It’s hot, you’re cool…

Hello, kiddies.

I’m back to posting irregularly due to the work schedule being messed with again; I lost my entire staff of two in less than 48 hours. It’s okay since we had some former employees who were gracious enough to return for another tour of duty in the salt mines, but as it stands, I’ll be working the (somewhat) third shift starting my day at approximately 3 AM eastern. Most of you bloggers may have noticed that I tend to make comments on your fine posts at around that time, simply because it’s most convenient for me to keep up to date with posts just before I leave for work. Oh well, enough rambling and on to the situation at hand…

First, let me say thanks to all of you who dropped by the Snack Barthe other day. I’ve got more waiting for you when you’re done here.

In keeping with the jazz vibe so eloquently displayed by Prestige and Larry a couple of weeks back, I had no choice but to dig through my own pantry and unearth a few pieces that haven’t seen the light of day in years. Sad thing too because some of these marvelous tunes are long time personal favourites of mine. Here’s a pot full of jazzy gumbo so to speak. I swirled up a bunch of different flavours and textures and let it simmer to a thick and chewy consistency. There’s a couple of giants and a few legends thrown in for good measure too. While the temperature rises, cool off with this, my first Fufu Jazz fix. I hope you like it.

Hot Jazz For Cool People…

Within the playlist, I have placed several bonuses that may interest you. Hover your mouse over the links contained in my commentary and you’ll find some extra .mp3 files along with the obligatory buy links…

01 Compared To What-Les McCann & Eddie Harris (Atlantic). Many many awesome covers, but only one original….
02 Cloudburst-Pointer Sisters (Blue Thumb). I really love the tribute to Lambert, Hendricks and Ross here…
03 The Bird-Jimmy McGriff (Groove Merchant). Cypress Hill liked to play this funky hammond nugget too
04 Watermelon Man-Herbie Hancock (Columbia). Anybody remember Young Black Teenagers? Ahh, the glory days of Hip Hop… Here’s the third from the legendary Head Hunters… Would you believe this track was also used by the Weather Channel?
05 Tribute To Sarah (Vaughan)-Unknown Musicians (Spin O Rama). Here’s another track from that Sarah Vaughan disc I posted at the Snack Bar… just a friendly game of tag with the slap bass, the muted trumpet and the piano with Sarah likely sitting on a stool enjoying a smoke and a full shotglass. What a mental picture…
06 Blue Lou-The George Shearing Quintet (Capitol). Let’s get into a vibe…
07 Peas ‘n’ Rice-Freddy McCoy (Prestige). Let’s keep the vibe going… Try to sing the lyrics to Billy Joel’s “My Life” with the music. Bet you they fit like a glove…
08 Fun And Games-The Cannonball Adderly Quintet (Capitol). Okay kids, now it’s time to friggin’ SWING!
09 Jackson!-The Jazz Crusaders (Chisa). Here’s a chance to breathe, but keep your foot tapping…
10 Spanish Castles-Les McCann and the Jazz Crusaders (World Pacific). Raise out of your chair and feel light as a feather…

11 Get Out My Life, Woman-Jimmy Smith (Verve). C’mon get down and funky…
12 Born To Be Blue-Nancy Wilson (Capitol). Let the angel soothe your soul…
13 Cold Duck Time-Les McCann & Eddie Harris (Atlantic). Some may remember this rendition, again, the original…
14 That’s How I Feel-Pointer Sisters (Blue Thumb). This is the money shot. Nothin’ but voices and the funky drummer… I so love this record!

Please download and enjoy Fufu Jazz Fix No. 1: Hot Jazz For Cool People, an .mp3 file, 70 MB.

I may not be back for a couple of weeks as I am planning to not only get some more of those 45s digitised, but I am hoping and praying that I will be able to sit with the guru this weekend. Before I go, let me first of all thank DJ Blueprint and Rich the Cratedigger for their generosity this week. I will thoroughly enjoy the blessings you passed my way. Don’t forget, the next installment of the mighty Asbury Park Sessions is TONIGHT! If you get to make it, enjoy the sounds. I am trying hard to plan a road trip for the next installment as it is one more thing that I must do before my time on this earth is done. Gotta make sure that lil’ truck can make the journey safely and all, cashflow for potential digs and all that… I know I’ve been saying that I’m gonna make it, but time and money are definitely top priority. Everyone have a great weekend and I’ll do my best to be back sooner than later.

Peace and blessings.

5 thoughts on “It’s hot, you’re cool…

  1. Thanks for the props vincent.

    I am checking out your mix now. I picked up a Jimmy McGriff single earlier this week when doing some digging…broadway b/w one of mine on Sue.

    Stay cool

  2. Man, have to tell you that I think that is most likely my favorite mix of yours so far – a very high bar!

    Props for the McGriff, Shearing, McCoy, Smith – heck every track is perfect here.

    Great work!

  3. This is scarily close to my own jazz playlists. But as we’ve been saying, you have good taste. Thanks again for the Minnie stuff, it’s just incredible.

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