. This time Little Walter is Howlin’ Wolf’s replacement, but the results are the same. A fantastic piece of history.
02 Tell The Truth-Otis Redding. Another funky treatment of another Ray Charles standard with all the usual Stax suspects.
03 Lowdown-Chicago Transit Authority. Another ingredient from the Chicago III recipe book. This one is funkier than the first. One can pick up subtle notes of Madhouse on the nose and finish. Could it be that Madhouse was inspired by these guys… or vice-versa.
04 Bluesbuster-Pacific Gas & Electric. Notice the secret agent movie type sound that makes the lead track from PG&E’s self titled sophomore release such a delight. The guitar chops are really chewy and pungent, and the horn charts are sharp and effervescent
05 Hocus Pocus-Focus. Everybody knows this Prog classic. Eclectic like a wheel of brie… but heavy enough to eat with your fingers so the grease drips down your chin.
06 Hit It And Quit It-Funkadelic. Mike really liked the 1971 vintage Funkadelic, so I gave him another glass. The Purple Wu Bernie Worrell is really on his game with the organ chops, who incidentally played on several dates with the Gov’t Mule.
07 Loose Booty-Funkadelic. It was time he tried the 1972 vintage this time around, once again with The Purple Wu at the forefront of this classic from “America Eats Its Young”
08 Blues, Pt. 2-Blood Sweat & Tears. This one should be quite familiar to fans of the Ebony Rhythm BandJames William Guercio was such a genius; light years ahead of his time. It would be pretty amazing to see what would have transpired had Guercio and the ERB had joined forces… Oh, the possibilities.
09 Chameleon-Herbie Hancock. This track needs no introduction, but the backup band deserves a bit of extra props. Check out East Bay Rhythm on 7 Bridges records.
10 Soul Finger-Dexys Midnight Runners. This track came a surprise to me. Of course everybody wishes they could forget “Come On Eileen”, but you should really take a look at their reading this Stax standard.
11 Hum Along And Dance / Take A Stroll Thru Your Mind-Temptations. This was Mike’s first introduction to Norman Whitfield’s patented “Psychedelic Soul” recipe. From the landmark album “Psychedelic Shack”. The chops, although not credited on the original album are being served by Dennis Coffey and Joe Messina, cooked to perfection as always.
12 The Horse (Bonus Track)-Dexys Midnight Runners. This bonus ingredient is taken from the 1983 “Geno” Compilation, as well as the previous. Apparently, copies of the original single go for hefty sums on the internet. In all actuality, this should have been part of the original playing order, but I was really going out on a limb as it was to try to get Mike to accept anything labelled as “New Wave”. I prefer this one personally as it takes the old Cliff Nobles classic and really pushes it hard and fast with pronounced horn charts… and no fiddles!

Please download and enjoy “Fufu Stew No. 3: The Gourmet Menu”, an .mp3 file, 70 MB.

Here is where I must go on record and say that I would have never guessed that Fufu is actually an African delicacy, and that I have actually prepared and enjoyed a variation of the same. I picked up one of those little cookbooks from the checkout at a local supermarket some years ago and inside was a fantastic recipe for Spicy South African Chick Pea Stew which I serve over couscous. I will have to find the book so that I can make it again. I’ll throw the recipe in a future post when I do.

I have some real special goodies in store for you kids on the next post. I found another mom and pop shop yesterday while traipsing around Fell’s Point, as well as the inevitable discovery of the Sound Garden. I mean it only took me several years to actually go inside , but boy, when I did… I’ll explain that later. I’m off to convert more treasures now so until next time, have a good week and I’ll be back sooner than you think.

Peace and blessings.

