Progress must progress (including The Return of the AntiDivas)

Hello, kiddies.

Shit’s getting out of hand. The whole damn world is going crazy…

Again, I didn’t expect the span of time between visits to be quite this long. So many things to factor in this time: the stress of another three month term in which I didn’t do quite as well as I wanted, power outages from the violent thunderstorms in June, a job which is forcing me to feel the effects of just how unstable this economy really is, and to top it all off, a computer that I had to put together with spit and a prayer. it’s easy to see how time can slip through your fingers like sand. I didn’t even get to play any records, much less, visit my mixcloud colleagues and friends. I must send a big shoutout to HeavySoulBrutha and Scapegoat for checkin’ in on a brotha. Your kind words are appreciated… and to those who prompted the good SoulBrutha to drop me an email which finally got me out of hiding, I say thanks to you as well. It’s gonna continue to be a tough road, but at least things are slow enough now to where I can finally sit down and play catch up on a number of fronts. My motivation levels may be at an all time low, but I gotta make a concerted effort to keep it moving…

So as not to get too long winded here, let’s get right to the heart of the matter. I’ve been wanting to do another AntiDivas mix for the longest time, so here goes… I had this one sitting in the queue which I had plan to post back in May before the inevitable shutdown began. It was somewhat of a response to the events that made up the senseless war on women being waged by certain legislators and aggravated by the media pundits. It wasn’t my intention to turn this into a soapbox moment, and for all intents and purposes it really isn’t. Basically it’s just some more of the new scores from the winter and a few old friends that just hit my fingers as I was filing through the crates, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge how the systematic destruction of women’s civil liberties will affect the overall landscape of our society. The way certain people are acting is beyond comprehension. I’m sure that all of you have had enough already; I know I have. I have a message for those aforementioned: at the end of the day, it’s time that you get their shit together and come to the realisation that if not for women, none of us would be here, so just give them their proper respect already! With all that said, I dedicate this installment of AntiDivas to each and every woman in the world, with “…due respect” because as Mr. Allen Toussaint said, “…remember we all have mothers.”

I’m off the soapbox now, sorry…

The Return of the AntiDivas by The Soul Chef's Fufu Stew on Mixcloud

introspeak by Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
01 Fire-Etta James (Chess)
02 Lies Lies Lies-Brenda & The Tabulations (Top & Bottom)
03 Baby What You Want Me To Do-Erma Franklin (Shout)
04 Niki Hoeky-Aretha Franklin (Atlantic)
05 Your Thing Ain’t No Good Without My Thing-Marie “Queenie” Lyons (Deluxe)
06 Collage-Three Degrees (Roulette)
07 Take Me-Betty Everett (UNI)
08 You Ain’t Changed-Marie Franklin (Maverick)
09 The Pusher-Nina SImone (RCA)
10 Garden Of Four Trees-The Explosions (Soul Jazz)
11 These Boots Are Made For Walkin’-The Supremes (Motown)
12 Slip N Mules-Sugar Pie DeSanto (Checker)
13 You Made A Believer Out Of Me-Ruby Andrews (Zodiac)
14 Trouble-Foxy (Double Shot)
15 Good Girls-Merry Clayton (Ode)
16 A Man WIth Some Backbone-Laura Lee (Chess)
17 Mercy Mercy Mercy-Marlena Shaw (Cadet)
18 Runaway Love-Linda Clifford (Curtom)
19 Baby That’s What I Need (Walk Tall)-Esther Marrow (Bluebird)
20 Hit Or Miss-Odetta (Polydor)
21 Treating Us (Women) Funky-Ike & Tina Turner (Minit)
22 Make Me Yours-Bettye Swann (Money)
23 Uh Uh Boy That’s A No No-Candace Love (Aquarius)
24 I Gotta Get Away From My Own Self-Millie Jackson (Spring)
25 Girls Can’t Do What The Guys Do-Betty Wright (Alston)
26 Silly Silly Fool-Dusty Springfield (Atlantic)
27 Let It Flow-The Glass House (Invictus)
28 The Fool On The Hill-Lena Horne (Skye)

In any event, I gotta go for now, but I hope that you are all doing well and maintaining as best you can. I hope I can get back up to speed soon, For now have fun(k) and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

Come and get it… Fufu Stew No. 14 at long last!

