As with any blog of this nature, it is well advised to say that any file posted here is done to educate those who may wish to listen. Since most of the artists and songs represented here have been overlooked or just forgotten over time, a little respect wouldn’t hurt.
If you like what you hear, please go to your local mom and pop record shop and inquire since corporate record stores just don’t care about us anymore. However, if you are one of those legal types who object to a file posted here, a comment will remedy the problem quickly since I don’t have the time or the resources to fight you in court.

Any image other than my own used in this blog is done specifically for promotion purposes and is not intended to skimp on originality. If there are any objections to my using an image, a quick comment will remedy the situation without hesitation.

1 thought on “Disclaimer

  1. Hellloooo out there!

    I work for Thirty Tigers, a marketing company out of Nashville… and we are beginning a campaign around the badass 10-piece deep funk band the Dynamites, who have risen high above the incessant twang of music city. Their debut album Kaboom! drops June 12 on Outta Sight Records. Front man Charles “Wigg” Walker is pushing 70 and is a veteran soul man- he recorded on classic labels like Decca, Chess and Champion back in funk’s first heyday (we’re banking on this being it’s second…) The rest of the band has absolutely killer chops.

    I’d be happy to send along mp3s or a promo copy of the album if you think you could use it for fufustew.

    You can check these guys out more at myspace.com/thedynamitesband or see some live footage at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhbp5EUZuwM

    Thanks for reading!

    Katie Studley

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