Come And Get It… Fufu Stew No. 2

I hope you like the new header…

Hello, kiddies.
Let’s give a warm welcome to Max from my neck of the woods, and the mighty DJ Blueprint, all the way from Luxembourg!!! I never dreamed that this blog venture would take off like it has, and on an international scale no less. I am indeed grateful.
Now, let’s get the festivities under way because as I promised, here is the next helping of Fufu Stew.
As you may recall, When I gave Mike the first volume all those years ago, he was quite impressed. Not only at the fact that there was life outside of the Jam Band realm, but that there was life outside of the Jam Band realm. You see, he was a really narrow minded son-of-a-biscuit-eater when it came to music.
Dateline 2000. We all witnessed the turn of the century (and life went on, didn’t it). I was learning the ins and outs of the new digital recording equipment I had purchased, and was ready to pick more tunes from the playstack that I had chosen for the first volume. As I proceeded to record the songs I wanted to a minidisc, I found that the editing capabilities were far more superior than anything that I ever did on cassettes, and I had been making cassette tapes for my friends for over ten years at that time. I am surprised that the minidisc format didn’t take off on a more commercial scale. In fact, I can only recall one official release being made available in that format. Surprisingly enough, that was U2’s classic “The Joshua Tree”. If the copies that were actually sold back in 1987 aren’t being used as paperweights now, then they may very well be worth a small fortune. Oh well, the fact that the minidisc pretty much made cassettes obsolete is enough for me. The formula was the same for this volume as the last. Lots of guitar chops and familiar names because as everyone knows, the sophomore effort is more crucial than the debut so off I went. The original playing order from the minidisc is intact with only two exceptions, but that is quite irrelevant now because as with number one, I was blown away at the results as I hope you readers will be too.

01 Sing A Mean Tune, Kid-Chicago Transit Authority. I had always been a fan of early Chicago, thanks to my uncle and his literal obsession with the band back in 1970-75. He went through about three or four copies of their legendary Carnegie Hall album. Seriously, he played it that much. This tune, as you should know, comes from their third record with the late Terry Kath doing his very best to make Jimi Hendrix proud. Legend has it that Kath actually posed a threat to Hendrix’ reign as one of the greatest guitarists to ever strap on. I can’t speak for Hendrix or Kath obviously, but if you give a listen to some of the deep cuts from the first three albums you may find just a bit of truth there.
02 Diving Duck-Taj Mahal. I don’t know about whiskey, but if the river were made of Remy Martin XO then… I’m kidding. Here’s a nice reading of the classic blues standard.
03 Don And Dewey-It’s A Beautiful Day. I originally bought this record on the strength of a couple of really psychedelic freakout songs I had heard some time earlier, but was kind of disappointed by the direction of the album as a whole. However, it is still a classic for Prog Rock purists, and the violin playing of Dave LaFlamme is really something special. Oh yeah, it had guitar chops, too.
04 Albert’s Shuffle-Al Kooper & Mike Bloomfield & Stephen Stills. Taken from an old compilation of Columbia artists called “Heavy Sounds”, which also featured the Taj Mahal selection too. A fine example of Koopers organ skills combined with the chops of Bloomfield and Stills on this nice little blues.
05 Dust My Broom (Live)-Canned Heat. This selection was taken from the then newly released box set of the Monterey Pop Festival. We were lucky to have hired a new employee with the same tastes in music as us, so he bought in a copy for us to dig on. And dig we did… thankfully so because now the disc is out of print! Amazon has a few floating around, if you can spare a hundred bucks or so.
06 Bullfrog Blues (Live)-Canned Heat. Also from The Monterey Pop Festival. This track closed the original set, but since the tracks are seamless on the original CD, they should be that way here so there you have it.
07 Thoughts (or Fresh From The Can)-Rare Earth. This bit of free form improvisation comes from the “In Concert” LP from 1971. You folks out there who thought that the Rare Earth was just that “White Motown Band” are in for a surprise. This song just cooks!
08 Stop (Bonus Track)-Al Kooper. Added at the last minute, once again in response to Mr. Grogan’s post from two weeks ago now. This is the first time I actually heard this version of the song, so thanks to you Larry for hipping me. I love the Hammond thing; it’s quite funky.
09 I Put A Spell On You-Creedence Clearwater Revival. Of course this is the classic Jay Hawkins number found on CCR’s debut. Another shout for thisistomorrow.
10 Super Stupid-Funkadelic. I had just picked up another copy of “Maggot Brain”, as the first one got lost in the shuffle. Actually, I didn’t understand it the first time around. After playing it again, I was sold hook line and sinker. It’s easy to see why.
11 Hip Hug Her (Live)-Booker T. & The MGs. Another blistering performance from the Monterey Pop Festival box set. Steve Cropper is really cooking here on this breakbeat classic.
12 Day Tripper-Otis Redding. This is the version from “Complete and Unbelieveable: The Dictionary Of Soul”, Self explanatory to say the least…
13 My Women-Pacific Gas & Electric. The first time I heard this song was at a friend’s house downing Jack Daniels feeling quite depressed about a love gone astray. Now some fifteen years later, it serves as one of the hottest blues rock tunes I own. Charlie Allen does a fantastic job on the vocals. The band is quite the tight unit featuring great chops by Glenn Schwartz, rhythms by Brent Block and Tom Marshall on bass and rhythm guitar respectively, with the time being kept by former Canned Heat drummer Frank Cook. Check out the album if you get a chance, it’s quite heavy.
14 Stop-James Gang. This version is quite dear to my heart for a number of reasons, most notably Joe Walsh’s guitar chops. It’s a no-brainer that this song was the obvious choice to close the set, and once again I had a hit on my hands. I hope you all enjoy it as much as Mike did all those years ago.