Hello, Kiddies.

Yes, I’ve been away for a little bit, not that it matters much. Oh well, no harm, no foul. I deal with shit the best way I know how.

I am tinkering with background imagery as you can see. It’ll probably change a few more times so that the text in the sidebar can be read a little easier. I just wish I could get those pretty Mixcloud embed thingies to work. Speaking of which, I have to send a special shoutout to the Mixcloud family for their kindness over the past few weeks, and for keeping my inspiration level high. I did put up a couple of exclusive pieces over there in the past couple of weeks. I’ll do that from time to time so please drop by my Mixcloud page from time to time and the fine folks I follow as well. There’s some top notch people over there doing some great things which for me has been rather theraputic. I need that right about now, which brings me to this latest crop of old faves… I told y’all I was going to return to the freeform exercises that I used to do. Well here’s one, purposely made from crusty old 33’s. Pops, clicks and other anomalies are intentional. With a hard crunchy texture and heavy flavour kinda like rock candy, it only made sense to call it

It’s been an awful long time since I whipped up some Fufu Stew like I used to make when I first started this little ol’ blog over four years ago. I always went for specific ingredients which most of you may or may not pick up on right away, but it felt so good to do it again… and it’s awful funky too. Enjoy.

As always, you know where it is…

01 Big John Is My Name-Rare Earth (Rare Earth)
02 Born To Move-Creedence Clearwater Revival (Fantasy)
03 American Woman-The Guess Who (RCA)
04 Every Hungry Woman-Allman Brothers Band (Capricorn)
05 Cross Eyed Mary-Jethro Tull (Reprise)
06 Must Be Love-The James Gang (Atco)
07 Mr. Big-Free (A&M)
08 Sunrise Dance With The Devil-Hot Tuna (Grunt)
09 With The Power-Jimi Hendrix (Reprise)
10 Politician-The Cream (Polydor)
11 Let It Ride-Bachman Turner Overdrive (Mercury)
12 Crazy Horses-The Osmonds (MGM)
13 I’m A Man-Chicago Transit Authority (Columbia)
14 Get Off Your Ass And Jam-Funkadelic (Westbound)
15 You Got Me Hummin’-Cold Blood (San Francisco)
16 Rock My Plimsoul-Jeff Beck (Epic)
17 Feelin’ Alright-Grand Funk Railroad (Capitol)

Until the next digging spree commences, it’ll be slim pickins around here, but I know how to make lemonade with life’s lemons… I’ve had lots of practice. When the feeling hits (or when I make a new mixtape for my personal enjoyment), I’ll certainly be back to share it with you… Until then, have fun(k) and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

A repost for the holidaze…

Hello, kiddies.

Where to begin… the holidaze! UGH!!! Oh well, it’ll be all good on Xmas day.

In any event, it bears repeating that through all of my adversity, I am still very thankful. I can never forget that. I am especailly thankful for the apparent success of this here blog. Four complete years… wow! Of course I was skeptical; I just knew that it would be considered an afterthought, but a few hundred thousand hits later, I was proven wrong. To each and every one of you who has ever viewed this page, downloaded a mix, left a comment, gave me a link, or in some cases, struck up a friendship through the power of music, I thank you. I thank you. I thank you.

Well, for the purpose of not spoiling your joy on this most auspicious occasion, which is actually shaping up to be okay. here’s a repost of my Xmas mix from 2008, in case you didn’t get it before or if you want to share it on the fly. Enjoy.

as always, listen on-demand here
01 Sleigh Ride-Rick Holmstrom
02 Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer-The Temptations
03 Jingle Bells-Booker T. & The MGs
04 Santa Claus-Sonny Boy Williamson
05 My Favourite Things-The Supremes
06 The Little Drummer Boy-Salsoul Orchestra
07 Soulful Christmas-James Brown
08 Silent Night-Rotary Connection
09 Back Door Santa-Rufus Thomas
10 Christmas Present Blues-Jimmy Reed
11 Go Power At Christmas Time-James Brown
12 White Christmas-Otis Redding
13 Sam’s Christmas Blues-Anson Funderburgh & The Rocket
14 Peace At Least-Rotary Connection
15 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen-Sweetwater
16 Who Took The Merry Out Of Christmas-Staple Singers
17  Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto-James Brown
18 Lonesome Christmas (Part 1)-Lowell Fulsom
19 Stone Soul Christmas-Binky Griptite & the Dee-Kay’s
20 Santa’s Got Bag Of Soul-Soul Saints Orchestra
21 Merry Christmas Baby-James Brown
22 This Christmas-Donny Hathaway

there’s another batch of 45’s soon to come and a special comment, probably tomorrow. This time of year is always so busy… , so please stay tuned. Whatever you do this holiday, as always, be sure to do it good.

