AntiDivas No. 10

Hello, kiddies.

My words will be quick today.

I got it done… all I can say is that this is the long awaited tenth installment of AntiDivas,  just in time for the two year anniversary. As is custom, it started with one tune that I just couldn’t get out of my head… then another… and another… James once said “we got to let the girls know what they got to do for us”. Well, as far as I’m concerned, these girls got to SANG! Here we go.


01 A Little taste Of Soul-Sugarpie DeSanto
02 Jim Dandy-Margie Hendrix
03 Save Me-Nina Simone
04 Indian Rope Man-Julie Driscoll
05 Holdin’ On-Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators
06 That’s How I Feel-The Sisters Of Righteous
07 You Gotta Push-Jodi Gayles
08 Leave My Man Alone-The Raeletts
09 Do It Right-Roz Ryan
10 Nothing But A Heartache-The Flirtations
11 Afro Texas-Letta Mbulu
12 Do Your Thing-Lyn Collins
13 The Real Thing-The New Brasil ’77
14 You Can’t Turn Me Away-Sylvia Striplin
15 Quit It-Miriam Makeba
16 You-Spanky Wilson
17 My Love’s A Monster-Clea Bradford
18 Hit Or Miss-Odetta
19 Rocky Raccoon-Lena Horne
20 Don’t Get Funky-Gloria Walker
21 Going Down Slow-Aretha Franklin
22 I Believe In Miracles-The Jackson Sisters

Please download and enjoy AntiDivas no. 10, 71 MB

Here’s the link to the mp3 file
Here’s the link to the zip file

Thanks and much love goes out to Ms. Merising for the bounty she put in my mailbox last fall, and to ALL you hardcore AntiDivas fans… you know who you are. 😉

…and now for the closing commentary

Back to the books. I hope that this term is easier than last. With all due respect to my Algebra professor (who was instrumental in my bringing a D up to an A in less than three months), if I never see another equation in my life, it’ll be too soon for me, and that’s no joke my friends. I’m missing so many things and forgetting so many people that I should thank for their countless blessings. With only a two week gap between courses, I had to get lots of things accomplished, most important, some quality digging. With that said, be sure to remember Record Store Day this Saturday by paying a visit to your local record shop and showing your love. I know I sure will. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and a good week full of fun(k) of course, and please be safe.

Peace and blessings.

10 thoughts on “AntiDivas No. 10

  1. Muah!! I’m about to start on assessment 2 for my latest study period and as soon as I need a break and my soul needs some warmth I’m heat up some Fufu Stew to hit the spot. Muah!!


  2. thanks Vinvcent, this is a more than welcome addition to the easter madness over here [:-) great “arbeidsvitaminen” while we do repaint the house etc etc!
    peace, E-mile

  3. My favourite series!!!! I really DIG that Roz Ryan tune. Never heard that one before. Love the Clea Bradford and Lena Horne cuts. I got both of those 45’s last year and luv’em to death. Nice to have in the kitchen my friend!

    Peace and SOUL,

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