Ever since I was given my first radio with a cassette player attached, I’ve been fascinated with mixtapes. Then came the constant upgrades and subsequent troubleshooting so now some thirty years later, here we are. I am Vincent, and my passion as you may have noticed by now is creating the perfect mixtape. First and foremost, it is a personal hobby, but after five years of sharing my love with the world, it’s become so much more. As always, I will spare no expense and leave no form of media unturned (vinyl, CD, mp3, etc.) to bring the finest assortment of sounds to feed your hungry souls. Each mix is painstakingly crafted using Cakewalk Pyro software to insure that you get quality every time. Your patronage is greatly appreciated, and be sure to drop a line or two and let me know how I stack up. I do listen and will do my best to oblige.

Thank you for choosing Fufu Stew.

38 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Vincent
    Just been checking out your blog….could be spamming so
    Thanks for taking the time to read this email…..just another struggling singer songwriter trying to find the right ears for his music….I don’t know much about online promotion….but the blogging community does seem to be able to generate buzz for artists they like…..

    so that’s all I am asking you to do…..follow the link (or see attachment) to my MP3’s and have a listen….“Ticking for you” seems to be doing ok…..Jazz track of the day a while back.

    if you like what you hear I would be eternally grateful if you could spread the word. Leave a message if you would like a comp CD….Maybe even a T shirt……WOW!

    Many thanks…..Pete ANTIQCOOL


  2. Hello Vincent:
    This seems to be the only way I can find to get in touch with you. I also live in the Baltimore area and like lots of styles of music. I’d like to start a blog but I’m going to need a little starting guide. If you’ve got a few spare minutes, please get in touch.


  3. Hey Vincent!

    Love the site–if you get the chance, could you shoot me an email? I’d like to ask a couple of questions about your collection and so on–keep up the great work!


  4. Love the site. Hate the WordPress “SnapShots”. They’re annoying and cover up large portions of your content (as well as the link you were trying to click on when the one you accidentally moused over popped-up). Oh well, like I said, love your site.

  5. whats up..ive been trying to find out what happen to the Funk 45 Radio Request Line. i noticed you had a link up but its not working either. i thought maybe you had some info on it. if you get the chance send me an email..thanks

  6. yo vincent thanks for stoping by loving fufu stew, man yor crates run deep keep up the good work.
    im going to need a good day to dig through fufu im going to link you if thats ok
    have a good weekend man

  7. Vincent thanks for the great music and the mixes. Awesome quality tunes.

    By the way that Yasgur’s Farm mixtape post is driving me crazy, i’ve listened to it everyday for 2 weeks and I absolutely love it! You know some songs are great by themselves but once in a great while you come across a certain sequence of selected records that just flow just right from record to record like they were made to be in the same mix. Very rare thing!

    I mean a mix is perfect when you hear one of those same songs on another mix or at a dj set and you just expect the next song to be the one from that perfect mix . And when its not you get disappointed. You know what I mean; its just a perfect set! I can see why its been attached to you’re hip for 20+ years, lol. Thanks for digitizing it and sharing with the world. All my friends get a dub of it and absolutely love it! Thanks man! PS Sorry Can’t Help You Out On naming the records but I damn sure will email you if I ever find out.

  8. Wow Vincent, I’m VERY impressed. Your eloquence is palpable and your knowledge is unsurpassed. Funny thing is, I came across your blog months ago via Gravybread Mega blog list and had no idea it was you. Running into you and your sweetheart of a wife at Artscape made my day – internal dialog: “what’s this skinhead looking white boy doing fingering me in my chest?” Lost the cap years ago. Stay cool and above all…Stay In Touch!~Roger

  9. Hi Vincent,

    Been enjoying your mixes so I added your site to my blogroll, hope that is ok.


    If you could add a link to my site, I would be most appreciative.

    I’m trying to build up a list of people with mixtapes on their blogs. (If you have any friends sites, you think I should add please let me know.)


  10. Hi Vincent,

    Since your mixes are always culinary masterpieces, I have added you to the blogroll on the site I started recently (http://trunk-of-funk.blogspot.com/), and was wondering if you’d be willing to trade links with me. Despite your busy schedule, I was also wondering if you’d be willing to do a guest mix for me at some point in the future.


  11. Just wanted to pass along a big helping of thanks for all of the great music you bring.
    Living in northern Wisconsin, I certainly don’t have access to many dusty crates but my taste for the funk and soul cannot be quenched!!
    Sites like yours have greatly expanded my knowledge and appreciation and it also helps me introduce others to this wonderful music through my radio show on the local (non-profit) college station.
    Many, many thanks and keep up the wonderful work!

  12. Hi Soul Chef,

    I’m a fan of both of your blogs, the “Stew” and the “4Bros”, so if you don’t mind my asking…

    What’s cooking over at Four Brothers Beats? Is it private now? Closed down?

