Happy Spring… (including Six String Fufu) and school’s out too!

Hello, kiddies.

I’m finally ready to get this show on the road. After three grueling months of studying algebraic expressions and equations, I’m HUNGRY!!! With that said, it’s time to lay the first of what I hope to be many piping hot and fresh freeform exercises. First of all, this one was inspired by a recent email I received from the proprietor of jemsite.com, a discussion forum dedicated to the glory of the guitar (a hearty hello to all of you dropping by from there. I hope you enjoy your stay)… For those of you who enjoyed Organic Fufu last summer, get ready for what I hope will be a real mind blowing experience. Each and every ingredient in this my latest double shot contains some type of guitar chops, from full on riffing to the simple syncopated scratch. Pour a glass of wine (or your refreshment of choice, liquid or botanical) and dive in…


Part One

01    Showstopper-Iron Knowledge
02    Nickol Nickol-Brothers Of Hope
03    Mozart Symphony No. 40 in G Minor 1st Movement-Grant Green
04    Hogwash-Earnest Jackson
05    Keep On Dancing-Alvin Cash & The Scott Brothers Orchestra
06    Confusion-Ivan Boogaloo Joe Jones
07    Getting It On-Dennis Coffey
08    Africana-Propositions
09    From The Back Hand Side Pts. 1&2-Sons Of Funk
10    Ain’t No Sunshine-Eddy Senay
11    Untitled Instrumental-Parliament
12    Iceberg’s Theme-Dennis Coffey With The Lyman Woodward Trio
13    Detroit-Paul Humphrey & His Cool Aid Chemists
14    Come Down Baby Pt. 2-The Beginning Of The End
15    Let Me Do My Thing-Afrique
16    The Girl From Kenya-The Fabulous Counts
17    Amazon Bossa Nova-The Cals
18    Trippin’-Cal Green
19    After You Done It-James Brown
20    Instant Whip-The Tremeloes
21    Get Into Something Pt. 2-The Isley Brothers

Part Two

01 Swivel Your Hips-The Gaturs
02 Stand Up-Maskman & The Agents
03 Do Your Thing-Mel Brown
04 The Git Down Part 2-Little Johnny Hamilton & The Soul Pack
05 Give Me Your Love-Funk Inc
06 Soul Strokes-Sidney Pinchback & The Schiller Street Gang
07 Mother’s Son-Curtis Mayfield
08 Every Man For Himself-The Road Runners
09 Success (Instrumental)-Peace Justice And Equality
10 Walk On-The Jackson 5ive
11 Train To Nowhere-Rare Earth
12The Drop Part 2-U.S. Warren
13 Crosstown Traffic-Gil Evans Orchestra
14 Love Can Be Anything (Can’t Nothing Be Love But Love)-The Temptations
15 Voices Inside My Head (Everything Is Everything)-Donny Hathaway

Please download and enjoy Six String Fufu, a zip file, 144 MB…

both parts in one, so Double your pleasure, double your fun. Besides, it’s been too long. I have to treat myself to some pleasure every once in a while. I’m keeping a 3.8 GPA, so I deserve it!

Big thanks to DJ Prestige, DJ Blueprint and my man Kevin over at the I Hear A New World headquarters for the inspiration this time around, and of course to Ava for inviting me to play for the good people at jemsite.com 🙂 Feel free to pay ’em a visit.

and now for the closing commentary…
I will make good on my promise to bring back the AntiDivas. In fact, it’s been two years this month since I dropped the first one on ya, so I will attempt to devote the entire month of April to the AntiDiva. It’s gonna be a lotta fun, I assure you. Since I only have a two week respite between terms, I figure I better get started. Again, I want to thank each and every one of you for bearing with me, and I want to send an extra special shoutout to the Guru and his trusted colleagues for continuing to keep plenty of 45 rpm heat on hand… the next time I see you all will be much sooner than the last time… 😉 Basically, there’s still plenty to eat ’round here so don’t go far. As always, have fun(k) and please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

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