Peace and blessings.

Smokin’ and Compin’ again…

Hello again, kiddies.

Although it’s been a miserable eight weeks away, I was so glad to finally get back into the little room (ahhhh-choo!). God is it dusty in here… and with thousands of records in a disarray, it’s easy to lose motivation. I persevered though, and after a week, I was able to get all the 33’s organised. And since they were all in alphabetical order, it was real easy to dig up this little playlist. I sprinkeld a few 45’s in among the 33’s to create yet another mammoth mix, once again inspired by my pal HeavySoulBrutha, and my hero in the way of the intense Hammond B3 workouts that you’ll soon hear. Some people say they like funk in their jazz, then again some say they like jazz in their funk. Well, I am here to put that debate to rest. No stone left unturned here, I don’t think. Enjoy.

Listen on demand here

01 Countdown-Dave “Baby” Cortez (Roulette)

02 Do What You Like-James Brown (Smash)

03 Sweet Lover-Lou Rawls & Les McCann Ltd. (Capitol)

04 Butter For Yo Popcorn-Brother Jack McDuff (Blue Note)

05 Cold Duck Time (45 rpm mix)-Les McCann & Eddie Harris (Atlantic)

06 Blues In F-Spencer Davis Group (United Artists)

07 Soul Man-Herbie Mann (Embryo)

08 Cafe Regios-Isaac Hayes (Enterprise)

09 Q-Brothers Johnson (A&M)

10 Oblighetto (45 rpm mix)-Brother Jack McDuff (Blue Note)

11 Cheeba-Lyman Woodward Organisation (Wax Poetics reissue)

12 Listen Here-Soulful Strings (Cadet)

13 Sucker-The JB’s (People)

14 Cat In A Tree Pt. 1-Jimmy Smith (Verve)

15 Knucklehead-Grover Washington (Kudu)

16 Spaced Out-Blackbyrds (Fantasy)

17 Baby I Love You-Reuben Wilson (Blue Note)

18 Patty Cake (or Valdez In The Country)-King Curtis & The Kingpins (Atco)

19 Walking In Space-Quincy Jones (A&M)

20 Cebu-Commodores (Motown)

21 Spinning Wheel Pt. 1-James Brown (King)

22 The Healing Song-Hugh Masakela (UNI)

23 Dimension 5ive-Fifth Dimension (Bell)

24 Cry Baby Cry-Ramsey Lewis (Cadet)

25 Good Night-Ramsey Lewis (Cadet)

Hopefully this will keep you all well fed for a while. I’m going to try and get back in here real soon as I have something really heavy to lay on you. Until the next time, have fun(k) and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blesings.

Trying to clean up (including a special original recipe mixtape)

Hello, kiddies.

Once again, life takes its unexpected turns… and the next thing you know it’s three weeks later. Instead of boring you with the details, I’m just gonna try to start this week off on a positive. I am adjusting to a new weekly regimen so this particular post is a radical departure (or a step backward if you will) from what you have grown accustomed to. With a little coaxing from HeavySoulBrutha, and the catastrophe that happened last month when four shelves chock full of vinyl came crashing to the floor (none of them were damaged thank goodness), I bring to you a mammoth 90 minute mix of some deep album cuts, all of which are full length and taken exclusively from my collection of original pressed 33’s (two tracks are taken from reissues). It was recorded almost live with no audio restoration, so expect a few pops, clicks and maybe a skip or two. Some of these records haven’t seen the light of a turntable in many many years. I’d like to dedicate the mix to my uncle Boyd (Thanks for all those wonderful albums, and I hope you get well real soon), and to the memory of PoppaSoulBrutha…

