Another return to the farmers’ market (including Organic Fufu parts 1&2)

Hello, kiddies.

As another weekend wound down in beautiful Millville, Delaware, I composed these words from the sanctuary of our summer place. Bessie made the trip too, so lots of good choons were on hand. Normally we’d rough it with only a 30 GB mp3 player (yes, I call that roughing it), but this time was indeed special… even if we did absolutely nothing but burn lots of dinner on the ground (tuna steaks anyone?). We didn’t even go to the beach which in a way was a good thing. It was a trifle warm outside. I did miss a chance to go digging for new vinyl, but I’ll have my chance for that real soon. I haven’t been to Fell’s Point in weeks (yeah, I know Alan 🙂 )

It’s been a little bit since we last talked, I know. Dare I say that things have been a little busy in the kitchen as I struggle to get things ready for another Vinyl Record Day
blogswarm, once again headed up by my esteemed colleague JB over at The Hits Just Keep On Comin’. Of course, you can head on over to his spot for all the details on who’s participating and how you can participate…

Before I get into that however, I do have a very special post for your hungry ears right now. As you all know, the proprietor of the mighty Funky 16 Corners is now a member of the elite “millionaires’ club. In honour of the occasion, I put together a special batch of Fufu Stew. With this one, I not only give mad props to Mr. Grogan for having one of the best blogs ever, but also for helping me to affirm my devotion for all things “hammond”. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve always appreciated the organ as a primary instrument in countless tunes, but the horizon was severely broadened when I found the  blogisphere. There are just way too many fine folks to thank for their invaluable assistance in making this mix possible, so instead of a long list, I’ll just say that you know where my faith and allegiance lies. To all of you, I say a most heartfelt thank you for all of your inspiration and of course, the occasional mp3 ingredients… I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that this is by far my most ambitious labour of love yet, choosing only the choicest ingredients acquired from the farmers market that I have certified as being 100% organ-ic (hmmm)… Now strap yourself in because as you may have guessed by now, I had to call it

For this freeform exercise I really am all over the place, but there’s that common thread that is sure to leave you thoroughly stuffed by the time you’ve finished taking it all in. The hardest part was the challenge of having to narrow it down to two servings. Have a look at the rather large menu then dig in. I really think you kids are gonna like this one.

Part 1

introspeak by Memphis Black
01 Right On-Clarence Wheeler & The Enforcers
02 Senor Thump-Alan Hawkshaw
02a Dr Jeckyll & Hyde Park-Alan Hawkshaw
03 Ooh Ooh!-The Woo Woo’s
04 Adventures of a Young Organ-Ten Years After
05 The Organiser-The Organisers
06 Belly Rub Pt. 2-Dave “Baby” Cortez
07 Sanford & Sons-Bobby Forrester
08 Breathalyser-Cocktail Cabinet
09 Zony Mash-The Meters
10 Chicken Pox-Booker T. And The M.G.’s
12 Waltz For Lumumba-The Spencer Davis Group
13 Scorpio-The Johnny Frigo Sextet
14 Freedom and Justice-The Pace Setters
15 Passport International-Nino Nardini and The Pop Riviera Group
16 Take Five-Trudy Pitts
17 Soul Power-Jimmy Willis
18 In the Pocket-Hindal Butts
19 Red Pepper pts. 1&2-Roosevelt Fountain
20 Shimmy-Toussaint McCall
21 Soul Skimmer-Alan Moorehouse
22 Humanize-Big Boss Man
23 Chicken Half-Sugarman Three
24 Hot, Funky & Sweaty-The Organites
25 The Peanut Vendor-Dick Hyman
26 The Hen pts. 1&2-Louis Chachere

Don’t go far ‘cos I ain’t done feeding y’all yet. The first one sounded so nice when it was done, so I had to do it twice…

Part 2

introspreak by Memphis Black
01 (I Can’t Get No)Satisfaction-Jimmy McGriff
02 Soul Slaw-Diplomats Of Solid Sound
03 Wade In The Water-Graham Bond Organisation
04 My Little Humidor-Galactic
05 Right On-Boogaloo Joe Jones
06 Big Power House-Willie Mitchell
07 Slum Baby-Booker T & The MGs
08 Hey Joe-Memphis Black
09 The Other Thing-The Fabulous Counts
10 Nose Full Of White-Mr. D And The Highlights
11 A Bunch Of Changes-Black On White Affair
12 Frisco Hills-Nino Nardini and The Pop Riviera Group
13 Momma Jive-Charles Kynard
14 Mas Que Nada-Odell Brown & The Organ-izers
15 High Heel Sneakers-Mickey Tucker
16 The Basic-Milk
17 Behind the Out House-Leo Valentine Trio
18 I Travestiti-Riz Ortolani
19 Moon Mission-Kai Rautenberg & Orchester Juergen Ehlers
20 Don’t Mind-James Brown
21 No No No-Deiter Reith
22 Momma’s Gravy (Yum Yum)-Calypso King & the Soul Investigators
23 Viva Tirado pts. 1&2-El Chicano
24 Queen Street Gang-Arzache

Please download and enjoy Organic Fufu, 149 MB.

Here is a newly re-upped link.

Now that I am back in the concrete jungle, I plan to make some more headway and hopefully find the floor here in the pantry at long last. I’ll see you all next week with my next ode to the vinyl record but until then have a good week and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

I want to send an extra-special thank you out to the good chef over at Licorice Pizza…

5 thoughts on “Another return to the farmers’ market (including Organic Fufu parts 1&2)

  1. Hey Soul Chef,

    Thanks for cookin’ up this fantastic Hammond gumbo, it is a very tasty mix.

    I especially appreciate your keeping the sound of the mighty B-3 alive.

    Thanks again, and keep all of the great music coming.

    In groove we trust,

    Guy Magic
    Hammond / keys

  2. man o man, how do you find the records and the time, my Friend?

    I will pull my chair up to the table a bit later, as work frowns upon loud tunes…

    Stay cool,

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