Please download and enjoy “Fufu Stew No. 2”, an .mp3 file, 72 MB.

It has been an absolute pleasure to serve you with all of this good ol’ rock and roll, and speaking of which, how many of you out there remember “The Midnight Special” TV series. Well as luck would have it, Leslie and I found ourselves watching a paid commercial while waiting for some programme to come on, probably a crime drama. They were advertising DVDs of clips from the original series which we just couldn’t pass up. The first volume came in the mail yesterday so when I put my good eye on it, I’ll come back and give you the results. The quality is supposed to be really spectacular, 5.1 surround sound and such. We’ll see…
On a final note: I feel like I have finally found my niche with this blog thing. I plan to make this a place where you can find some interesting mixtapes (uh, CDs). I have made literally hundreds of them on my computer. Some featuring single artists, some featuring single genres and others featuring a big old hodgepodge. One never knows what I will come up with next so please, tell your friends and neighbours to hop on board and be sure to bring a healthy appetite. Until next time.

Peace and Blessings.
Please support This Is Tomorrow and Play It Again, Max.

For your downloading pleasure, you can get It’s A Beautiful Day, CCR and the Funkadelic discographies at eMusic for dirt cheap. Subscribe now and download away!

Thank you for your patronage…

Hello, kiddies.

I’m just checking in to say hey and thanks for digging the groove. I’m busy converting lps and more 45s for your review. I recently installed a Creative Soundblaster Adudigy to Bessie (yes, I know it’s quite an antique for most computer geeks, but I really missed having the Wave Studio so I spent a mere $30 to get it back), so it will make for some real interesting mixes in the future. I’m gonna get back to the converting for now, but just so you kids don’t go hungry, I’ll put the link from an earlier post in a more conspicuous location.

“Take This, Brothers And Sisters. May It Serve You Well…

01 Filet De Soul-The Flaming Ember (Hot Wax)
02 See And Don’t See-Marie “Queenie” Lyons (DeLuxe)
03 Paint Me-Ohio Players (Westbound)
04 Niki Hoeky-Aretha Franklin (Atlantic)
05 Vacuum Cleaner-The Isley Brothers (TNeck)
06 Working My Way Back In (Funky Thing)-Unifiics (Fountain)
07 The Man Is Lonely-Lou Courtney (Riverside)
08 Mr. Penguin-Lunar Funk (Bell)*
09 Soul For Sale-Ace Cannon (Hi)
10 The Drunk-James Brown (Bethlehem)
11 Right On Right On Right On-Milt Grayson & The Mystery Guests (Peak)
12 The Funky Bull-Dyke & The Blazers (Original Sound)*
13 Love Bandito-Maskman & The Agents (Dynamo)
14 Lay It On Me-Maurice And Mac (Chess)
15 Twine Time-Alvin Cash (Mar-V-Lus)
16 The Whatchama Call It-Burning Emotions (Bang)
17 Rose Marie-Dynamic Twins (Twinight)
18 Funky, Butt-The Delegates (Mainstream)
19 Treat Her Right-Roy Head & The Traits (Back Beat)
20 Serve ‘Em-Madhouse (Today)
21 You’re The One-Three Degrees (Roulette)
22 Let Us Be-King Floyd (Chimneyville)
23 You Ain’t Too Cool-Cash McCall (Thomas)
24 The Funky Judge-Bull & The Matadors (Toddlin’ Town)*
25 The Gimme Game-Don Covay (Atlantic)
26 Seperate Or Integrate-Koko Taylor (Chess)**