01 Soul A Lujah-Johnny Taylor, Eddie Floyd, William Bell, Pervis, Cleotha and Mavis Staples & Carla Thomas (Stax)
02 Put The Word Out-Heatwave (Epic)
03 Smoke My Peace Pipe, Smoke It Right-The Wild Magnolias (Polydor)
04 Inside Out-American Gypsy (Chess)
05 Funny Shuffle-The Jazz Crusaders (Chisa)
06 Hikky Burr-Quincy Jones feat. Bill Cosby (A&M)
07 Somebody’s Gonna Off The Man-Barry White feat. Love Unlimited (20th Century Fox)
08 Jealous Guy-Donny Hathaway (Atco)
09 Pneumonia-Kool & The Gang (De-Lite)
10 Lord Of The Golden Baboon-Mandrill (Polydor)
11 Half Moon-Fifth Dimension (Bell)
12 Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On-Funkadelic (Westbound)
13 Hair-Graham Central Station (Warner)
14 Westchester Lady-Bob James (CTI)
15 I Get Lifted-KC & The Sunshine Band (T.K.)
16 Maybe I’m Amazed-Sunday’s Child (Reprise)
17 I WIll Find A Way-The Jackson Five (Motown)
18 Pretty Words Don’t Mean A Thing-The New Birth (RCA)
19 I’ll Play The Fool-Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band (RCA)
20 Adventures In The Land Of Music-Dynasty (Solar)
21 Corazon-Creative Source (Sussex)
22 Expansions-Lonnie Liston Smith and Cosmic Echoes (Bluebird reissue)

You can either download the mp3 file here, or  listen on-demand at my Mixcloud page.

No closing commentary this time around, I’m just gonna get back to work. Things should get back to normal soon, let’s see how things shake out. Until the next time, hve fun(k) and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

I put the “grinch” gear away (including AntiDivas No. 11 and much more)

Hello, kiddies.

Here’s this year’s tree, lovingly trimmed by me and my beloved Leslie. Not a bad job, huh? We’re still trying to keep the tinsel out of our cats’ reach though…

Well, here we are at the end of another year here in the Fufu Stew kitchen. If I told you it was an easy year, with exhausting studies and other assorted mayhem at every turn, I would certainly be telling a lie. All things considered, I’ve truly been blessed. Now that I can breathe for a couple of weeks, I’m gonna crack open a beer and

I’ll keep the introduction short and sweet, but I do want to give a huge ear splitting shoutout to Ava and all the readers of for recommending that this little ol’ blog on its list of recommended sites. I placed the medal over in the sidebar for all to see and click if you so desire. Thanks to all of you for your support the past few months. My “acceptance speech” is forthcoming…

Now, to the crux of the post…

I told some of my friends that I was going to be putting together a brand new AntiDivas collection to close out the year. For those of you who have been collecting them, you know how special they are to me. Well, without further ado, here is the eleventh installment.

01 Baby, Do That Thing-Honey & The Bees

02 Soul Sister Annie-Melanie

03 It Ain’t What You Do It’s How You Do It-Laura Lee

04 Light My Fire-Spanky Wilson

05 You Ole Boo Boo You-Ruby Andrews

06 On A Back Street-Carolyn Franklin

07 Take Me in Your Arms (And Love Me)-Lulu

08 For What It’s Worth-Miriam Makeba

09 Take Him (You Can Have My Man)-Jean Knight

11 Gotta Find A Brand New Lover Pt. 1-The Sweet Inspirations

12 Gotta Find A Brand New Lover Pt. 2-The Sweet Inspirations

13 I Walk On Guilded Splinters-Cher

14 You Stay On My Mind-Lena Mone’

15 Trouble-Foxy

16 Silly Silly Fool-Dusty Springfield

17 I Don’t Want No Mama’s Boy-Erma Franklin

18 Honey Coated Loving-Betty And Angel

19 What Do You See In Her-Inell Young

20 Danger! (Playboy at Work)-Mary Davis

21 I’ve Got The Next Dance-Denice Williams

22 Ooh Yeah-Betty Davis

23 There’s Music In The Air-Letta Mbulu

24 My Way-Aretha Franklin

25 I Am Woman-Betty Wright

Please download and enjoy AntiDivas No. 11, 92 MB.

Big thanks to Super Soul Sisters and What… Cat 8 Your Tongue for the noble assist. Much respect to both of you. Please visit and support these fine sites if such is your bag.