    Thanks for any feedback,


  13. I was wondering how I can get Deniece Williams “Songbird” on CD. If you have it, how can I purchase it from you. Thanks

  14. Dear Vincent
    I have been a fan of your blog for years now and we have chatted via the comments a few times. I have created and started this new blog called La Colmena de Humo or The Smoke Beehive (in english). The Blog is in Spanish and features music and film. I hope to spread the love of music to my fellow spanish speaking friends through it. Hope you dig it and can help me pass the voice around among your spanish speaking and latin fans. So far the posts include from Lee Moses and Eddie Bo, Don Julian and Patrizia & Jimmy.
    I hope you like it and any suggestions are very welcome. Larry at the Funky 16 Corners helped me out by including me in his blog roll which has boosted my traffic quite a bit. It would be awesome if you could do the same, if you like the contents of what you see there.
    Keep up the amazing you are doing.

  15. Hi,
    Really nice mixes… Sounds like some DEEP crates, definitely something I can appreciate. We do some similar stuff at Shomerde.com (hotshit), so I’d like to add you to our blogroll, and maybe do a little written interview in the future? Let me know, and thanks for the music.


  16. hi, i really appreciate the angle that you are taking in supplying eclectic music and news to your audience. Thanks for that!! Have you ever heard of Stereo Crowd? They’re friends of mine out of Harlem.


  17. Hey man, I am trying to connect to other funk heads in the B-more area. I want to A) see if you’re playing anywhere and come out and support and B) let you know that Myself DJ Fleg and my friend DJ Exclaime do a funk party called 4 hours of funk every last thursday of the month at the Wind Up Space in Baltimore right at North Ave and Charles. We did our second installment of this last thursday and it was fantastic; a lot of bboy’s, poppers and dancers came out. I range from early funk 45’s to later disco funk and boogie, as well as some international stuff like afro and brazilian funk. good to see other people in the area doing this stuff, let me know if you’re doing anything out in the near future. Peace!

  18. Hello,
    virtualhoedown record’s band BRIGHTMILLION has just released their debut EP entitled ” Start A New Day” We invite you to be our guest and download the first single “Wasting Away”

    The single “Wasting Away” is attached to this email and is also available for FREE MP3 download @

    brightmillion has been compared in sound to a mix of built to spill, my bloody valentine, smashing pumpkins, bowie meets the beach boys.
    Band leader Dan Holman is a former member of bands Tinpaco and the Bonnie Stai and currently devotes his time to all things brightmillion with a bit of occasional urban organic vegetable farming.

    brightmillion broadcasts a live webcast every Tuesday night @ 8pm PST from their east los angeles studio. The show consists of live band performances, acoustic performances, live chat with fans, contests, giveaways. Tune in at Stickam.com/brightmillion
    a previous live webcast performance can be viewed @ http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1850469

    More tracks from the EP and additional video and info can be found at:

    Brightmillion is available for interviews and live on-airs via email, phone, skype (audio & video), & MSN messenger. Live studio performances are also available from the brightmillion studio in Los Angeles,to be integrated (streamed)live or recorded for your program, show, blog, site or custom bumper promoting your show. Audio and Video streaming from the studio, allows for real-time performances, interviews and viewer interaction with the band. To schedule an interview or performance, please contact danh@virtualhoedown.com

    PR dept
    records | publishing
    866.433.6158 fax
    +brightmillion – http://www.myspace.com/brightmillion

  19. Hey Vincent – It’s me… from the good ‘ol Sam Goody days… just giving you a shout and wishing you and Leslie a happy new year!!!… e-mail me and let me know what has been going.

  20. Hey Vincent,

    Thanks for the tunes so very much. Keep on doing the great work, and very good luck with the studies, whatever they are!


  21. Yo Vincent, been lovin the site and content for almost 2 years but had a bit of a gap, downloaded the soapbox mix but my media player says it cant play it as it doesnt have the codec. Have the codecs changed recently? as this hasnt been an issue before. If so, which codec do l need ?


    • I wish I knew what the problem was; I haven’t changed anything on my end. May I recommend trying a program called Media Player Classic? It will play virtually any audio file including FLAC. It’s a free and safe download that can be easily google’d. Sorry I don’t have a link but my laptop is acting funky right now. Let me know if you have any more problems and as always, thanks forr choosing Fufu Stew 🙂

      Peace and blessings.

      • Cheers for the heads up on the media player, ive now downloaded that but when l try to play a file it says it cant be rendered ? l wanna play it not plaster it !!! Seems im destined to be on a Fufu diet.

        Seasonal wishes to all

  22. Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back and we’ll talk about it.



    This is just a quick e-mail to let you know about a radio documentary coming up that may take your interest on the basis of your blog
    It is a one hour radio documentary on Wilson Pickett and features some of the main people in his life such as Bobby Womack, Steve Cropper, Bobby Eli, Willie Schofield, Eddie Floyd, Sir Mack Rice, Rick Hall, Spooner Oldham and many more as well as some archive footage that we came across from Wilson himself.
    The whole thing is presented by Roger Daltry from The Who.
    It is broadcast on BBC Radio 2 on Monday 12th March at 10pm and will also be available on their listen again feature on their website for the following 7 days http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01d5nn0
    Please excuse this e-mail but on the basis of your site I thought you might be interested, and if you want to spread the word, please feel free!
    All the very best,
    Simon Hodge,
    The Wicked Pickett
    BBC Radio 2

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