* I hope you liked the cut and paste job I did with parts 1 and 2
**I hope the title is correct; I found this record by accident thinking it was an old Status Quo 45.
Lucky me! Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Feel free to let me know what you think as I am a sucker for constructive criticism, not to mention I’d like to get a feel for who’s stopping in for a bite to eat. Thanks again for stopping by.

Peace and Blessings.

What is Fufu Stew?

Hello, kiddies…
First off, let me start by saying thank you to Diddywah.
Here I find myself doing the two things I love most, playing records and enjoying a glass of Pinot Noir. I’ve been chomping at the bit about buying a new computer for the past few weeks now because Bessie has outlived her usefulness. Don’t get me wrong though, she’s a real workhorse. Have you ever seen one of those old muscle cars with all the innards stripped out of it and replaced with souped up components? Well, that’s Bessie. I digress once again…
I’m sure most of you are asking yourselves what is Fufu Stew and why is it so damned relevant. Anyway, I had a job at a local liquor store several years back working alongside a guy who played nothing but Allman Brothers and Gov’t Mule on the boom box. Needless to say I am a fan of both of those bands now, having seen the Brothers about ten or so times and the Mule a staggering twenty. For most Jam Band freaks that seems like nothing, but for me… “…what a long strange trip…” to coin a familiar phrase. I told him one day that I was going to make him a cd and that he had no choice but to listen to it. Whether he found it good, bad or indifferent would remain to be seen. I was determined to find all kinds of different sounds, with no genre being safe. The only common thread was that each song had to have some type of guitar chops. After having gathered up a rather large playstack, I made the disc while drinking some type of wine, I think it was a Zinfandel. The next day I put the disc in the box and he couldn’t stop talking about it. It was then that I titled it “Fufu Stew” because it just seemed right. We are both fans of really good wine, beer and somewhat exotic foods which a couple of our co-workers would call “fufu” (it’s important to note that even though we no longer work together, he has since gone on to greater heights in the wine business. I’ll give him his due shoutouts at the end of this post). I also found it to be a bold statement in response to his faith and alleigance to the Brothers and Mule, because spelling “f-u-f-u”… you know the rest. He now knew that there was more to life musically than the Brothers and Mule. The disc was put into maximum rotation for weeks, garnering interest from a few of the patrons, in fact that’s how I met my beloved Leslie some six years ago. I was then comissioned to make more of the same. The Fufu Stew catalogue took on a life of its own, there are about fifteen volumes or so, I lost count back in 2004. Until now he has the only copy of each of the original discs, and they are likely to have been destroyed due to wear and tear. See, he doesn’t treat his cds very well, he’ll freely admit to that himself. Luckily, I found most of the original minidiscs (I still have a couple thousand of those too…) so if you will allow me, I’d like to share the experience with you today.

Back when I first started making cds, I was limited to an old component cd burner which made for some really sloppy editing jobs. Now that I’ve been joined at the hip with Bessie for the past four years, the time has come to redo them. The original playing order will be slightly altered so that I can add extra tracks to fill up an 80 minute disc, but for the most part, this is the first volume of “Fufu Stew”.