Now if 45s are still your bag (and I am equally as sorry that I’ve been lacking in the 45 rpm exercises), here’s a special Christmas treat from the Four Brothers Beats team. I’ve been waiting for this day for months. Finally, the transcontinental clocks are all synchronised. I joined forces with our resident DJ and brother in arms, the mighty LP2, who most of you should remember as being not only one of the finalists from the Damn! contest (more on that later), but also the winner of last year’s 4BB logo contest. Together we came up with a nice little 45 rpm exercise where I supplied the vinyl, and the good brother put his magic touch upon it. This is the first of what I hope will be many collaborations.

Please download and enjoy 4BB Breaks Vol. 1by dropping in at the 4BB compound.

But before you do that, I’d like to say that the Damn! Contest was a smash success. It was a knock down drag out remix fest. Big congratulations to Gorque the undisputed winner… For his hard work, he got a real nice prize package… I myself am deeply jealous. The runner up didn’t do too bad either. Great work was done by all the contestants. As an extra special treat, I am pleased to be able to bring you the official Damn! remix EP. The tracklisting is as follows:

01-Headstone (Original Mix)

02-Get Your Grown Man On (Original Mix)

03-Headstone (Gorque’s Champion Remix)

04-Headstone (LP2 Remix)

05-Get Your Grown Man On (Gorque Remix)

06-Get Your Grown Man On (C.H. Remix)

07-Get Your Grown Man On (Saft Sthlm Remix)

08-Get Your Grown Man On (Mofo Trio Remix)

If you haven’t already picked this one up from 4BB, then please download and enjoy the Damn! Remix EP, courtesy of the good folks at Pope/Universal, and of course, Damn! Much respect. The original versions of “Get Your Grown Man On” and “Headstone” are available on the latest Damn! CD, “Let’s Zoom In”. Be sure to snag a copy from Dusty Groove America.

Well, I’m outta here. I’ve got some gifts to open and some food to eat, not to mention, some music to play. I’m going to try with all my might to return on New Years’ Day to kick off another year of mouth-watering freeform goodness. I want to thank those of you who continue to be in my corner as I press on. I know I don’t have the greatest blog out there, but I try my best to do what I love, and that alone is reason enough to soldier on. I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday season, and remember, whatever you do, be sure to do it good. Until next year, have fun(k) and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

Happy Winter (including a special holiday triple threat)

Hello, kiddies.

Welcome once again to Winter (at least here on the right coast)… We’ll see how it goes. With all new heating appliances recently installed, it should actually be quite efficient where the pocketbook is concerned… and as I have said so many times before, winter also means another hella hectic holidaze (dusting off the Grinch gear)

I intend to make the best of it, including another birthday celebration in a little over a week.

Now this is gonna be another one of those huge posts, complete with not one but THREE new offerings to get you through just like I promised. I’m sorry I didn’t get the chance to do a Thanksgiving special this time (what is that thing they call “real life issues” anyway), but consider this a special holiday triple threat nonetheless. Come hungry and read on…

First up is another super-sized helping from my friend Tony C. I really can’t call him a guest this time though, because as the long-standing tradition in my family’s respective households goes, once you’ve visited us more than three times, you’ve become a member of the family with most of the perks that go with it. Help yourself as it were. Drop in anytime and all that. Tony did indeed drop by.

Hello, Firstly many thanks to Vincent for allowing me back into the new and improved Soul Kitchen. This latest mix is one that I thought about in the Summer when the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon landings were being acknowledged and it has taken me until now to get it sorted. ‘Real life issues’ as they say in (the blogisphere)… and you ain’t never lied, Tony… we’re all feeling that. Anyway here is “Space: The Vinyl Frontier!!”, an eclectic mix of Cosmic tunes and Voices. Enjoy!!

Cheers Tony C.

Please download and enjoy Space: The Vinyl Frontier!!, 94 MB. As always, it’s a pleasure to have you drop by with the heat, Tony. Much respect.

That’s the first one…

The next one is a little something I finished yesterday, not necessarily on the fly. As you all should know, this month marked the fifth anniversary of everybody’s favourite Soul museum, the legendary Funky 16 Corners… Well, I’d say about four years ago was the first time I ever visited when volume twelve of the radio podcast series first dropped. Check out the archive if you need a refresher. It was then that I was forever hooked… on the blog… and on the mighty Hammond. With that said, here’s my tribute to both… Yep, that’s right, another collection of mega-groovy organ-type workouts that have in some cases, been in the pantry for many, many years.

01 Also Sprach Zarathustra-Rhoda Scott

02 Tomorrow Is The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life (from Salvation) (excerpt)-The Free Design

03 Turtle Walk-Lou Donaldson

04 Comin’ Home Baby-El Chicano

05 Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf-The Graham Bond Organisation

06 Good Groove-Booker T & The MG’s

07 Organ Blower-Keith Mansfield/Alan Hawkshaw

08 Don’t Touch My Popcorn-Diplomats Of Solid Sound

09 The Commerce Thang-Chamber Of Commerce

10 Sock It To Me-The Deacons

11 Pygmy-The Delegates

12 Soul Circle-Spot & The Blotters

13 Tippi Toes-The Meters

14 I Know Who You Been Socking It To-Dave Cortez

15 Kiko-Jimmy McGriff

16 This Little Girl Of Mine-The Peddlers

17 Spill The Wine-Jimmy Smith

18 Sahara ’72-The Bobby Hughes Experience

19 There You Go-Fania All Stars

20 The Greasy Spoon-Hank Marr

21 Chalito Pt. 1-The Three J’s

22 Hot Funky And Sweaty-The Soul Lifters

23 Soul Zone ’65-Googie Rene

Please also download More Organic Fufu, 95 MB.

I ain’t done yet…

Here’s one that was really, really done on-the fly about two weeks ago. This time, the premise was a rather fast-paced collection of hodgepodge. It really feels good when I slap this one in the truck and put the pedal to the floor (at least when the authorities ain’t lookin’)… If you’ve got a need for speed and a lead foot like I do, then I think you’ll dig this thing that I call

01 Move Move Move-Alan Parker-Alan Hawkshaw

02 What Would It Be Like Pt. 2-Freddie Wilson

03 My Mind set Me Free Pts. 1&2-The Houseguests

04 Heavy Heavy Heavy-Geraldo Pino

05 You Got It All-City Council, LTD

06 Don’t Let Go-The Graham Bond Organisation

07 The Love Bounce-Johnny Cool

08 Let’s Do That Thing-Flip Flop Stevens

09 Soul Poppin’-Johnny Jones & The King Casuals

10 Tighten Up Tighter-Roosevelt Matthews

11 Solid Funk-Flame & The Sons Of Darkness

12 Blow Your Top-The Soul Destroyers

13 Speedway-Nick Ingman

14 There Was-The Naturall Band

15 Take Five-Kashmere Stage Band

16 Hardheaded Woman-US Warren

17 Banana Fana-The Jaguars

18 Nothin’ But A Party Pt. 2-The Blenders

19 The Mystery Track???

20 Jenkins Got A Funky Thing-The Cal Jenkins Revue

21 Shake What Your Momma Gave You-Allison & Calvin Turner

22 Hugh’s Hefner-Diplomats Of Solid Sound

23 Boogaloo Investigator-The Exotics

24 Too Many Fish In The Sea-Earl Van Dyke

25 Noise With The Boys-Al White & The Highlighters

Please download and enjoy Speed Freaks too, 94 MB.

Whew! That was a mouthful to say the least. Now my truck is satisfied, and I hope that you are too. I’m gonna commence to prepare to get ready for Thanksgiving and the rest of the holidaze now. I did give Sandy Claw my wish list though, not that it’s any surprise what I asked for :D I’ve got another three weeks to get through in this term, and then I can start thinking about the third anniversary of my little corner of the bolgisphere. For those of you with Thanksgiving plans, be sure to eat a lot first of all… Have a great day, and whatever you do, do it good. And even if Thanksgiving isn’t in your scheme of things to do this Thursday… as long as you have health, happiness and friends to share a good day, then my wishes for you all have come true. Last thought:

“Smoke steams from under the lid that’s on the pot,
ain’t never had a lot but thankful for the little that I got…”

– Cee-Lo Green, 1994

Have a good week full of fun(k), and as always, please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

P.S. To everyone who lent a hand this time, I give a BIG round of thanks and much respect. Any thoughts, kids??? I’d love to hear from you. Thank you so much for your continued patronage.