01 Drown In My Own Tears-Aretha Franklin. While there are no guitar chops to speak of in this song, the depth of the blues that is presented here proves to be the perfect start. Her Most Royal Majesty put a hurtin’ on this Ray Charles standard.
02 Steppin’ Stone-Jimi Hendrix. I had to make up for the lack of guitar in the last number. What better way than to showcase one of the all time great axemen.
03 River Boulevard-Pointer Sisters. This is the first of two offerings taken from their debut record circa 1973. If you have not heard this record yet, you must. It’s a fantastic piece of soul, complete with the patented Lambert Hendricks and Ross vocalese. I’ve owned a copy as long as I can remember.
04 New York City-Yardbirds. As XTC once said, Jeff Beck Is the greatest. Enough said.
05 Super Bird (Tricky Dick) (Live at Filmore East, 1968)-Country Joe & The Fish. Please feel free to add your least favourite political figures in the right places and nod your head to this really unlikely piece of funk. Trust me, it is…
06 Contusion-Stevie Wonder. I found this to be a really joyful number, with session legend Michael Sembello serving up the chops.
07 Funky-Chambers Brothers. I’m sure all of you have “Left Your Wallet In El Segundo” at least once…
08 Shotgun-Vanilla Fudge. Another blistering example of the many uses of the Hammond B3 as demonstrated by Mark Stein. Vincent Martell ain’t no slouch either…
09 Sing A Simple Song-Sly & The Family Stone. Slowly he descends further into the funky abyss, just as I had intended…
10 Ego Rock-Big Brother & The Holding Company. A fine example of 16 bar blues, recorded live circa 1970 if my memory serves correct. I lost the booklet for my “In Concert” cd. It’s easy and cheap enough to get another, y’know? I have to allude to Mr. Grogan’s post from last week by saying that this song pretty much puts the whole story of Janis Joplin into focus.
11 The Weight-Aretha Franklin. It was rather important to add a track featuring the late Duane Allman. I had to continue to keep his interest, and as luck would have it, his ears perked right on up when he heard that slide…
12 Wang Dang Doodle-Pointer Sisters. The second offering, this reading of that Chess records staple is really funky. Plenty of chops… I could go on for days.
13 Gimme Love-Amboy Dukes. I chose this track purely on the strength of Ted Nugent. You see, he was familiar with that name needless to say. This is a fine garage number.
14 Do Your Thing-The Isaac Hayes Movement featuring The Bar Kays. This track was second in the original playing order, but it’s much better suited to close the set. This is in my opinion is the best compisition the “Chef” has ever written. The guitar chops are insane, but that is only one ingredient in the making of what was to be later known as “Black Rock Funk”. Everything about this song just screams perfection.

Please download and enjoy “Fufu Stew”, an .mp3 file, 71 MB.

I hope you enjoyed that little piece of my musical life. I tell ya, having spent the last thirty years of my life searching for the perfect beat, I can safely say that I still haven’t quite found everything I’ve been looking for. As you can see,
100_0393.JPG100_0392.JPG 100_0391.JPG
my record collection is quite modest, but for the most part I have acquired quite a wealth of music from everywhere. My dollars and cents were well spent, and I’d be lying to myself if I said that I was going to stop (I just added another hard drive to Bessie yesterday in an attempt to make mp3s of mine and my girlfriend’s records).
As I stated earlier, I must make mention of my good friend Mike. I’m certainly glad he let me break up the playstack like that all those years ago. If any of you out there happen to be visiting Maryland by way of Carroll County, be sure to stop by College Square Liquors. Their wine selection is quite exceptional, thanks largely to Mike and his uncanny ability to pick the perfect bottle of wine for any occasion. He hosts weekly wine tastings every Saturday where representatives from some of the better wineries all over the country are brought in. I am fortunate to be able to keep the “Fufu” tradition going by sending him a bunch of cds once or twice a year to play in his store. They’ve gotten great responses from patrons about the current influx of hard funk and soul I’ve turned them on to. That’s what prompted me to launch this blog, and I hope that this proper introduction to all you experts will allow me the distinction of being just a small part of your prestigious circle… I thank you all for your time and for the wealth of music and insight you have provided me for the past two years. Until next time,

Peace and Blessings.


Ever since I was given my first radio with a cassette player attached, I’ve been fascinated with mixtapes. Then came the constant upgrades and subsequent troubleshooting so now some thirty years later, here we are. I am Vincent, and my passion as you may have noticed by now is creating the perfect mixtape. First and foremost, it is a personal hobby, but after five years of sharing my love with the world, it’s become so much more. As always, I will spare no expense and leave no form of media unturned (vinyl, CD, mp3, etc.) to bring the finest assortment of sounds to feed your hungry souls. Each mix is painstakingly crafted using Cakewalk Pyro software to insure that you get quality every time. Your patronage is greatly appreciated, and be sure to drop a line or two and let me know how I stack up. I do listen and will do my best to oblige.

Thank you for choosing Fufu Stew.